Winter Broth

The winter is starting to kick in now and the temperature has really turned so it’s important to keep warm with some healthy wholesome meals that all the family can enjoy.

I have been making this winter broth for years and it’s a great one-pot dish that hides vegetables well; its really simple to make!


• 450g off lean mince beef
• 2 Large whites onions
• 300g carrots
• 300g of runner beans
• 4 celery sticks chopped
• A good splash of Worcester sauce
• A squeeze of tomato puree
• 300g of macaroni pasta 


Fry off the minced beef in a non-stick pan until brown and then add to the slow cooker. Crumble in some beef stock cubes and then add in all the vegetables finely chopped, carrots, onions, runner beans, and celery. Mix together and add 500ml of boiling water. Then add the Worcestershire sauce and tomato puree and leave for a good 4/5 hours to cook through.

Keep checking and occasionally stirring. 10 minutes before serving boil up some macaroni pasta and then add this into the broth.

Scatter over some chopped parsley and serve in bowls. Add some warm bread to the table and the bottle of Worcestershire sauce in case anyone wants more.

A perfect winter days family meal that can be left for people to serve themselves as and when they get home too.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo