My Review of the VAX BLADE 2

I do love to review vacuums and was delighted when the team at VAX asked me to review the new VAX BLADE 2 .  I am a big fan of the VAX Blade and I am lucky enough to have a personalised pink one so was very interested to see how the BLADE 2 differed in terms of performance.

Cordless vacuums really do make life so much easier. There is none of that looking around for a plug point and bending and if you suffer with back problems they really are ideal.

The VAX BLADE 2 comes well packaged and is incredibly easy to put together I didn’t even need to refer to the instructions. You need to fully charge before using and this takes 3 hours and will give you 45 minutes of cleaning power.

The VAX BLADE 2 is defiantly more powerful than the original blade there is a noticeable difference particularly on carpets and rugs. I also feel that it is a little more flexible too and gets round those hard to reach places much easier making vacuuming a much speeder process.

The Blade is good on both hard flooring and carpets, when you switch to carpet mode the brush bar rotates to really lift that dirt from your carpets. You also have the option of turbo boost for extra power and this is great if you are tackling pet hair.

It also makes stair cleaning so easy, you just switch to hand-held mode and attach your preferred attachment and away you go.

Then when it comes to cleaning you simply press the dirt release button and let all the dust and debris fall straight into the bin.  The capacity is only 0.6 L so I advise that you empty after every big use to keep it running well and make a point of giving it a good rinse and clean the filter monthly..

What I love about the BLADE 2

  • Quick and easy to assemble
  • Incredibly light which means almost effortless cleaning
  • Simple to change tools
  • Great suction
  • Press a button to activate the brush bar – no need to change heads for different floor types
  • 45-minute run time
  • Lightweight – only 3.1kg when using it as a stick vacuum, and only 2kg when using as a handheld.
  • Steerable, so a breeze to get round furniture.
  • LED headlights so you can see the dust. Delightful.

Overall based on price which varies dependent on where you buy from (£199 – £300.00)  and performance I would give the VAX BLADE 2 a Queen of Clean rating of


To purchase or for more information CLICK HERE

Thank you for reading my review and I hope that you have found this useful 

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Dissolve pet hair with Vamoosh


Owning a dog means having pet hair.  Pet hair can get everywhere and the trusty hand-held hoover and a large collection of lint rollers will soon become your best friends for removing from you sofa, cushions and skirting boards. But how do you get rid of the stubborn pet hair that sticks to your dog beds and blankets?  I tried hovering off but there was so much it was taking me ages so I needed to fond a new solution quick!

On one of my trips to Pets at Home with Hetty I found the Vamoosh hair dissolver.  I had never heard of the product before but I knew I had to try it.  I purchased a small sample packet and was so impressed I went back the next day and brought a lot more.

What is Vamoosh Pet Hair Dissolver?

Vamoosh  Pet Hair Dissolver’s unique patent pending formula is added to normal detergent in order to dissolve pet hair in the washing machine, meaning that pet hair (which is notoriously difficult to get rid of) completely washes away during the washing cycle, leaving pet bedding and washing machines hair-free and hygienically clean. It also eliminates deep down odours and is perfectly safe for your whole family.

How to use Vamoosh

Step 1

Pour the contents of one sachet of Vamoosh directly into your washing machine drum. (For larger loads, we recommend using two sachets of Vamoosh).

Step 2

Add your usual detergent (plus fabric softener if you wish to maintain softness)

Step 3

Add your pet bedding, taking care not to overload the machine with too much bedding at one time.

Step 4

Run the longest, hottest cycle (85/95 degrees). At the end of the cycle, dry the bedding as usual.

Vamoosh is environmentally friendly  and safe for all of the family with no chemical residues. Vamoosh dissolves pet hair using active oxygen and is chlorine bleach free.  No harmful substances are released into the environment when using our product.

Vamoosh has honestly made my life with Hetty easier, her bedding comes out of the washing machine smelling great and without a hair in sight and best of all there is no hair left inside my washing machine so there is no need for me to run another cycle.

If you are concerned about having a dog and worrying about no longer having a clean home then please know that the joy a dog brings to the family out weighs the little mess they do bring. My house still smells amazing and is still spotless.

Click here to give Vamoosh a try

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aircraft 1

AirCraft PowerGlide hard floor cleaner Review

As lots of you know I am a huge fan of cleaning my floors daily.  So when I was approached by AirCraft Home to try their new PowerGlide hard floor cleaner I was a little sceptical. But I love to try every cleaning gadget going and put the very best ones forward to my audience.

The PowerGlide is definitely something I want you all to know about. It’s such a light weight, stylish floor cleaner that makes floor cleaning an absolute breeze.

There’s a choice of two colours, black or white. I chose the white as it matches my kitchen better!  The PowerGlide came very well packaged in a neat box and was so easy to put together. It took me just minutes and I didn’t even need to refer to the instruction manual.

It’s cordless so you need to charge the battery before you can use it and this didn’t take long at all.  A fully charged battery gives you 45 minutes of cleaning time and realistically that is enough to clean all your home’s hard floors in one go, faster than ever before! You can even safely clean Karndean or Parquet flooring with the PowerGlide.

