My review of the Polti La Vaporella XT100C Iron

Ironing really is one of those household chores that you either love or hate. Its a bit like marmite.

I used to run an ironing service and at one point I was ironing 57 baskets a week as well as my own. I used to love it . I was at home whilst the girls were young and watched endless films whilst I ironed away.  It did become apparent quite quickly that I needed a good iron.  If you want to iron quickly and achieve a great result you need to invest in a good iron.  At the time I didn’t know about Polti Irons and went into John Lewis and purchased a iron that was just over £500.00 and it was worth every penny.

So when it comes to ironing you do need to invest if you want speed and a good finish.  The polti iron comes with a 10 year warranty on the boiler against those dreaded limescale attacks. Initially you may think the Polti is a little expensive! But it is actually a huge investment in both your time and your money.  With the cheaper irons you can literally be replacing them yearly. I know I used to do and the plates would ware down very quickly. You may be interested in my simple ironing tips which can also help make ironing a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Polti iron is packed with Italian style and its makes ironing a pleasure not a chore.  Its a laundry lovers friend and you will save so much time as you breeze through your weekly mountain of ironing with ease.

The Polti holds 1.5 litres of water so it saves you having to constantly refill and it heats up within minutes. One of my most loved features with the Polti is the lock feature at the front of the iron. This is a great idea and if you need to leave you iron unattended for a few minutes you can simple switch to lock. After 10 minutes of being left untouched the Polti will switch itself off  automatically so you will never have the panic again when you are out and about of “did I leave the iron on”.

The lock feature also allows for easier storage and will keep you iron neat and tidy in your cupboard.

Perfect ironing, minimum effort

The innovative multidirectional curved soleplate with antiscratch coating allows perfect results in one pass. The high precision tip reaches difficult places and the concentration of steam in this area also smooths out difficult creases. The rounded edges for 360° ironing allow perfect smoothness without effort, easily tackling  buttons, collars, pockets.

There are plenty of steam settings to choose from , the controls are really easy to use and to select your setting you very simply turn the knob until you reach the setting of your choice. The blue light will indicate which setting you are on.  The handle offers a non slip grip  as sometimes when your ironing your hands can get hot and sweaty but this keeps you fully in control.

I am really impressed with the amount of steam this iron produces across all settings.

SILK  – for any delicate fabric, not just silk. Perfect for velvet, nylon, viscose and polyester and for anything that you’d prefer to dry iron (without steam).

WOOL  – for woollen garments and delicate fabrics that you wish to iron with steam.

UNIVERSAL  – for steam ironing any type of iron-safe fabric, with no need to spend time adjusting the setting between garments.

COTTON – for thicker, pure cotton garments, bedding and jeans.

LINEN ( MAX ) – for all linen clothing, tablecloths, bedlinen and napkins.

TURBO – for heavier fabrics such as curtains and bedspreads, this smooths out stubborn creases with ease. Please note: the TURBO function has an auto switch off after 10 minutes.

STEAM PULSE – double click the steam button for regular bursts of intermittent steam (500g/minute) that can penetrate deep into creased fibres, and is ideal for vertical ironing of curtains or garments on hangers.

I am loving the universal setting as this can be used on any type of fabric from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature. This is great as it saves you having to divide your clothes into piles and then waiting for the iron to adjust itself to the correct setting.  Another bonus is you can say goodbye to fabric burns.

The Polti isn’t heavy and is really easy to use.  Its been a great addition to my family.

The big bonus is its currently on offer and this is such an incredible price for an iron this good.  Offers ends end of JULY 2018.

For more information about this amazing iron please CLICK HERE

My Queen of Clean rating is 5 out of 5 

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Upholstery Sofa Cleaning

Depending on how we use the sofa it can take a lot of wear and tear.. From eating TV dinner to watching a movie with your pet snuggled up against you. The couch can capture body oils, cooking odours, dust mites and allergies and they will be lurking in your sofa causing allergies and irritation to airways.Eating on your sofa really isn’t ideal, food particles, sticky finger marks and spilt drinks can all occur from enjoying a snack on the sofa.  Keep eating at the table. If you do like to indulge on your sofa you need to keep it clean or at least cover with a washable throw.

Hoover it daily and invest in a good upholstery cleaner or leather cleaner .  Take off cushion covers and wash these as often as you can. As well puff your cushions and lightly steam.

