Holiday packing and preparation

If you’re jetting off soon, I have put together some top tips plus a handy checklist to make sure you’ve got everything covered. Then all you need to worry about is whether to hit the beach or the sights when you arrive.

Dig out your passport

Checking your passport a few months in advance is something few of us would think about doing, yet it’s imperative you do – otherwise your holiday could be over before it’s even started!

Be aware that there are also some countries that require your passport to be valid for a particular period from your date of arrival. For example, the United Arab Emirates, Kenya and Turkey all require a minimum period of six months to be left on your passport from your date of entry. 

Organise your furry friends

That way, you can sit back and relax while you’re away knowing that they are being looked after too.

If you have decided to take your pet away for the first time take along their usual bed and favourite toys. So they have familiar items with them.

Organise your Home

Ask our neighbours to put out your dustbins and water any flowers and do the same in return for them. You do not need to be over friendly with your neighbours to ask this but its great to know that we can all support each other when we go away.

Make sure you leave your home secure. Double and triple check doors and windows and make sure you have cancelled any deliveries.

It is also a good idea to also invest in some light timers

Remember that if you were to suffer a break-in while you were on holiday and you had not secured your home properly, your insurance could be deemed invalid – so taking the time to do this really is important.


Organise your travel documents

Don’t leave any travel money to the last-minute, the cheapest rates are always found online.

Keep a travel wallet in your hand luggage and include in this your driving licence, boarding passes (always handy to have a paper copy incase you lose your phone), hotel and car hire information and keep in the order in which you will need them. Along with the passports.

It is also a really good idea to write down emergency contact numbers in case you lose your phone. plus write down your passport number and keep this safe maybe a copy in your suitcase and a copy in your hand luggage.

 Do not forget your EHIC card if you’re travelling in Europe.

Organise your Suitcases

Make sure you invest in good quality hard-wearing and lightweight suitcases. These Kono hardshell 3 piece sets are amazing value and come in a range of colours.  These are such great value ,spacious and very practical.

Don’t leave the packing to the very last-minute

Never leave packing to the last-minute, it will only stress you out and get your holiday off on a very bad foot. Start to think about packing a good week in advance. Use a clothes rail and put this up in a spare room or one of your bedrooms and start to plan what you are going to take. This will also stop you from wearing them again before you travel. Try and pack minimalist and choose outfits that be can dressed up and dressed down and that are easy to style.

Start to organise your toiletries, make up, sun creams, books and electronics.

Packing cubes are an absolute must! for making packing a breeze and keeping you organised.

If you prefer to travel with fewer bags, packing cubes enable you to compress your belongings into easy-to-pack sizes that better use the full capacity of your suitcase and will end up with less wasted space.

A well-organised suitcase can mean that you only have to take one, instead of two or even three. This can save you lots of hassle when checking into airports or carrying around your luggage in a busy city. 


Don’t forget to save bag space for any travel purchases you are planning to make.

Create a master packing list.

Make sure you know what you luggage allowance is if you are flying. Over-packing and being stuck at the check-in desk with luggage that’s too heavy can really start your holiday off on the wrong foot. Weigh your cases using some Digital luggage scales and take them with you for the journey home as dirty washing does weigh more than clean.

Use my packing checklist this way you won’t forget anything. Don’t forget those core basics such as currency, adaptors and your first aid kit

Check the weather so you pack accordingly and always take a lightweight jacket as night-time temperatures can be cooler even abroad.

Small travel bottles are also great to help you save space and allow you to only take what you need, use for your shampoo, body wash, facial creams and any cleaning products you wish to take.

Travel bottles

Handheld steamer

If you are not much of a roller or folder then I would definitely recommend that you take a Handheld Steamer with you. Even if your hotel room has an iron, I never find them any good and remember steam will release creases and refresh allowing you to wear an item more than once.

Hand Luggage

Other than my essential travel documents and entertainment, take a change of light weight cloths, just in case your luggage goes a stray, always good to be prepared and It’s generally recommended that you take your valuables with you in your hand luggage, again in case of lose or damage it’s better to have items such as your watch, jewellery, camera or laptop in your hand luggage.