What I’m Wearing this Summer


Whenever I am sharing tips on my socials or presenting on TV, I always get so many questions about what I am wearing, my next biggest passion other than cleaning is fashion, I love following fashion accounts, getting outfit inspo, and love swapping style tips with my friends and family. In this section, I am sharing my current favourites.

From pretty dresses to classic denim, here you will find the latest trends I am wearing this summer. x

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Red Dress

Black Long Sleeve Dress

Piper Sandals

Orange Gingham Dress

Hot Pink Floral Leopard

Red with Pink Stars Dress

Pale Blue Zebra Dress

Blue with Pink Stars Dress

Pink T-Shirt

Strapless Beach Maxi Dress

Blue Tie Front Midi Dress

Blue Floral Dress

Basket Bag

Poplin Shirt

Pink Skirt

Black Button Dress

Wide Leg Trousers

Barrel Jeans

Navy Mom Jeans

High Waist Lounge Jeans