Wonderful uses for Nail Polish remover around the home

Nail polish remover is not just for nails. Oh no, this multi-tasking product can do a multitude of tasks around the home.There are two types of nail polish acetone and non acetone.  Acetone is the one to go for as its great for breaking down product. Through my own little experiments I do at home I have many great uses for using nail polish to clean which I wanted to share with you all.

Permanent marker

My children have a real habit of getting felt tips and permanent marker pen everywhere they possibly can.  They all have white wood desks in their bedrooms and initially I thought neat bleach would get the marks out but it didn’t it just discoloured the white to a very off yellow colour.  When I tested out the nail polish remover it worked amazingly and in seconds with a tiny amount on a cotton ball the marks were gone.

Sticker residue

Do you have annoying sticker marks on the soles of your shoes or have you moved into a property where they are pulled off stickers marks all over the bedroom doors.  Nail polish remover will get this marks off in seconds. If it’s on wood always follow the wood grain.

Hair straightens and Hair tongs

These can get covered in sticky hair styling products and soapy water just won’t cut it. Nail polish remover used gently will remove the stickiness and get them looking as good as new.  Wipe over with a soapy solution before using again.


Acetone is a great sanitize and you can use it clean personal items such as tweezers and razors in the bathroom. Simple leave to soak for about 10 minutes and then rinse.

Patent shoes 

Wipe down patent shoes with a kitchen towel dipped in nail polish remover, gently buff to remove any scuff marks and wipe any residue away with a clean cloth. They’ll be so shiny you’ll be able to see your reflection!


If you’ve got superglue on your hands or the cap has been clogged up with dried glue, just rub some nail polish remover around the affected area and the acetone will break it down.

Ink stains on shirts

If you need to get ink stains out of your child’s school uniform or your own shirts, just dilute some nail polish remover (1 part remover to 2 parts water) and dab at the stain with a tissue or soft cloth to clean it right off.

Clean paint from windows

If you’ve been painting and some paint has flicked onto the glass, simply dab some nail polish remover onto it with a cloth and let it sit for a few minutes. Then rub away with a damp cloth.


Sometimes you get nail polish from you toes on the side of the bath which won’t come off with a cleaning product but use your nail polish remover after all its nail polish you are removing!  Also if you have a dirty bath ring or soap and scum stain. Dilute nail polish remover with a little bit of water and clean the bath with a sponge or cloth. Effortless cleaning.

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Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of clean xoxo