I added a mixture of floor cleaner and water to the tank, popped on the microfibre pads and away I went. I loved the way it glided over the floors it didn’t require any effort from me at all it literally just glided around my home.  The twin rotating microfibre pads really do clean, polish and buff your floors to perfection, and you have complete control over the volume of floor cleaner dispensed – just push the button on PowerGlide’s handle to spray. As the pads are super absorbent, floors are dry and streak-free as soon as you’re done.

Lifts the dirt so well

PowerGlide Benefits

  • Cleans every type of hard floor quickly and effortlessly
  • Cord-free. Detachable Lithium battery for convenient charging.
  • Use any liquid floor cleaner, or water. (even zoflora)
  • Wet cleans, polishes and buffs, leaving floors streak-free.
  • Pads rotate at 250 rpm to clean approx 20 square meters per minute.
  • Microfibre pads are machine washable (2 sets included).
  • Button on handle sprays floor cleaner as required.
  • Available in white or jet black.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this product and would highly recommend it, especially to all of my followers that are anti-steam, or have floors that can’t be used with a steam mop (real wood, laminate, Karndean, parquet, etc).  I have a voucher code too which gets you £50.00 off – enter POWER50 at the checkout at

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Cleaning
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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My review of the Polti La Vaporella XT100C Iron

Ironing really is one of those household chores that you either love or hate. Its a bit like marmite.

I used to run an ironing service and at one point I was ironing 57 baskets a week as well as my own. I used to love it . I was at home whilst the girls were young and watched endless films whilst I ironed away.  It did become apparent quite quickly that I needed a good iron.  If you want to iron quickly and achieve a great result you need to invest in a good iron.  At the time I didn’t know about Polti Irons and went into John Lewis and purchased a iron that was just over £500.00 and it was worth every penny.

So when it comes to ironing you do need to invest if you want speed and a good finish.  The polti iron comes with a 10 year warranty on the boiler against those dreaded limescale attacks. Initially you may think the Polti is a little expensive! But it is actually a huge investment in both your time and your money.  With the cheaper irons you can literally be replacing them yearly. I know I used to do and the plates would ware down very quickly. You may be interested in my simple ironing tips which can also help make ironing a whole lot more enjoyable.

The Polti iron is packed with Italian style and its makes ironing a pleasure not a chore.  Its a laundry lovers friend and you will save so much time as you breeze through your weekly mountain of ironing with ease.

The Polti holds 1.5 litres of water so it saves you having to constantly refill and it heats up within minutes. One of my most loved features with the Polti is the lock feature at the front of the iron. This is a great idea and if you need to leave you iron unattended for a few minutes you can simple switch to lock. After 10 minutes of being left untouched the Polti will switch itself off  automatically so you will never have the panic again when you are out and about of “did I leave the iron on”.

The lock feature also allows for easier storage and will keep you iron neat and tidy in your cupboard.

Perfect ironing, minimum effort

The innovative multidirectional curved soleplate with antiscratch coating allows perfect results in one pass. The high precision tip reaches difficult places and the concentration of steam in this area also smooths out difficult creases. The rounded edges for 360° ironing allow perfect smoothness without effort, easily tackling  buttons, collars, pockets.

There are plenty of steam settings to choose from , the controls are really easy to use and to select your setting you very simply turn the knob until you reach the setting of your choice. The blue light will indicate which setting you are on.  The handle offers a non slip grip  as sometimes when your ironing your hands can get hot and sweaty but this keeps you fully in control.

I am really impressed with the amount of steam this iron produces across all settings.

SILK  – for any delicate fabric, not just silk. Perfect for velvet, nylon, viscose and polyester and for anything that you’d prefer to dry iron (without steam).

WOOL  – for woollen garments and delicate fabrics that you wish to iron with steam.

UNIVERSAL  – for steam ironing any type of iron-safe fabric, with no need to spend time adjusting the setting between garments.

COTTON – for thicker, pure cotton garments, bedding and jeans.

LINEN ( MAX ) – for all linen clothing, tablecloths, bedlinen and napkins.

TURBO – for heavier fabrics such as curtains and bedspreads, this smooths out stubborn creases with ease. Please note: the TURBO function has an auto switch off after 10 minutes.

STEAM PULSE – double click the steam button for regular bursts of intermittent steam (500g/minute) that can penetrate deep into creased fibres, and is ideal for vertical ironing of curtains or garments on hangers.

I am loving the universal setting as this can be used on any type of fabric from jeans to silk without having to adjust the temperature. This is great as it saves you having to divide your clothes into piles and then waiting for the iron to adjust itself to the correct setting.  Another bonus is you can say goodbye to fabric burns.

The Polti isn’t heavy and is really easy to use.  Its been a great addition to my family.

The big bonus is its currently on offer and this is such an incredible price for an iron this good.  Offers ends end of JULY 2018.

For more information about this amazing iron please CLICK HERE

My Queen of Clean rating is 5 out of 5 

As always thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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My Review of the Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner – C Rated

Recently the lovely team at AO sent me the new Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower to review. If I am being completely honest with you, I had never heard of the brand Sebo before so I was very intrigued indeed and couldn’t wait to try it out..  I did a little research and found out that the brand is very big across Europe and has a fantastic reputation.

AO’s service is second to none I agreed the item late in the afternoon and the item was delivered to me nice and early the very next morning by such friendly delivery staff. I am so impressed and I will definitely be using AO again due to such a swift service.

The X7 Pet E-Power is a vacuum cleaner of professional quality, it’s quite big and bulky and when it arrived it had to be put together fully.  Which did phase me at first but the instructions where clear enough for me to work out and I had it all up and working in no time at all.

Performance wise

The suction on the Sebo is fantastic, I did a few of my usual tests and it picked everything up with no problems at all.  I also felt the Sebo went deep into my carpet where as some vacuum more of less just glide over the top. The Sebo comes with vacuum bags that hold 5.3 litres and the dust and dirt is compressed neatly so no dust escapes once its been collected.  If you have an allergy sufferer in your home or pets then this machine would be a great choice. This model has been designed to perform brilliantly on both carpets and hard floors as well, so you know your home will be dust free throughout. It also has a fantastic S-Class filtration system, which removes tiny bits of dust and allergens from the air, keeping your home hygienically clean.

The long  Cleaning Hose gives you a reach of up to 6 meters and the very long 10 meter cable which is great for reaching up to thew ceilings and for doing the stairs and the Sebo comes with a great selection of accessories including a stair and upholstery turbo brush, removable brush roller and searchlight, as well as crevice and upholstery nozzles..

The actual cord on the Sebo is also a great length allowing you not to have to continually bend down and look for another plug socket the lead is a very generous 10 metres. .

If you accidentally vacuum up something that you shouldn’t (ie) in my house a piece of Lego the Sebo will automatically shut down allowing you to remove the piece before continuing with the vacuuming.

But I did find the Sebo heavy and not easy to turn and get underneath furniture.

The Sebo is amazing quality and I can see the Sebo working very well in a school or office block or great for cleaning companies to invest in. But in terms of the product being used for in the domestic home I would personally not recommend. For further information please see the AO Website

For more product review please take a look here. 

I hope this review has been of some use to you and if you have any questions then please get in touch.

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

The Sebo was gifted to me by AO in return for my review. The review is my own honest opinion.


My Review of the HOTPOINT Ultima S-LINE RPD 9467 JGG Washing Machine

I am so lucky the lovely team at Hotpoint recently send me a new washing machine. The Ultima S-Line RPD 9467 JGG My washing machine was fine but it had been going strong for 6 years and had worked so hard with my constant overuse that a new one was definitely due. I really look after my washing machines and washing machine care is so important.  With the old machine I tended to do at least two washes a day, main reason being it only had a small drum and being a family of 5 and having a Hetty one load was just never enough.

I certainly did need a bigger drum and my new machine has a 9kg drum which has made a huge difference. I can get so much in and my normal load just looks lost. On a good day I now only need to do one load of washing, so that is only one lot of detergent and fabric conditioner daily and I am using less energy. This machine is a premium energy efficent device which comes with an A plus plus plus rating and ensures minimal consumption of power.

Its been so lovely seeing my new shiny machine in my utility room the appearance certainly does grab attention with its LCD screen and smart sleek design. I have now tested out every function and believe me there is a lot. This machine does everything.  This washing machine is super silent and my utility room no longer sounds like an aeroplane is taking off!

Some of the functions that have particularly impressed me are:

Anti Stain Cycle

This function saves the need for a prestain treatment. This worked on tested stains of red wine and coffee at 20 degrees!

Steam hygiene

This amazing function which has really impressed me allows you to wash your clothes at a low temperature and it will still eliminate 99.9% of germs and bacteria.


This is a really delicate function that is great for those beautiful woolen delicate tops that you may own this function cleans well and keep the siftness that can be sometimes lost when washing.

Plus there are a great selection of programmes to choose from.  Whats even better as you pull out the drawer for the detergent and fabric conditioner and there is a list of the programmes so you can never forget and it saves you from looking for the instruction manual. But one negative with the drawer is, it’s very difficult to remove and I do like to remove mine to clean it at least once a week as mould and mildew can build up in this area.

  • Cotton 40°
  • Cotton 60
  • Synthetics
  • Silk
  • Wool
  • Duvets
  • Delicates
  • Steam Refresh
  • Eco Cotton
  • Baby
  • Shirts
  • White
  • Woolmark

There is also a delay timer which I use to set so the cycle has finished just as I come downstairs in the morning, this was I can hang my washing out staright away nivce and early or pop it in the tumble drier.  For safety it has a child look and the digital display is very clear so no eye strainning.

I am certainly not a washing machine expert but I have found this machine really easy to use, its super quiet and looks good.

Price point is really good and its availble in many stores such as John Lewis and Tesco plus many online.

Look after you machine and it will continue to keep your laundry smelling good

I hope you found this review useful

Thanks for reading Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

This product was gifted and the opinons in this feature and my own