My Sofa Cleaning Tips

Bicarbonate of Soda  is great for a lot of things, including the removal of grime and embedded dirt in your sofa. Test the fabric first in an inconspicuous area, but Bicarbonate of Soda  is safe for most types of upholstery. You will need a couple of cleaning cloths, a a stiff brushBicarbonate of Soda and your vacuum cleaner with the smaller brush attachment.

  • Use the stiff brush to brush away crumbs, dust, and other debris.
  • Sprinkle the couch with bicarbonate of soda which you can also mix with an essential oil if you wish and let it sit for 20 to 30 minutes.
  • Use the brush attachment on your vacuum to thoroughly remove the baking soda or mixture.
  • If you have a steamer very lightly steam just to ensure your killing germs. Always hold approx 30cm away from the fabric
  • Finish of with a Dettol antibacterial spray of a fabric refresher.

For any tough stains that are still present mix together  3/4 cup warm water, 1/4 cup white wine vinegar and one tablespoon of washing up liquid and scrub the mixture in with a hard brush and then blot dry.

Other methods to try for stains which I have tried and tested are:

Teepol prespot treatment

Oxy power Fabric Cleaner

There are plenty more cleaning tips and home hacks so take a read

Now you know how to deep clean your fabric sofa so that it not only looks like new but smells fresh and clean.

Thanks for reading lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


Did you know you can use the power of Steam to clean many household items?

Steam cleaning has become the cleaning method of choice for most health-savvy households and even medical establishments, and there are plenty of reasons why. Unlike traditional cleaning methods that can do more harm than good, steam cleaning has amazing benefits for you, your family, and even your pets. 

A few of those benefits include:

Steam cleaning refreshes your home makes it look new again.

Because steam cleaning uses high temperatures, it can remove dirt buildup and residue that has been left behind by other cleaning products. Additionally, using steam helps sanitise your home and surpasses the cleaning power of conventional methods that rely on solvents and sponges. Steam also deodorises and sanitises naturally, with the help of heat and moisture. 

Steam cleaning is versatile and can be applied in so many different areas of your home like bathroom tiles, natural stone countertops, hard flooring, curtains, mattresses and even upholstery.

Steam cleaning helps reduces allergies and dust mites.

Steam cleaning your home is a great way to keep your family healthier by eliminating allergies.

Airborne allergens are some of the most prolific allergy triggers in the home. In fact, allergens like the waste matter of dust mites is second only too pollen when it comes to causing allergic reactions. Steam cleaning your home regularly will remove these microscopic allergens for good. 

Steam cleaning eliminates stale and pet odours.

Just because you have pets around the house, doesn’t mean your home has to smell. Using steam can help you not only eliminate unwanted pet odours from your home, but it can also help keep your pet happy and healthy by killing fleas and their eggs.

Over the winter months sofas take a lot more wear and tear so a blast of steam every so often will eliminate any odours and make then feel refreshed.

Steam cleaning is an eco-friendly alternative to cleaning your home.

For the most part, steam cleaning requires mostly water, so it uses far fewer chemicals compared to traditional cleaning solutions. Apart from being safe for you, your family, and your pets, steam cleaning is also environmentally friendly since it reduces the number of chemicals that get washed down the drain and recycled back into our water supply.

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What can I steam………..

Refresh the carpet

Most floor steam cleaners will come with a carpet refresh option and a glide that you then attach to the bottom of your floor steam cleaner.  The steam won’t deep clean your carpets but it will kill surface germs, eliminate nasty smells, refresh and bring your carpet back to life.

If you have carpet dents from moving your furniture then simply glide over with the steamer and the dents will disappear. The steam will also help to loosen any carpets stains making them much easier to remove.


When using a Handheld steamer in your bathroom you can give the toilet seat and the pan a really good blast, killing nasty germs and bacteria also you can get to those hard to reach areas such as behind the toilet, the pipes and seat attachments.


Garment Steamers are great at helping you save time especially if you are not a massive fan or ironing. A shot of steam will take creases away in seconds.  Also Garment Steamers are great for outdoor wear big heavy coats that are hard to wash and items that require dry cleaning.

Curtains and upholstery

Steam cleaning is one of the best ways to clean upholstery because the warm moisture lifts stains without releasing too much moisture into the fabric and padding, will combat any nasty odours and refresh. A steam a few times a month will keep your sofa looking as good as new and the good news it your sofa will dry quickly in a well ventilated room. Use the flat headed attachment on your handheld steamer with the microfibre cover.

Close your curtains and glide over a few times of year to give them a refreshed look and remove any creases.

Car seats

Cars seats can get very messy especially if you have children so a quick steam every so often will help your car to stay looking good, remove stains and refresh.

