What to look for in hiring a cleaner or a cleaning service

There is such a huge buzz for cleaning at the moment but as much as some of us try to keep on top of our homes a cleaner is sometimes still needed for those little jobs that we can just forget to do. Getting help with  the cleaning has become more of a necessity for some busy families, not a luxury, and there are plenty of choices, from hiring an individual cleaner to hiring a cleaning company.

Letting a cleaner/cleaning company come into your home touch your belongings and invade on your private space can be hard for some. Once you have got your head around this and you make the decision to employ a cleaner/cleaning company you need to make sure you choose wisely. 

You need complete trust in the cleaner/cleaners you choose and need to feel comfortable that you are leaving your home in safe hands. 

I am asked often about how to choose a company so I felt a guidance was in order.

I strongly suggest you………..

1 – Do your research

2 – Check references, ask for them to give details of people they are currently work for and ask if you can contact them. A good cleaner will off course so yes. 

3 – Check reviews on social media groups and look for testimonials on their website. 

5 – Arrange a pre visit so you can meet with them and ask these questions

  • Do you bring your own cleaning products
  • Do use use Eco cleaning products
  • Have long have you been in business
  • Do you use bleach
  • Do you wear shoe covers or take your shoes off
  • Are you insured
  • Are you DBS checked
  • Do you work in pairs and do the same team come each time
  • How to you set your rates, do you charge by the hour or by the property type.  If it is hourly make sure you cap this as you don’t want to be over charged.
  • Do you have a satisfaction guarantee – Companies should be open to your suggestions and feedback. They should also be able to provide you with a satisfaction guarantee in the event that you are unhappy with a particular service.You should be able to openly communicate with them by email or phone to ensure your cleaning needs are being met.
  • How will you gain access to my home – If you leave your cleaner with a key ensure its is kept in a key safe or grant access through a key pad.
  • If you have a pet ensure the cleaner/cleaners will be OK with it and keep it safe
  • What is included in the service – Ask what cleaning services are included in a regular , does this include windows, reaching high to cobwebs and dusting of skirting boards. 
  • Will I get everything in writing
  • Can I have a trial clean before I commit
  • What is the cancellation process. 
  • How do I pay 

In the UK the average cost of a self employed independent cleaner is around £11.50 per hour and for a company £16.50 per hour. 

If you are being quoted more than that I would be questioning why. 

Most of my friends have a cleaner and I would say that 50 % of them aren’t too happy but just stick with it.  Remember this is your home and a service you are paying for so it needs to be right.  You want to come home from work a to a house that shines.  If you are not happy with your cleaner/cleaning service you need to speak up and provide evidence that the job is not being done correctly. Take photos of areas that have been missed so you can back up your compliant. 

If all of this just sounds like to much hassle then remember my socials and blog are here to help you. Use my tips and tricks, follow my daily hashtags and try my 5 Minute Challenge or download my monthly monthly cleaning calendar and do a daily task that ensures all the major jobs are being completed. 

Better still if you love cleaning you can make a good honest living from it and set up your own little business , keep fit and enjoy the benefits of being self employed. 

Hope this helps and thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox


My Review of the VAX BLADE 2

I do love to review vacuums and was delighted when the team at VAX asked me to review the new VAX BLADE 2 .  I am a big fan of the VAX Blade and I am lucky enough to have a personalised pink one so was very interested to see how the BLADE 2 differed in terms of performance.

Cordless vacuums really do make life so much easier. There is none of that looking around for a plug point and bending and if you suffer with back problems they really are ideal.

The VAX BLADE 2 comes well packaged and is incredibly easy to put together I didn’t even need to refer to the instructions. You need to fully charge before using and this takes 3 hours and will give you 45 minutes of cleaning power.

The VAX BLADE 2 is defiantly more powerful than the original blade there is a noticeable difference particularly on carpets and rugs. I also feel that it is a little more flexible too and gets round those hard to reach places much easier making vacuuming a much speeder process.

The Blade is good on both hard flooring and carpets, when you switch to carpet mode the brush bar rotates to really lift that dirt from your carpets. You also have the option of turbo boost for extra power and this is great if you are tackling pet hair.

It also makes stair cleaning so easy, you just switch to hand-held mode and attach your preferred attachment and away you go.

Then when it comes to cleaning you simply press the dirt release button and let all the dust and debris fall straight into the bin.  The capacity is only 0.6 L so I advise that you empty after every big use to keep it running well and make a point of giving it a good rinse and clean the filter monthly..

What I love about the BLADE 2

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Incredibly light which means almost effortless cleaning
  • Simple to change tools
  • Great suction
  • Press a button to activate the brush bar – no need to change heads for different floor types
  • 45-minute run time
  • Lightweight – only 3.1kg when using it as a stick vacuum, and only 2kg when using as a handheld.
  • Steerable, so a breeze to get round furniture.
  • LED headlights so you can see the dust. Delightful.

Overall based on price which varies dependent on where you buy from (£199 – £300.00)  and performance I would give the VAX BLADE 2 a Queen of Clean rating of


To purchase or for more information CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading my review and I hope that you have found this useful 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Household items that you can forget to clean.

Out of sight out of mind is the saying.  If you can’t see it then others won’t see it and does it need to be factored into your cleaning routine

There are some items in the home that we can just forget to clean.

The Bathroom Extractor Fan

When we the last time you eve though to you yourself I must give my extractor fans a good clean. Extractor fans are one of the most annoying things to clean in your home, they are up high in bathrooms so often out of sight.  But they collect dust and lots of it! The dust soon clogs up and they no longer become effective!  Take a duster or hoover nozzle to them weekly stretch up high and give them a dust. If the dust has really built up get up there with an old mascara brush or ear bud to release the dirt.

Devices/TV remotes

We spend so much time on our devices these day but how often do you clean them? Simply wipe then daily with a antibacterial cleaner and a microfiber cloth to keep those germs at bay. Just think your phone can often be put on some very dirty coffee tables when out and about. Did you know that your phone carries more germs than a toilet seat?

Lights/Lamp shades

Light fittings are highly neglected when it comes to cleaning. Make a point monthly of simply giving them a wipe using a microfiber cloth or duster. Make sure the light is turned off as you don’t want a nasty accident. For lampshades grab a lint roller and go over them do gently pick up any settled dust.

Door frames

Dust really settles on internal door frames so make a point of a dry dusting session weekly to and go around all your door frames. You will be surprised at what you see on your cloth!.When people visit your home they can be sneaky and do the door frame test so be prepared!

PVC around doors and windows

As much as we clean our windows and doors sometimes the frames can be neglected, grubby finger marks and marks from opening and closing and coming in and out can easily occur.  I find a damp cloth and a tiny amount of cream cleaner work really at keeping PVC looking really clean and bright.

Brooms, hoovers and dusters

Things that clean for you need to be cleaned!There’s no point cleaning with a dirty tools! Soak your broom and duster heads in water mixed with washing up liquid and dry naturally outside or on the windows sill and then with your hoover make sure you empty the dust or change the bag weekly and give it a rinse through.

Washing Machine

Mould and residue can build up inside your washing machine, so run some white wine vinegar through it on a regular basis or some specialist washing machine cleaner. If your machine needs a deeper clean CLICK HERE

Shower curtain

I get so many questions about shower curtains have an orange effect on the bottom. This is often caused by limescale.  Take your shower curtain down every so often and pop alone in the washing machine with white wine vinegar rather than detergent.  After use always make sure you pull it and allow it to dry keeping your bathroom window open so it can really air dry.

House plants

You may think its a bit bizarre to hoover your house plants but dust really does settle on those leave.  Give them a light nozzle hoover or wipe over with a micro fibre cloth.

Behind the loo

You may keep the pan and the seat nice and clean but how often do you get on your hands and knees and get right to the back of your toilet?  Get down and dirty weekly to keep your toilet in tip-top conditioner and dust free. Have you read my guide on how to give your toilet a proper clean

I would be really interested to know what you forget to clean?

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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Wonderful uses for Fabric Conditioner in your home

Fabric conditioner is not just for your washing

Did you know that fabric conditioner can also be used as a home cleaning product? Or did you know that you can also use it as stain remover, you can also clean windows and floors and give them that perfect shine and streak free finish. Plus it also leaves your home smelling absolutely amazing.

