Save time cleaning with these savvy hacks

When life is so busy with work, childcare, socialising, home admin, self care it can be so hard to find the time to squeeze in the housework! When I was on my own with the twins I devised my 15 minute clean method which has never failed me, I still every single day implement this method but this is not all you can do to simplify your housework.

I can get your house spotless in no time at all with these simple go faster tips.

Set your timer

Aim to get your housework done in short, 5-minute chunks, so you don’t burn out. This doesn’t sound like a lot of time but when you turn of distractions trust me it is. Set a timer for 5 minutes in each room and aim to do 3 rooms at a time. Just 15 minutes of housework do one chunk in the morning and one in the evening and you will find this will really keep you on top.

Saves your bigger, deeper cleans for your days off and involve the rest of the household to ensure it is done as quickly as possible.

Just remember when cleaning to always start at the top and work your way down and dust before vacuuming.

Keep your bedding organised

Changing over the beds can be a time consuming task so make your life easier by keeping sets together, keep pillow cases folded into the matching duvet covers. Keeping them like this will also take up less room in your linen cupboard, stack them well and just grab and go when you next need to make up one of your beds.

Window cleaning

Save yourself time and do not even bother to clean your windows on a sunny day as it will just double up your work, cleaning your windows on a sunny day causes streaks. The product dries quickly allowing the streaks to appear.

Use warm soapy water to clean the glass and a window vac to finish off.

For the inside mix 20ml of white vinegar into a spray bottle with the rest filled with water, use a good lint free glass cleaning cloth and away you go. Use the S shape so you clean the whole area well.

You will get the perfect shine.

Get a head-start on the bathroom

When cleaning the bathroom, spray the bath and the sink with a bathroom cleaning specific product and leave the product to work for 10 minutes whilst you get on with some other jobs, remember to open the window when cleaning the bathroom. Those 10 minutes will make a real difference when it comes to rinsing off, the germs will be gone and the bathroom will be shinning. I tend to spray the product and use the time to get dressed or tidy up the bedroom.

Clean up blinds with ease

Recycle and use a dry sock to clean dusty blinds in no time or a dusting glove. Simply run your hand over each slat. When you’re done, pop the sock or dusting glove in the the washing machine. Try to never apply water as it can cause unsightly water marks.

Keep your bin smelling fresh

There is nothing worse than a house that smells. A smelly house will make your home feel unclean, so as well as chucking open those windows deal with your bins. Use Bin Buddy to keep the odours at bay or add some essential oils to some bicarbonate of soda and sprinkle in daily.

Ensure you empty regularly.

Use fridge trays

Fridge trays make light work of cleaning the fridge, when you are busy you can simply whip out one tray, tidy and clean and put back. This will only take a few minutes saving you so much time in the long run. Don’t forget to line your fruit and vegetable trays with good quality kitchen roll as this will soak up any juices.

Stop those creases

Slow down the spin speed of your washing machine to at least 800 rpm to reduce creases and help you cut down on ironing time. Once the cycle has finished, shake the clothes out and hang straight away what does not need ironing.

Use the quick wash on your washing machine

As tempting as it is to pop your wash on a 40C cotton wash, you may actually be doing more damage than good. Washing machines are pretty advanced nowadays so you can be very specific about what you’re washing. The quick-wash is perfect for lightly soiled items and gets the laundry done faster.

Want to learn more about to clean up your home and save time then grab a copy of one of my books and I will show you how to clean your house and tidy up your life using the 15 minute clean.