Did you know that your smart phone and tablet carry more germs than your toilet seat!

In many tests smart phones and tablets have repeatedly been found to be one of the most dirt-ridden things we own!  In particular, routine swab tests reveal that cell phones can carry more germs that the average toilet seat.  And not many of us go around putting our heads on toilet seats do we?  So, we need to ensure that we keep our phones and tablets clean, to stop germs spreading.

Household chemicals and disinfectants are too harsh for most smartphones. Make sure you don’t use window cleaners, aerosol sprays, solvents, ammonia, ajax, CLR, or abrasives. These cleaners are guaranteed to stain your phone or remove the finish. It is advised that no alcohol-based cleaners are used on iPhones or iPads and you can’t rely on rubbing it off with shirt sleeve!

Here is how I do it:

For the camera dampen a cotton bud with water and clean your camera lens and flash using a spinning motion. Once the lens is clean quickly dry it with the other side of the cotton bud so that water doesn’t dry on the lens.

Then for the rest of the phone being very gentle I use Wireless Wipes. I carry the wipes everywhere I have packets in my handbag, car, office and in my kitchen cupboards. These have been specially formulated for phones and tablets and are made of a quick drying fabric which doesn’t leave streaks or corrosive. They contain a germ fighting isopropyl alcohol and come in three amazing scents.  Rosemary Peppermint, Pomegranate citrus and Green Tea Cucumber.

You can order these amazing wipes from and they are shipped over from America.

Alliteratively if you don’t fancy waiting around for the shipping try these alcohol free wipes from Wipes Direct. The Sani Cloth Duo Flow wrap. Which can be used on your hands as well as your phone in very gentle motions. They fit nicley into your hand bag/ These can be found at