Shower doors and screens

Soap scum and limescale can be difficult to remove and becomes hard like cement. Using a handheld steam cleaner makes light work of this job. Blast with steam to remove that top layer of dirt and limescale and then using a dry microfibre cloth buff dry to shine and polish.

Tiles and Grout

Steam will lift ground in dirt from tile grout and will leave your tiles looking nice and shiny.


I don’t think many of us find the oven a particularly nice job to do but steam cleaning will make this job so much easier. Add the oven attachment and glide back and forth, you do not need to press to hard just let the thick steam do the work for you. After steaming use a clean, dry sponge or towel to wipe off grime, grease, and any condensation as you go. If you have grease on the tops of your cupboards and your extractor fan from cooking steam will cut right through the grease allowing you easy cleaning.

Garden Furniture

Handheld steam cleaners are great for taking outdoors to clean your rattan or plastic garden tables and chairs. The steam will blow away any leaves and cobwebs and make lighter work off all the scrubbing.

Dirty windows

This is such a satisfying clean but you only really get the full benefits when cleaning filthy windows. Add the flat headed attachment and start at the top and work your way down, once the steam has broke down the dirt buff dry with a thick microfibre cloth.

Pet beds

Not all pet beds will fit into the washing machine but a good blast with steam will break down odours and refresh

Remember when using steam to clean you eliminate the need to use product as steam will kill 99.9% of germs and bacteria. Saving you both money and space in your cupboards. Steam can also help clean those place we sometimes forget to clean

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Simple Ironing Tips

Ironing may not be your favourite way to pass the time, but it’s the key to looking good. With these top ironing tricks and tips, you can speed up your ironing, make it effortless and easy.

Remember not every single item of clothing you wash needs to be ironed.  Some clothing can be taken straight off the washing line or pulled out of the dryer, hung on a hanger and put straight away after a good shake.

What fabrics don’t need to be ironed?

Never iron sequins, velvet, or screen-printed clothing. Also, some fabrics are labeled “non iron” or “wrinkle resistant,” usually polyester and nylon.

Fabric condition can help decrease creases when washing your clothes but remember fabric conditioner is not required for all items.

Check care labels

Check the care labels in the garments and then split into temperature piles. start with the coolest temperature and work your way up.

  • Low-temperature: Acetate, acrylic, nylon
  • Medium-temperature: Polyester, silk, satin, wool
  • High-temperature: Linen, cotton, denim

Planning your ironing will save you time and prevent accidental melting or scorching.

Be prepared

Check the plate of your iron is clean, any stickiness can cause damage.

How to clean your iron

Use a sturdy steady ironing board with a good width that has a good rest area for your steam generator iron and a linen rack. When ironing position your board to be the height of your belly button. It is vital to keep a good posture when ironing.

Use a well padded ironing board cover and change once it starts to get burnt marks as these can cause damage to the plate of your iron. Most covers can be washed too, so add this task into your seasonal cleaning planner.

If you don’t have an ironing board, you can still iron by using a sturdy flat surface like a table or work top and prepare it correctly using an ironing blanket or thick cotton towel as a liner.

Invest in a good steam generator iron as this really will speed the process up and you will be surprised at the amount of time you save.

If you don’t have a steam generator iron before ironing, spritz your shirts with water. This ironing tip will help you get out stubborn wrinkles. Perhaps your iron even has a spritz option. If it does, use it! Once the item is dampened, iron as normal. The combination of water and heat will tackle wrinkles easily.

Grab some silver foil simply place a sheet of foil under the cover of your ironing board. The foil reflects heat, smoothening out the underside of your clothes as you run the iron press on the top side.

Top tips

Iron delicate fabrics inside out such as, silk, satin, linen and corduroy and also on items that sometimes are left with shine. This shine effect is most noticeable on dark colours.

You should iron fabric lengthwise to prevent stretching.

When ironing shirt collars, cuffs or pockets that are double the thickness of fabric, iron on the inside first and then on the outside to smooth any final wrinkles. 

Always remember to keep the iron moving. Stopping at any point could burn your clothing.

If you can hang the items straight onto hangers after ironing, folding them when hot can create creases which will set in.

When you are done

Keep your iron away from small children, irons can get very hot and cause injury.

Let your iron cool off and empty any water from the tank before you put it away.

Ironing is easy, why complicate it? Now that you’re privy to these convenient ironing tips and tricks, go ahead and try them. Don’t forget, the key is using the right iron so it is definitely worth investing in a good one and make it fun, listen to music or set the ironing board up so you can watch television.