Removing wallpaper

Mix up a solution of warm water and fabric conditioner grab a sponge and then apply directly to the wallpaper. Leave for around 20 minutes and then it was easily peel away for you.


Clean glass tables, shower doors, and other hard surfaces.  Mix the above potion into a spray bottle and apply directly to the surfaces with a dry cloth.  Fabric conditioner is great for stopping dust settling straight away. Very similar to how the tumble drier sheets work

Burnt of food

Hot water and fabric conditioner will soon get those dishes clean. Simple fill with water and add a squirt of conditioner and leave to sit for an hour or so and then the burnt on food and grease will lift away.

Paint Brushes

After a decorating session simple pop your brushes in a container with warm water and a some fabric conditioner to clean them up and keep them soft and subtle.

Stain remover

Apply neat to the stain and leave for a few hours and then wash as normal. Such a quick and simple method.

Hard water stains

If you have stubborn hard water stains apply fabric conditioner neat and let it soak for around 15 minutes and then rinse with a damp cloth. 

Please use my hashtag if you try these tips on your social platforms #queenofcleaneffect.

Thank you so much for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

aircraft 1

AirCraft PowerGlide hard floor cleaner Review

As lots of you know I am a huge fan of cleaning my floors daily.  So when I was approached by AirCraft Home to try their new PowerGlide hard floor cleaner I was a little sceptical. But I love to try every cleaning gadget going and put the very best ones forward to my audience.

The PowerGlide is definitely something I want you all to know about. It’s such a light weight, stylish floor cleaner that makes floor cleaning an absolute breeze.

There’s a choice of two colours, black or white. I chose the white as it matches my kitchen better!  The PowerGlide came very well packaged in a neat box and was so easy to put together. It took me just minutes and I didn’t even need to refer to the instruction manual.

It’s cordless so you need to charge the battery before you can use it and this didn’t take long at all.  A fully charged battery gives you 45 minutes of cleaning time and realistically that is enough to clean all your home’s hard floors in one go, faster than ever before! You can even safely clean Karndean or Parquet flooring with the PowerGlide.

I added a mixture of floor cleaner and water to the tank, popped on the microfibre pads and away I went. I loved the way it glided over the floors it didn’t require any effort from me at all it literally just glided around my home.  The twin rotating microfibre pads really do clean, polish and buff your floors to perfection, and you have complete control over the volume of floor cleaner dispensed – just push the button on PowerGlide’s handle to spray. As the pads are super absorbent, floors are dry and streak-free as soon as you’re done.

Lifts the dirt so well

PowerGlide Benefits

  • Cleans every type of hard floor quickly and effortlessly
  • Cord-free. Detachable Lithium battery for convenient charging.
  • Use any liquid floor cleaner, or water. (even zoflora)
  • Wet cleans, polishes and buffs, leaving floors streak-free.
  • Pads rotate at 250 rpm to clean approx 20 square meters per minute.
  • Microfibre pads are machine washable (2 sets included).
  • Button on handle sprays floor cleaner as required.
  • Available in white or jet black.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this product and would highly recommend it, especially to all of my followers that are anti-steam, or have floors that can’t be used with a steam mop (real wood, laminate, Karndean, parquet, etc).  I have a voucher code too which gets you £50.00 off – enter POWER50 at the checkout at

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Cleaning
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

This is a sponsored post with AirCraft Home but opinions are my own.


BBQ Cleaning Tips

BBQ season is well and truly here and alfresco dinning is so much more preferred on these glorious summer evenings.  The kitchen isn’t being used as much as usual so less cleaning inside but that does mean BBQ cleaning.

However, it’s a job that’s best to get out-of-the-way as soon as possible rather than leaving until next time, as you’ll find that dirt is much easier to remove if done straight away.

If you really don’t enjoy BBQ or have very little time then use tin foil to cover your grills and then remove as soon as cooled.

I have put together some of top tips to help keep you on top and keep your BBQ sparkly.

What you will need:
BBQ Brush
Bowl of warm soapy water
steel wool
absorbent paper towels
Detergent I always use Teepol GOLD

Here is the link to the BBQ we have I picked this for ease of cleaning. BBQ CLICK HERE

  1. Make sure you leave the BBQ to cool for a good half an hour before you start to give it a clean as we don’t want any nasty burns.
  2. If you have a coal BBQ never throw water over the coals and when they have cooled pour them into a rubbish bag and rinse out the tray using your outside tap.
  3. Take outside a nice bowl of warm soapy water and a BBQ Brush.
  4. Leave the soapy water on the BBQ grills for a few minutes to allow it time to work and lift the grease.
  5. Whilst your grills are soaking take the BBQ tools inside and pop these in the dishwasher
  6. Once soaked, you can use your hard brush to get rid of those stubborn bits of food stuck to the grate, and brush until completely clean. Now all you need to do is leave this outside to dry, and the hard work is done!
  7. Always then wipe over any side bits and the lid.
  8. Pop the lid on and buff with a stainless steel cleaner and then cover straight away using your BBQ Cover

If you haven’t clean your BBQ in a while use an oven cleaner on the grills or use a mixture of bicarbonate of soda and white wine vinegar. Leave to soak for 30 minutes rinse with your garden hose for that extra power and to get into awkward places that a brush won’t fit into. Use paper towels with good absorbancey to dry and then clean again using warm soapy water.

Queen of Clean Top Tip

Did you know that onions are known to have a powerful antiseptic. Onions can kill bacteria and can clean your \BBQ with out the need of chemicals and the added bonus is they add great flavour.

To try this peel and your onion in half and add into a fork.

Heat up your BBQ

Once heated rub your onion all over the BBQ grills until its gone.

If you’re hosting a BBQ this summer then don’t forget to read my Tips on hosting the best BBQ

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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What do I need to do to my property to get it ready to sell?

This is a question that I get asked all the time on social media, so I thought it was about time I did a blog on it. 

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do, and a big part of that comes from the process of preparing your property for sale and trying to find a buyer.
Most people will only sell a couple of homes in their lifetime, so it can feel like a minefield knowing where to start with preparing your property for potential buyers to come and view it.
If you’re thinking about moving, or if you’re in the process of trying to find a buyer for your property, my top tips will have your home sale-ready in no time at all!

Start with the simple things

When it comes to preparing your home to put it on the market, it can be easy to feel overwhelmed by the task ahead.  For this reason, when it comes to making a list of the jobs that need to be done, it’s important to break things down into bite-sized pieces and take it one room at a time.

Decluttering is one of the tasks that has the biggest impact on the saleability of your property.  A cluttered property is not only aesthetically unattractive to potential buyers, it will also communicate to your viewers that your home to too small for you, which may well then lead to the assumption that it will also be too small for them.

Deep clean

The approach of taking things ‘one room at a time’ should be continued when it comes to deep cleaning your property.

Start by trying to view each room objectively and make a list of the different tasks required.  Areas that are often neglected include carpets, upholstery and bathroom grout.

Don’t underestimate the impact of a fresh coat of paint

Although it can be time consuming when there is a seemingly endless list of tasks to complete, a fresh coat of paint throughout the house will have a big impact on the first impression your potential buyers have when they walk through your front door, and will undoubtedly pay off in the process of trying to sell your house.

Engage as many senses as possible

Choosing a new home is not just a practical decision for many people, it has a lot to do with how someone ‘feels’ when they walk into your property.  Help attract your perfect buyer by making your property viewings a multi-sensory experience.

Sight is, of course, the most obvious sense when it comes to a property viewing, so it’s important to be intentional about how to want to present your property to potential buyers.  Tidy and uncluttered shelves, clean and clear kitchen worktops and fresh flowers will all add to the feeling of a well-loved home.

Sight is not the only important sense when preparing your property for sale, however.  Smell will also play a big in role in your potential buyer’s feelings about your property. Make sure your property is well-aired before any viewings, and consider adding diffusers or candles for a homely, yet subtle fragrance.

