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How often do you clean your mattress?

Answer – I have never even thought about cleaning my mattress!  I spray with a fabric freshener every so often.

These are answers I hear all the time. So many people don’t even think about cleaning their mattress. They think that if they clean their bedding on a regular basis, that will be enough!

Well, NO, it’s certainly not.

Mattresses are covered in mites. These mites feed on dead skin that we naturally shed in our sleep. This means that you are rolling around and inhaling all kinds of nasty particles which could include fungal spores, bacteria, plasticisers and flame retardants.

It’s something I get a lot of interest in from my online posts when I’m using Vorwerk’s Kobold MP400 & MR440 Mattress Cleaning Set to clean my mattresses. This is a machine that will give your mattress a proper clean – and it’s something I cannot emphasis enough that you need in your home!

It’s been well documented that an accumulation of debris can cause health problems over time, therefore, it’s so important to give your mattresses a proper clean a couple of times a year and not just spray it with antibacterial or fabric freshener spray.

You could book in a mattress cleaning service, but that’s a short-term arrangement which could set you back around £250 to do three or four mattresses. That adds up.

And that’s why, as a Vorwerk brand ambassador, I know the important work and research the team has done to develop the Kobold VK200 Ultimate Homecare System which has the Mattress Cleaning Set.

I clean my mattress monthly with it. It is such an easy system to use and takes no time at all.

The mattress cleaning attachment is a dry-cleaning system so your mattress isn’t going to get drenched and then end up smelling like it would if you used a carpet cleaning attachment on it.

With Vorwerk’s set, you simply cover your mattress with the provided Lavenia Mattress Cleaning Powder. The Lavenia powder is recommended especially for people with allergies and is an amazing powder made of mild, natural substances which fights dust mites, bacteria and mould. It smells absolutely amazing too, it’s such a fresh clean smell, I love it!

With the power, you spread it evenly over your mattress, massaging in using the Kobold MP440 attachment and leave for 30 minutes – which means you can get on with your other cleaning jobs!

After half an hour, I then use the Kobold MR440 attachment to go deep into the mattress. This device vibrates to loosen all the dirt from the mattress surface. It’s such a satisfying feeling using this tool and you can feel this going deep into the mattress and pulling out all the dirt and grime.

Cleaning your mattress plays an enormously important role for a healthy, restful sleep. The first time I used Vorwerk’s system I honestly couldn’t believe how well I slept. I am the worst sleeper and spend endless nights lying awake, but this really has helped improve my sleep patterns.

I now make a point of doing this once a month and I do schedule this time into my cleaning regime. I find you get two cleans for a King size mattress from one sachet of the Lavenia powder so it is such a cost-effective way of cleaning your mattress.

A marvellous feeling of freshness and cleanliness is guaranteed with Vorwerk’s mattress cleaning system. I am so lucky to have this system and I highly advise that you book your FREE home cleaning demo and see this function in action for yourself.

If you feel your bed needs a little TLC then I have put together a simple May Challenge that will help freshen your bed and bedroom.

Thank you for reading and I hope I have given you some mattress cleaning inspiration.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Save cleaning time with the SP600 from Vorwerk

By now, you all know how much I love and use my Vorwerk Kobold VK200, it really has made my life easier and my house cleaner.

The SP600 was launched earlier this month by Vorwerk and it really is a game changer when it comes to cleaning.

The SP600 is a detachable head that fits with your Kobold VK200 that simultaneously mops and vacuums hard floors at the same time, halving the time you spend cleaning hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles and stone.

And YES, you can use this on all types of hard flooring.

The Kobold VK200 is a very stylish home cleaning system and its cutting-edge technology makes light work of my household chores now. To vacuum and mop at the same time is a genius idea and will save you so much time – I can vouch for it! I am constantly asked through my social media pages about how to manage cleaning when working full-time and living in a busy home… Well, this really is the answer!

Please do not be put off by the price of the system, see it as a long-term investment. A Kobold can last for an average of 17-25 years and if you sit and work out how many vacuums, mops and steamers you are likely to buy during the same time period, it makes perfect sense to buy a product that is built to last. It not only saves you time, but space too because there’s no more need for a mop and bucket or steamer.

Being tall, I suffer with a bad back so it’s really important for me to try not to bend too much. So, when I choose household cleaners, I always have to bear this in mind.

The controls at the top of the VK200 handle makes my life a whole lot easier. From these controls, you can also choose the level of water you require. The water is released at the easy press of a button and there is no need to be constantly pressing for more water.

LED lights will appear when you press for water too and if you have used too much and soaked the cloth, the lights will indicate this to warn you

The simple element of this cleaning system is that very little water and cleaning solution is required. I loved that I could clean my entire floor with just one tank of water. The SP600 holds 260ml of water (less than half a pint) and a tiny amount of Koboclean cleaning solution which is available direct from Vorwerk. Please click here KOBOCLEAN

The SP600 is also great as it tends to glide for you so there is no need to add any pressure and push it around the room, it just naturally flows as it vacuums and cleans your floor, and air dries within a few minutes.

