Daily Task Cleaning Calendar

Daily Task Cleaning Calendar

As much as we love the build up to a large house clean it can feel like one big TO DO LIST. I have put together a simple schedule to help you stay organised and keep you on top of your housework.

I just love the daily cleaning tasks and when you follow my simple schedule that break it down, it becomes a easy way to keep your home clean.

My simple calendar will guide you through the organising, planning and cleaning that you will need to get your home sparkling clean.

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Christmas Planning

Christmas Cleaning & Organising schedules

As much as we love the build up to Christmas it can be also be a little over whelming and feel like one big TO DO LIST. I have put together a few simple planners to help you stay organised and keep you on top of not only the Christmas prep but your housework too.

I just love the pre Christmas clean and when you follow my simple schedules break it down, shop right and buy practical gifts it all comes together.

My simple calendar will guide you through the organising, planning and cleaning that you will need to get your home sparkling clean.

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Preparing to welcome guests during the festive season means time to pay extra attention to the home, from the rooms and objects we touch the most, to all the corners and crevices that are often forgotten.

I have put together my 7 down Christmas count down, a few daily tasks to do to keep you extra organised on the lead up to the big day

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Christmas Meal Planning planner

My Christmas meal planner is here to help you plan the key Christmas meals between Christmas and New Year and budget.

Christmas Menu Planner Printable

Christmas Shopping Planner

Keep track of who you have bought for and how you have spent

Christmas Presents Printable

I hope these little guides help you with your Christmas planning and organising.



Queen of Clean Christmas countdown

Do you want to beat the rush this Christmas and be super organised?

If you do then keep on reading……….

The Christmas countdown is on. I really can’t believe it’s nearly that time of year again.   Some of you may have already started planning and preparing your Christmas which is amazing.

I love Christmas it’s a very magical time of the year and as much as I love to be organised I don’t like to start too soon. November really is the month to get going, this way you will free up your December allowing you time to catch up with friends and enjoy any pre-Christmas activities.

I have broken up key tasks here running over a 4 week period which will hopefully guide you to a stress free Christmas.

Week one

Set a budget

Family budgets can change yearly so it’s always important to plan your budget for food, presents, decorations, outfits and social events. To keep organised with you present buying download my Present buying printable this way you can set your budget and list what you have brought.

Start buying those gifts

As of now I will start to pick up a few bits each week and I will list what I have brought using my Present buying printable that I will carefully have hidden in my diary.  There have been years where I have brought items and had no idea who the gift was for.

Maybe plan a shopping day with friends or family.

Find a hiding place

Choose your hiding places wisely and clear a space. I tend to clear out one of my clothes drawers in the bedroom and this always gets me started.  There are plenty of hiding places in your home if you think about it. My tops places are listed here

Book tickets

If you planning a family outing to the local pantomime, or a visit to see father Christmas then get this tickets booked now.

Social planning

Start talking to family members and friends and set aside dates aside time to see people.  You don’t want to double book do you?

Week 2

Book those appointments

Whether its hair cuts for the whole family, dental appointment’s or beauty treatments now is the time to get these booked in. Make the calls this week and get these written down with reminders added to your phones. Most places will have their Xmas diaries open now and will start to be taking appointments so beat the rush and get in quick.  Nearer the time you may not actual no longer need the appointment but at least you have the option.

Pet Plans

You may be going away this Christmas or be spending times at various other people’s houses. Pets aren’t always welcome so start to think about where they can go. Book into a kennels or see if friends and family are around to support you. Don’t wait until a week before as the chances are they will be booked up.

Baby Sitters

If you have younger children and you have few Christmas functions to attend now is the time to start to booking your baby sitter. They will appreciate the notice and you can go ahead and plan your nights’s out with one less thing to worry about.


Week 3

Gift Wrap

Get out and purchase gift wrap, bottle bags and tags.  There is such a huge choice when it comes to gift wrapping but in the past I have found that some of the nicer patterns do sell out fast and don’t forget to look at more eco friendly options such as linen bottle bags and eco friendly gift wrap or look at foil large gift bags which are great for larger presents and can be reused year after year. If your having a theme which runs right through to your gift wrapping then now is the time to go out and find the right paper for you.  Don’t forget the matching tags.

Keep everything together using a gift wrap storage bag. If you can wrap as you go and don’t forget my ironing board trick.

Christmas Cards

I am finding I am get less and less cards these days and more festive messages through social media.  But I still love Christmas cards and feel that they are a tradition we should stick. A card can mean a lot to some people.  Purchase your cards and make sure you buy enough. There are lots of eco friendly cards made from recyclable card which is great.

For your children work out how many children are in their classes at school and nursery and get your child to join in by putting together a list of the names so they have a list ready for when they come to write their cards. 

Put together a list of who you are sending cards to and check international posting dates.

Always have a few spares in case you receive cards from people that you haven’t planned to give one too. It is always nice to show acknowledgement.

Don’t forget to buy your postage stamps and check you have updated your address book.

Make kitchen Space

On the lead up to Christmas It great to pick up a few bits every week to help with budgeting. Clear out a kitchen cupboard ready for Christmas foods such as chocolates, nuts and snacks.

Take stock of your pantry and baking staples. Add flour, spices, and sugar to your shopping list, so you are prepared for any Christmas baking.

Freezer de-clutter

Now that you have made the kitchen cupboard space its time to start thinking about freezer space too.  Give you freezer a good de-clutter. The freezer is a cold and desolate place that’s home to forgotten, icy food its time to remove all unusable food, and salvage the rest. Maybe spend a week eating what you actually have in their rather than adding to it so you have a clear space ready for those frozen party nibbles.

Getting head of the cleaning

Plan some time into your schedule to take a day of work to give your home a really good deep clean before the decorations start to go up. Also you may want to consider a professional cleaning services to spruce up your carpets and shine up those hard to reach outside windows.

Week 4

Order your meats

If you are hosting Christmas dinner this year get those meat orders in.  Don’t forget to order your chipolatas and bacon too for your pigs in blankets.  If you order and pay early it is one less thing to worry about. 

Local farm shops do some great offers on your Christmas meats too and sometimes can even deliver.

Christmas Crackers

Get these in this week loads of great choices on the high street.  But remember to make sure they match your Christmas table theme and always have a few spares in case you end up with some unexpected guests.

Don’t forget ECO Christmas crackers made from sustainable materials are becoming more common.

Christmas party outfits

I am sure many of us have packed December diaries but that means a few Christmas outfits for you and your family and don’t forget those Christmas jumpers too.
Christmas Jumper day Thursday 8th December this year. Add this date to your diary and set a reminder in your phone.

Don’t forget your accessories too lots of pretty sparkly bags around along with sparkly earrings.  If you treat the kids to Christmas Eve PJ’s it may be worth you looking at getting these now too before all the sizes sell out and don’t forget your party shoes.

I do have a discount code for Dorothy Perkins which is QOCX10 and they have some lovely party wear in.


If your travelling by train for Christmas get those tickets booked now, prices for Christmas week will be reasonable at the moment but if you leave it much longer you will find they will start to double or even triple

Advent calendars

There must be a calendar for almost anything these days! if you are looking for a specialist calendar, whether it be from Lego, Smiggle, Benefit, Body Shop get these now.

If you can donate a gift box or an advent calendar to a local charity I know these items are very much appreciated and don’t forget woman’s aid are always on the look out for unused toiletries.


Sounds like a lot doesn’t it but when you break it down into weeks it becomes much more manageable. Enjoy your festive planning and I will be popping up gently reminders as we go.