Cleaning with Vodka

I love to make my own cleaning products using what I already have in the kitchen cupboards. bicarbonate of soda, salt, lemon and white wine vinegar are a few of my favorites along with a drop of essential oils but did you also know that Vodka makes a powerful disinfectant and makes a great degreaser? Plus you can use Vodka to make a great deodoriser too.

One of my favourite uses for Vodka is to tackle stains and loads of you have had great success with this across my social media channels. But I have listed below a few more ideas on how to use Vodka in your home not as a delicious cocktail martini but as a cleaning product instead.

Vodka Cleaning Tips 

Make your own line spray

Add vodka, water and your favourite essential oil to a spray bottle and then use to refreshen upholstery and fabrics within your home.  It’s always worth testing a small patch first but you should be absolutely fine.  Also don’t worry as you won’t get a horrible alcohol smell as the smell will evaporate quickly.

Room Diffuser

Using the same method as above you make a simple diffuser using an old one that has run out.

Soap scum and water marks

Use Vodka only in a spray bottle for shower doors, tiles, draining boards and taps. Allows leave for around 10 to 15 minutes before you rinse it off to allow the vodka to get to work.

Greasy cooking trays and pans

Add a few drops of vodka to greasy oven trays or pots and the vodka will cut right through the grease to make scrubbing a whole lot easier.

Sticky Labels

I always find it so frustrating when a sticky label won’t fully come off a new pair of shoes or the children have gone mad with a packet of stickers and stuck them all over their bedroom door.  Neat vodka on a cloth and a simple wipe will easily remove those left on marks.

Garden weeds

Mix vodka and water and a quick spray will kill those unwanted weeds.

Help keep your vases of flowers for longer

I always do this my Nan told me to be this years ago.  Add a drop vodka into your vase of flowers to help keep them for longer or to perk up wilting flowers.

Glass cleaning 

Neat vodka in a spray bottle will bring your glass up really shiny.

Chrome and Jewellery

Vodka works well when combined with a microfiber cloth and will shine up chrome and jewellery.


One of my favorite uses for vodka and this is why you should keep a small bottle in your laundry cupboard. Add neat vodka onto your stains, its brilliant at removing blood, grass, sick, and felt pens stains from clothing

I hope you have found this cleaning tips with Vodka useful. I have also put together some great tips on using Hair Spray in the home too

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox