My review of the Polti La Vaporella XT100C Iron

Ironing really is one of those household chores that you either love or hate. Its a bit like marmite.

I used to run an ironing service and at one point I was ironing 57 baskets a week as well as my own. I used to love it . I was at home whilst the girls were young and watched endless films whilst I ironed away.  It did become apparent quite quickly that I needed a good iron.  If you want to iron quickly and achieve a great result you need to invest in a good iron.  At the time I didn’t know about Polti Irons and went into John Lewis and purchased a iron that was just over £500.00 and it was worth every penny.

So when it comes to ironing you do need to invest if you want speed and a good finish.  The polti iron comes with a 10 year warranty on the boiler against those dreaded limescale attacks. Initially you may think the Polti is a little expensive! But it is actually a huge investment in both your time and your money.  With the cheaper irons you can literally be replacing them yearly. I know I used to do and the plates would ware down very quickly. You may be interested in my simple ironing tips which can also help make ironing a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Polti iron is packed with Italian style and its makes ironing a pleasure not a chore.  Its a laundry lovers friend and you will save so much time as you breeze through your weekly mountain of ironing with ease.

The Polti holds 1.5 litres of water so it saves you having to constantly refill and it heats up within minutes. One of my most loved features with the Polti is the lock feature at the front of the iron. This is a great idea and if you need to leave you iron unattended for a few minutes you can simple switch to lock. After 10 minutes of being left untouched the Polti will switch itself off  automatically so you will never have the panic again when you are out and about of “did I leave the iron on”.

The lock feature also allows for easier storage and will keep you iron neat and tidy in your cupboard.

Perfect ironing, minimum effort

The innovative multidirectional curved soleplate with antiscratch coating allows perfect results in one pass. The high precision tip reaches difficult places and the concentration of steam in this area also smooths out difficult creases. The rounded edges for 360° ironing allow perfect smoothness without effort, easily tackling  buttons, collars, pockets.

There are plenty of steam settings to choose from , the controls are really easy to use and to select your setting you very simply turn the knob until you reach the setting of your choice. The blue light will indicate which setting you are on.  The handle offers a non slip grip  as sometimes when your ironing your hands can get hot and sweaty but this keeps you fully in control.

I am really impressed with the amount of steam this iron produces across all settings.

SILK  – for any delicate fabric, not just silk. Perfect for velvet, nylon, viscose and polyester and for anything that you’d prefer to dry iron (without steam).

WOOL  – for woollen garments and delicate fabrics that you wish to iron with steam.

UNIVERSAL  – for steam ironing any type of iron-safe fabric, with no need to spend time adjusting the setting between garments.

COTTON – for thicker, pure cotton garments, bedding and jeans.

LINEN ( MAX ) – for all linen clothing, tablecloths, bedlinen and napkins.

TURBO – for heavier fabrics such as curtains and bedspreads, this smooths out stubborn creases with ease. Please note: the TURBO function has an auto switch off after 10 minutes.

STEAM PULSE – double click the steam button for regular bursts of intermittent steam (500g/minute) that can penetrate deep into creased fibres, and is ideal for vertical ironing of curtains or garments on hangers.

I am loving the universal setting as this can be used on any type of fabric from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature. This is great as it saves you having to divide your clothes into piles and then waiting for the iron to adjust itself to the correct setting.  Another bonus is you can say goodbye to fabric burns.

The Polti isn’t heavy and is really easy to use.  Its been a great addition to my family.

The big bonus is its currently on offer and this is such an incredible price for an iron this good.  Offers ends end of JULY 2018.

For more information about this amazing iron please CLICK HERE

My Queen of Clean rating is 5 out of 5 

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

This is a sponsored post with Polti