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My best eco-friendly cleaning products

Cleaning products make up 15% of plastic waste, most of us have cupboards bulging with plastic bottles, me included but what can we do to reduce this wastage. We all want to keep our homes clean and smelling great, but it would also be nice to rethink our produce choices.

Investing in eco cleaning products for your home is one of the simplest ways to move to a more sustainable way of living.

Eco-friendly or green cleaning is seeing a huge rise in interest and instead we are moving back to more traditional methods often using my favourite juicy lemons, bicarb of soda, citric acid and white vinegar using various combinations.

I have spent the last few weeks testing out eco cleaning products and eco cleaning tools from well known brands and super markets and wanted to share some of my top eco finds with you that will have your kitchen gleaming and your bathroom sparkling.

Cleaning tools.

Coconut cleaning scourers and scrubbers, these work so well and are made from coconut husk bristles and natural cotton. The main benefits of having coconut husk, or coir, cleaning bristles is that they are tough, highly durable and sustainable, providing you with long-term cleaning tools.The bristles make easy work of those hard to reach areas. They are naturally biodegradable and free from plastic.

After use pop them in the dishwasher to clean.

Coconut cleaning tool

Bamboo duster

A classic duster for any home, the handle is made out of bamboo which means it’s germ-free and naturally sterile and gives you an alternative to buying a plastic one, don’t forget my range with Addis is made from bamboo too. My bamboo sponges and cloths are naturally anti-bacterial plant source eliminating odours and prolonging sponge life

feather duster
So soft and picks up dust with ease, you can order yours here

Beldray antibac spray and clean mop

A new innovation in cleaning using the power of Salt, water and electricity to create a natural cleaning power. The 400 ml refillable and removable water bottle enables you make your own sanitiser for floors, surfaces and for taking out and about. By simply using the trigger on the mop handle you can conveniently spray the jets of water onto the floor without having to bend over.

Spray Mop

Cleaning products

Nana’s Secret natural cleaning clay

Cleans, polishes and protects, this incredible cleaning clay is made from all natural ingredients. It can clean the toughest off grime from all hard surfaces plus it will protect your surfaces too. Has a hint of lemon so smells so fresh.

This one is available from Must have ideas.


Non biological tablets with plastic free packaging, cruelty free and vegan friendly. You can buy separately or part of a subscription service. They are have other products too such as dishwasher tablets, fabric conditioner and cleaning sprays.

The box does have a safety lock.

Wilton London

Wilton is literally amazing, smells good and cleans to perfection. Packed with essential oils and made right here in the UK. The formula is packed with naturally derived ingredients.

They do a range of cleaning products, including a window spray, multi-purpose spray, washing up liquid and laundry products which are in store in at Lakeland or available online.

Mix Clean Green

Zero waste green cleaning, mix clean cleaning products are so good, I have been using them a few months now and really enjoy them, the added benefit is they take up very little to store and refills fit through your letter box when you order them so no missed deliveries.

Their products are :

Highly concentrated.
Low-carbon footprint.
Single-use plastic FREEEE.
Pet friendly.
Family friendly.

The bath mix is one of my favourites and smells super minty. Made from bicarbonate of soda and bio surfactant and can be used on baths, showers, sinks, taps, stainless steel and even white trainers.

Open image in slideshow, Bath cleaning paste amber glass jar and ecoconut scrub brush

Ecozone soap nuts

These are 100% natural and eco friendly alternative to laundry detergents, which are gentle on all fabrics. Simply add them to the woven bag provided and then add to your washing machine.

You can also boil them into a foam that can be used as a hair and body wash which is also great for healing skin conditions. (in mu insta highlights there is a little demo of this process)

Soap nuts come from the Sapindus mukorossi tree—a unique species of trees found in both the eastern and western hemispheres, but native to the tropical conditions of Nepal.

They are sticky to touch and a bit unusual but I really enjoyed testing them.

Hope some of my favourite choices will be of use you in potentially changing some of your cleaning habits.

Thanks so much for reading

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