Cleaning doesn’t have to be boring

I want to help you make your palace shine, keep you organised and on top of your housework in a fun, constructive way.

Here you will find plenty of household cleaning tips along with crazy home hacks, product reviews to help you make the right choices when choosing your cleaning gadgets, motivational advice and ideas on how to keep your home sparkling all year around.

The 15-Minute Clean

What if you could always have a sparkling clean and organised home by just spending 15 minutes per day on your housework? The 15-Minute Clean will teach you how to do just that.

TV’s ‘Queen of Clean’ Lynsey Crombie came to even greater prominence in 2020, entertaining the nation with her ingenious cleaning hacks and secrets and providing much needed tips for cleaning and family life during the pandemic. Now she’s back with a brilliant time-led cleaning guide for the busy reader looking for a change that is both therapeutic and fits with their lifestyle.

Product Reviews

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