The drying time is another great feature as there is nothing worse than saying to everyone in the house “Keep off the floors, they are wet!” I used to make my family stay upstairs whilst I found a safe, dry place to stand as the floors were drying. It wasn’t so bad in the summer when I had all the windows open, but in winter this was a massive pain for me and such a waste of time.

The SP600 comes with a moistening microfibre cloth which fits to the bottom and is released with the press of a button. The cloth then goes straight into the wash without fabric conditioner to keep the fibre strong. There are also different types of cloths depending on what type of flooring you have.

Another great feature is there is no need to turn the VK200 over or bend – like you have to with some machines – just to attach the cloth. You, very simply, place the cloth on the floor, put the SP600 on top and when you have finished cleaning, press with your foot to simply release the cloth ready for the wash and its next use.

If you are an avid cleaner like me you can also purchase additional cloths and you will always have one to hand.

If you want to save time with your cleaning and spend more time with your family then you need to Book a demo and see this for yourself.

Read my review of the VK200 CLICK HERE

As always Thank You for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxoxo

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Keeping on top of the cleaning when you own a dog

As you can imagine, bringing an indoor pet into my family has not been the easiest of tasks for me. You have probably already read my blog post Can a clean freak like me cope with a dog?

I have been documenting my journey across my social media channels and I have really appreciated all the help and advice I have been offered whilst I was going back and forth about getting a pet.

I am a person who loves routine, with a pristine home, so this really wasn’t an easy decision for me.

Friends had told me about the constant battle with pet hairs all over their sofas and dog saliva on doors.

Some vacuums don’t have strong enough suction to deal with pet hairs or they get clogged up in the filters and cause all kinds of problems.

But I was determined to do this for my family, they were desperate for a puppy and I knew how much joy it would bring to our home.

One of my daughters is an asthma sufferer, so we had to choose our puppy very carefully. We couldn’t risk having a house full of dog hair. After a lot of research, we knew that we needed to find a hypoallergenic dog. These dogs shed very little because they have hair shafts with longer life spans.

We felt the breed Cockapoo would suit us the most as they come highly-recommended to live with children and, by chance, a local lady had five puppies for sale and Hetty just melted our hearts.

I honestly do believe that things happen for a reason.

I didn’t really want to increase my cleaning massively by owning a dog because I think we can safely say, I do enough already. So, before she came home I had to plan ideas that would make my life easier.

Hetty doesn’t moult, so pet hair really isn’t a huge problem for us but as humans we produce dead skin and hair so it’s only normal that a puppy would do too.

To prevent dog hair ending up on my furniture and floor, I brush Hetty daily and then I instantly vacuum the space we have been brushing using my amazing Vorwerk Kobold VK200 Ultimate Homecare System. I really couldn’t cope without this amazing vacuum cleaner as I’m sure you’ve seen on my social media!

With Hetty now here, I use the PB440 Electric Upholstery Brush attachment so much because it gets into hard-to-reach areas with a deep-clean across my sofas, carpets, rugs and upholstery to pull out dead skin and hairs.

The PB440 is an amazing attachment because it has a function switch for vacuuming surfaces or vacuuming crevices with a safety guard to protect your furnishings.

It also loosens allergic particles, such as mite excrement and fine dust, and reduces the risk of asthma and sneezing attacks so it’s a really handy piece with a new furry friend running around the house!

The PB440 is perfect for pet owners, it’s part of the VK200 system that’s built to get rid of 99.99% allergens and it really does clear every last bit of hair.

Whilst the PB440 is not suitable for leather, vinyl, duvets and quilts, it’s perfect for sofas, stairs and curtains so you get a great clean across a range of services and delicate fabrics.

Even if you do have a hypoallergenic dog like us, I would still recommend getting a VK200 because it’s built to tackle pet hairs, dirt particles and reduce allergens.

To also help my cleaning regime, when Hetty goes out into the garden, I give her a good clean when she comes back in to get rid of any muck that can potentially come into my home.

Dogs can pick up so much muck when they are out and about, it’s inevitable that the dirt will come into your home.

I’ve also covered all of my sofas with throws to keep Hetty’s smell and hair off my nice, new furniture. Her bed is washed regularly too.

My life with Hetty really has been made so much easier to keep my home clean with Vorwerk’s Kobold system, I can’t stress that enough. And Hetty is an amazing part of our family now too.

I’d recommend you to arrange a FREE DEMONSTRATION of the Kobold system, especially if you’re pet owners, so you can see the difference it can make – it’s well worth it.

As always thank you for reading and there is more about my journey with Hetty Can a clean freak like me cope with a dog?

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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