 And if all that feels like a little too much work…

Of course, for many people time is of the essence when it comes to selling a property.  So, if you’re in a hurry to find a buyer, you’re worried about how long the house selling process will take and don’t want to miss out on your dream property, or you simply don’t have the time to spare carrying out work to your property before you sell, you may want to consider using a professional home buying company like Quick Move Now.  Because a genuine cash home buyer will purchase your property directly, with their own cash, the purchase is guaranteed, hassle-free and can be completed in as little as seven days!

I really hope this feature works if you are looking at moving I have put together a really simple video too CLICK HERE TO WATCH

Thank you for reading 
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Host an organised and clean BBQ this summer.

Hooray BBQ season is here, its time to start cooking and enjoying our outside spaces and  host lovely get to together with family and friends. Hosting a BBQ can be busy and to host a good BBQ you need to be prepared. We had a really big BBQ last year it poured with rain and the gas run out!!!!! so it really was a bitof a disaster but this taught me to be much more organised and prepared for the British Weather.

Lets get started in hosting the perfect BBQ

Cooking Equipment & Utensils

Have you got all the equipment to enable you to cook safely. Different utensils for raw meat, cooked meats and the vegetation option.
If you are using a gas BBQ do you have enough gas
You may also want to have a cooking thermostat  to hand so you can check your meats have been cooked well. Nothing worse than all of your guest getting food poisoning from undercooked foods.
Tubberware and kitchen foil are essential.
A small table for the chef is also a great idea so they have a little more room
Cool bags to keep uncooked meat to save you going in and out.

Cleaning Materials

Big tip for BBQ’s is always use disposable plates and cutlery this way it can be chucked away straight away
Have a few heavy-duty bin bags in the garden so people can easily dispose of their rubbish.
Scatter hand sanitziers around so people can freshen up their hands
Have a bowl of soapy water just for the cooks hands so they can wash their hands after handling different types of meats.
Keep cleaning cloths and sponges with an antibacterial spray or washing up liquid to hand so spillages can be dealt with quickly
Keep kitchen roll or napkins in easy reach areas for everyone to use
Anti bacterial wipes and good to have near the BBQ.
Plus  tea towels for drying hands


Check the weather and makes sure you can bring the BBQ inside if needed. Do you have enough room, can you still cook outside. This is so important to plan and if you do cancel give your guests plenty of notice.  Gazebos with sides can be a good investment with the great British weather.


Make sure your garden is in top condition. You don’t want your guests to be wading through over grown grass. Cut the lawn and tidy up any edges along with hanging baskets and flower beds.


Make sure you have plenty of chairs and table space. If you don’t ask people to bring their own or ask neighbours.
Picnic blankets make a good option for children so scatter a few off these around and maybe add a few cushions if you have them. When they have finished eating you pick these up and put them straight into the washing machine.


Snacks like crisps and carrot sticks with dips should be on offer to starve off hunger, while you guests are waiting for the meat to cook, and to prevent them from getting too drunk too quickly.


Make sure you have brought plenty of drinks and non alcoholic drinks for the drivers and younger guest.  If it’s a warm day store them in a cool place. I brought this amazing cooler ice table last year and it went down so well.  I just simply filled it with ice and drinks.  This also saved people from going in and out of the house and into my fridge.


Delegate this task to your guests, people will always ask if they can bring anything and take them up pn this offer. Don’t try to be a superhero and manage every single thing. Let other people contribute slightly after all you are hosting.

Sun cream

If it’s a warm day have sun cream to hand that guests are welcome to use. It may also be a good idea to have plasters to hand too for any little accidents that may happen.

Set the mood with your music

Certain songs just scream, “SUMMER!” and will keep your party guests in a great mood all afternoon and evening long. Prepare a BBQ playlist with plenty of songs so your guests don’t keep hearing the same song over and over agin. That would really annoy me!

Keep garden decorations simple especially if you have young guests

There’s really no need to overdo it with decorations  string up some garden lights around our patio and bring out some mason jars with tea lights for after sunset. I absolutely love these flower bulb ones


Assign one toilet for your guests so that your other bathrooms and toilets stay clean.  Make sure you have plenty of loo roll and a hand towel.  Also have a spray to hand incase anyone does an embarrassing smell.

Have fun

Now the boring bit is over its time to go and enjoy yourself with family and friends

My summer stains post will help will help with any ketchup and grass stains Take a look here

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Moving into a new home

Moving into a new home is a very exciting time but it’s so important to give your new home a good clean before you move in to make it feel like yours. Other people’s grime will be polluting the surfaces and door handles!  You will notice the previous occupant’s marks of habitation which can make you feel uneasy in your new property but never fear a few antibacterial products and a drop of bleach here and there will help your home to feel brand new and all yours.

My advice would be to start at the top and work your way down!

Firstly dust those ceilings concentrating well on the cobwebs and the corners. Have a step-ladder to hand and go over with a large feather duster or you maybe lucky enough to have a hoover attachment that reaches.  It will be satisfying watching the dust drop to the floor.  Ceilings harbour dust so it’s important that you get these clean.

Door handles, light switches and other buttons all need a really good clean with antibacterial spray.

Get all the windows and doors open and give the house a really good air.

Pull up any unwanted carpet and rugs and pull down old curtains, blinds and lampshades and get them straight to the tip. This items will smell and if they don’t go the smell won’t go!

Wash the walls using a solution of white wine vinegar and water to get out any smells.

Add a good amount of neat bleach to all the sinks and baths and leave to soak to really help kill those germs.  After a good soaking scrub clean with an antibacterial spray until it comes up like new.  If you have a shower replace the shower head  these harbour a lot of bacteria and germs.

If you are keeping the toilets make sure you replace the seats with new ones and really scrub the pan clean. If they have a build up of limescale take out the water using an old cup and then leave neat limescale remover to sit overnight. You can also pour a cheap bottle of coke down to ensure the pipes are clean and there are no unwanted blockages that can create nasty smells.

If appliances have been left and you are keeping ensure you scrub them clean, invest in a good oven cleaner or read my oven cleaning tips and use baby oil to really shine that hob.

Don’t forget the inside of the kitchen cupboards and leave the doors open to give them a really good airing.

A bit of neat bleach on a toothbrush or a Sonic Scrubber will help you get the grout in-between any tiles clean and bring them back to life. or you can try my tip using Bicarbonate of Soda and White Wine Vinegar and mix into a paste.

This rigorously but well needed clean will now make your home feel like yours and is now ready to move into.

Happy Scrubbing
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Upholstery Sofa Cleaning

Depending on how we use the sofa it can take a lot of wear and tear.. From eating TV dinner to watching a movie with your pet snuggled up against you. The couch can capture body oils, cooking odours, dust mites and allergies and they will be lurking in your sofa causing allergies and irritation to airways.Eating on your sofa really isn’t ideal, food particles, sticky finger marks and spilt drinks can all occur from enjoying a snack on the sofa.  Keep eating at the table. If you do like to indulge on your sofa you need to keep it clean or at least cover with a washable throw.

Hoover it daily and invest in a good upholstery cleaner or leather cleaner .  Take off cushion covers and wash these as often as you can. As well puff your cushions and lightly steam.

My Sofa Cleaning Tips

Bicarbonate of Soda  is great for a lot of things, including the removal of grime and embedded dirt in your sofa. Test the fabric first in an inconspicuous area, but Bicarbonate of Soda  is safe for most types of upholstery. You will need a couple of cleaning cloths, a a stiff brushBicarbonate of Soda and your vacuum cleaner with the smaller brush attachment.

  • Use the stiff brush to brush away crumbs, dust, and other debris.
  • Sprinkle the couch with bicarbonate of soda which you can also mix with an essential oil if you wish and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to thoroughly remove the baking soda or mixture.
  • If you have a steamer very lightly steam just to ensure your killing germs. Always hold approx 30cm away from the fabric
  • Finish of with a Dettol antibacterial spray of a fabric refresher.

For any tough stains that are still present mix together  3/4 cup warm water, 1/4 cup white wine vinegar and one tablespoon of washing up liquid and scrub the mixture in with a hard brush and then blot dry.

Other methods to try for stains which I have tried and tested are:

Teepol prespot treatment

Oxy power Fabric Cleaner

There are plenty more cleaning tips and home hacks so take a read

Now you know how to deep clean your fabric sofa so that it not only looks like new but smells fresh and clean.

Thanks for reading lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo