Lynsey’s Range from Swan

I have joined forces with the UK’s leading appliance experts at Swan, to produce three amazing new products to eliminate bacteria, remove stubborn stains, and offer an all-around floor-to-ceiling clean in the home.

With years of professional cleaning experience getting the home spick and span, as quickly as possible has always been my aim.

These three powerful and efficient products will help you speed up your mundane cleaning routine and add a fabulous pop of colour at an affordable price. 

Handheld Carpet Cleaner

I chose the Handheld Carpet Cleaner for my collection as I am aware that not every home is fully carpeted so the need for a full system is not necessary.

The Handheld Carpet Cleaner can be bought out to cope with those accidental spillages in an instant and act as a spot cleaner. Also perfect for bringing your sofas and mattresses back to life after years of usage, and to help you keep the rugs, and door mats, super clean in the muddy winter months. 

Not forgetting car interiors! All of these handy time-saving features make this handheld carpet cleaner a model of efficiency – and I know this is the most important thing when it comes to those more off-putting cleaning tasks!

Hyper Plush Light

With its 21.6V lithium-ion battery, you will get 30 minutes of run time, to cover all areas of the family home. From carpets and hard floors to upholstery and car interiors, there’s nowhere this vacuum can’t reach.

Two heads are better than one! The tangle-free Power-Plush motorised-head, polishes as it vacuums, reaching pet hairs and debris while giving a shine to those hard surfaces at the same time. The Hyper Brush head also offers edge-to-edge cleaning, with the help of LED lights for reduced cleaning time.

The Hyper Plush reaches high corners and skirting boards with ease, due to its’ lightweight and cordless features. You can get to those nooks and crannies in no time. Perfect for floor-to-ceiling cleaning and dusting, the detachable handheld size, also adds portability for awkward areas, like staircases, or car interiors. The easy-to-empty, large-capacity dust bin, empties easily with a simple press of the release button. Multiple heads mean there’s something for every area of the home and with a push of a button, there’s a turbo boost to tackle trickier areas of dirt.

Handheld Steamer

My Steam Cleaner comes with a nine-piece accessory kit giving you the option to clean and refresh clothing, coats, bags, and upholstery. Moving onto harder surfaces like grout, hobs, and ovens, all while producing a streak-free shine throughout.

Fitted with a tank capacity of 220ml and 3 Bar of steam pressure. The angle concentrator, grout brush tool, flat scraping head, hose, and window cleaning attachments mean users can select the perfect accessory for the job. 


I really hope you love the Lynsey Range as much as I do and don’t forget my discount code will save you 20% – QUEENOFCLEAN

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