Amazon Must Haves

If you are looking for household items that will speed up your housework and make it much easier for you then you need to check out my amazon must-haves.

Everything I have listed here I have been using for years and they are absolute firm favourites.

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Car Wash Mop/Cleaning Brush

White Vinegar with the Fresh Smell of Lemon

Angry Mama Microwave Cleaner

Flexible Sink Unblockers

Oven Liners

Tub and Tile Scrubber

Silicone Toilet Brush

Bona Mop and Hard Floor Cleaner

Limey Descaling Gadget

Flatmate Flat Duster

Baseboard Cleaner

2 in 1 Window Gap Slot Cleaning Brush

Dr Beckmann Colour Catcher

Space Saver Storage Bags

Faultless Hot Iron Cleaner

Bendable Duster 

Dusting Glove

Gel Lint Roller


Cleaning Cloths Colour Coding

There is such a huge choice for cleaning cloths and sponges these days that for some of us it’s really hard to know where to start. I have always followed the old-fashioned rule when it comes to cleaning cloths to ensure that I avoid cross contamination. Just imagine using a cloth that has cleaned your toilet and then this same cloth cleans your bath!  The toilet needs to have its own very special cloth.

So I suggest when you are put buying cleaning cloths and sponges you keep this rule in mind the colour coding really make sense and its so easy to get into this habit quickly and stick with it.

  • Blue for the loo
  • Pink for the sink
  • Green for clean 
  • Yellows for dusting 

Feel free to adapt this colour code and make up one that suits you.

Due to the high level of cleaning I do I keep a plastic bag by my washing machine for all my cleaning cloths and then at the end of the day run these all through the wash. Once I have wiped over a surface the cloth will then go straight into the bag. I should imagine I use up to 50 cloths a day but you all know how obsessive I am. If you would like to some advice on how to clean micro fibre cloths then please Read this blog

Tea Towels

When it comes to tea towels.  Try and use them only for drying up clean dishes and no other cleaning tasks.  As bacteria and germs can linger on tea towels by sticking to the fibres and have been known to cause severe food poisoning Then aim to change your tea towel every single day.  Don’t leave it hanging around in your kitchen. Damp tea towels increase the chances of bacteria growth.

Hand Towels

WC hand towels should be changed daily especially if they are used by all the family.Damp hand towels offer the perfect environment for bacteria to thrive especially in a warm, moist bathroom. Not many of use wash our hands well. Did you know that hand washing should take at least 15 seconds ? and if your hand are not washed well this bacteria will sit on your hand towel.

With the winter fast approaching its great to get in the habit of good cleaning and following a the above.  Items that you think don’t contain many germs often do. What are some of the dirtiest items in your home

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo