We Are Just Over Half Way Through

I am so delighted to see so many of you enjoying this year’s January declutter challenge, decluttering is such a therapeutic process.

Decluttering is more than just a trend it has surprising health benefits such as:

• Alleviates anxiety and depression
• Helps you sleep better
• Reduces allergies
• Creates a happier environment
• Gets you moving around the house

So hopefully my decluttering challenge is giving you a positive start to 2022 and try to remember the earlier you start to put stuff away and clear out your space the easier it becomes.

I have been sharing product choices to help keep spaces more organised across my socials but in case you have missed them I have popped a few of my firm favourites for the kitchen and bedroom here.

Kitchen Ideas

Lazy Susan

The amazing Lazysusan turntable will help you organise and locate your most used kitchen items like condiments, spices, and napkins. The spinning motion of this useful organizer allows you to access those hard-to-reach items in your pantry.

Expandable Spice Shelf

The three-layer design of this spice rack makes it easy for you to see the spice jars or condiment labels on the spice racks of different heights, which is convenient for you to use the spices when cooking.

Cupboard Shelf Organisers

These shelf organisers can create additional space in your cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes, and various countertops, keeping your things well organised and orderly stored around your home.

Recipe Organiser

If like me, you like to keep recipe pages from magazines then this folder will help you keep them nice and neat.

The Three-ring recipe binder comes with 50 plastic full-page sheet protectors, 16-tab dividers & 32 tab labels. If you find a recipe online Just print and slide it inside the plastic sheet protector to start creating your favourite recipes binder.

Bedroom Ideas

Hanger Bag

Everybody enjoys a nice and tidy wardrobe where you have all of your clothes organised with no empty hangers just sitting there waiting to be used, but sometimes when hangers aren’t being used there is nowhere else to put them other than on your clothing rack or at the bottom of the wardrobe. This hamper provides a new way to store your empty hangers. The foldable hanger basket allows you to neatly stack unused hangers, meaning less mess in your wardrobe and more room for your weekend outfits favourite outfits!

Jean’s Organiser

This Transparent Jeans Storage Box is convenient for you to locate clothes, wardrobe organiser is in a foldable design, saving time and space, which greatly improves the utilisation rate of wardrobe space.

Bedroom Drawer Organiser

If you are tired of rummaging through cluttered drawers and losing your items, then drawer dividers are the perfect solution.  

Honeycomb Sock Organisers

This is perfect for organising socks, ties, and belts. They connect with buckles and will save you space for an even tidier home.

We are over halfway through now, keep going and keep sharing the motivation.

Until next time,


Daily Task Cleaning Calendar

Daily Task Cleaning Calendar

As much as we love the build up to a large house clean it can feel like one big TO DO LIST. I have put together a simple schedule to help you stay organised and keep you on top of your housework.

I just love the daily cleaning tasks and when you follow my simple schedule that break it down, it becomes a easy way to keep your home clean.

My simple calendar will guide you through the organising, planning and cleaning that you will need to get your home sparkling clean.

Download your free copy

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Christmas Planning

Christmas Cleaning & Organising schedules

As much as we love the build up to Christmas it can be also be a little over whelming and feel like one big TO DO LIST. I have put together a few simple planners to help you stay organised and keep you on top of not only the Christmas prep but your housework too.

i just love the pre Christmas clean and when you follow my simple schedules break it down, shop right and buy practical gifts it all comes together.

My simple calendar will guide you through the organising, planning and cleaning that you will need to get your home sparkling clean.

Download your free copy

Preparing to welcome guests during the festive season means time to pay extra attention to the home, from the rooms and objects we touch the most, to all the corners and crevices that are often forgotten.

I have put together my 7 down Christmas count down, a few daily tasks to do to keep you extra organised on the lead up to the big day

To download a copy click here

Christmas Meal Planning planner

My Christmas meal planner is here to help you plan the key Christmas meals between Christmas and New Year and budget.

Christmas Menu Planner Printable

Christmas Shopping Planner

Keep track of who you have bought for and how you have spent

Christmas Presents Printable

I hope these little printable’s help you with your Christmas planning and organising.

As always a huge THANK YOU for your on going support.

Lynsey x

Wishing you all a very Merry Christmas

week 3

Christmas Count Down Week 3

Welcome to week 3 on how to be organised for Christmas.  I hope you are enjoying the ideas so far. My Christmas shopping is starting to take shape now and my hiding place is getting rather full but I am not ready to start the wrapping just yet. I need to be a little more in the festive mood to begin the wrapping with a good Christmas film on the TV and a glass of fizz.

Gift Wrap

Now is the time to get out and purchase gift wrap, bottle bags and tags.  There is such a huge choice when it comes to gift wrapping but in the past I have found that some of the nicer patterns do sell out fast.  So if your having a theme which runs right through to your gift wrapping then this is the week to go out and find the right paper for you.  Don’t forget the bottle bags and the matching tags.

Christmas Cards

I am finding I am get less and less cards these days and more festive messages through social media.  But I still love Christmas cards and find they are a tradition that should stick. A card can mean a lot to some people.  Purchase your cards and make sure you buy enough.  For the children work out how many children are in their classes and get your child to join in by putting together a list of the names so they have a list ready for when they come to write their cards.  Also put together a list of who you are sending cards too and check international posting dates. Always have a few spares in case you receive cards from people that you haven’t planned to give one too. Its always nice to show acknowledgement.

Don’t forget to buy your postage stamps and check you have updated your address book.

Make kitchen Space

The Christmas foods are now in the shops inciting us to buy.  It great to pick up a few bits every week to help with budgeting. Clear out a kitchen cupboard ready for Christmas foods such as chocolates, nuts and snacks

Take stock of your pantry and baking staples. Add flour, spices, and sugar to your shopping list, as needed ready for that Christmas baking.

Freezer de-clutter

Now that you have made the kitchen cupboard space its time to start thinking about freezer space too.  Give you freezer a good de-clutter. The freezer is a cold and desolate place that’s home to forgotten, icy food its time to remove all unusable food, and salvage the rest. Maybe spend a week eating what you actually have in their rather than adding to it so you have a clear space ready for those frozen party nibbles.

Getting head of the cleaning

Plan some time into your schedule to take a day of work to give your home a really good deep clean before the decorations start to go up. Also you may want to consider professional cleaning services too like having your carpets and windows cleaned all ready for the festive season.

For those of you that don’t like to think about Christmas too soon my Christmas planning and cleaning calendar starts on November 25th

Hope these small weekly steps are helping to give you a more organised Christmas.

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


back to school

Getting Ready For The Back To School

Summer is still in full swing, and whilst we might be having a bit of a breather from the recent intensity of the sunshine it’s set to sizzle us once again in a matter of days… but, as we start to approach the end of August, you’ll notice that the supermarkets are filled with ‘back to school’ gear ranging from school uniforms to pencil cases.

This time of year, for many people, heralds the start of something new – in fact, a lot of people move home in this month which could be linked to the childhood pattern of starting a new year at school.  We are all creatures of habit, and the start of autumn marks the return to school, darker nights, wrapping up warm, better television shows, and a cosy feeling inside that makes us want to settle down and prepare for the winter.

Here’s a brief list of some of the factors you’ll want to consider in terms of preparing for your kids to go back to school:

Pick out a new uniform

Children can grow at a surprising rate, and this means you’ll almost definitely need a new school uniform for the year – and even if that’s not the case, it can be good for the emotional health of your child to get a new uniform as it marks the start of a brand new year, like how a new chapter is specifically set out in a book.

One of the most empowering things you can do is to involve your children in picking out their own uniform, and whilst most uniforms are restrictive in terms of what can and cannot be worn, giving your kids the feeling of autonomy in this sense can be very helpful to their emotional development.

Have a big clean

The Spring tends to be known for having a good sort out, but the weeks prior to going back to school make sense to declutter and clean your kids bedroom – as the summer months tend to be spent mostly outdoors with a variety of toys thrown around the house, from water pistols to play tents and all sorts of other weird and wonderful things… getting your kids involved in a thorough clean and tidy of their space is a great way to ensure your kids feel responsible for themselves, and highlights the need to prepare for their new academic year.

Children thrive when there is a sense of organisation and balance in their lives, so decluttering the space and giving it a good clean is very helpful to achieving heightened states of focus for children.

Plan some trips

Whilst there are many activities scheduled throughout the year, such as special geography trips for schools, it’s a good idea to plan some educational trips of your own (particularly if you’re a fan of homeschooling) that enrich your child with experiential activities to hone in on the more academic learning from textbooks.

As you may know, children tend to fall into one predominant category in terms of their main learning modality; visual, auditory and kinaesthetic.  Visual learners tend to learn best from reading and copying, whilst auditory tend to work better with listening and following structured lists, whilst kinaesthetic people find it much easier to learn from ‘doing’ and this is where the experiential learning of educational trips comes into play; particularly with a rich subject like geography – where you can take your kids on all sorts of outings, particularly within nature.

In summary, this time of year is still a time to be enjoying the summer sun and making the most of the summer holidays yet it’s also a time to start preparing for the academic year ahead.  This is particularly pertinent if your child is moving from junior school to secondary school, as there can be a lot of anxiety around this change for both parent and child.

The best tip, is to ensure there’s some element of familiarity, for instance, partnering up your child with his or friend to walk to school together each day – this element of familiarity can make all the difference, because the reason your child might feel anxious is because they have lost the sense of certainty and stability that comes with being somewhere familiar.

Whatsmore, they have gone from being ‘leader of the pack’ in terms of being the oldest year at school, to now being at the bottom of the ladder, which can inherently make them feel a bit more vulnerable than they would like.


Return home from holiday organised and refreshed

We all love going away on holiday spending a week or two exploring new cities or relaxing on the beach but the build up can be pretty busy and stressful. Packing can be daunting and its important that you don’t forget any of those essential items.  Following a simple packing guide can really help and involving the whole family. It’s not just down to one person to get everything in order.

Unfortunately though, we all have to come back!

Good preperation before going away can really help. I mean who wants to come back to an untidy house with baskets full of laundry and beds that need changing?

I have put together a few ideas that can make coming back from your holiday a whole lot easier.

Deep Clean

Give yourself time before you go to have a really good deep clean. Its will make all the difference when you return home and allow you to focus on the unpacking and holiday washing. Empty all your bins add new liners and make sure all the toilets have bleach in the pan so they are continuing to kill germs and smell lovely and fresh when you walk in.

Make sure your laundry is up-to date

There is no better feeling than an empty laundry basket and a non-existent ironing pile. This can be rare for busy families but challenge yourself before you go away to ensure you are up to date.  You are going to be coming home with a big pile of washing and ironing and you really do not need to add to this pile. If you are struggling for time there is no harm in using the launderette or a local ironing service. You may also be coming home and then the children go straight back to school so you need to make sure all their uniform, stationary and bags are ready.

Declutter as you pack

Now is a really good time to tackle any declutter. When you are packing for your holiday use this time to pick bits out of the wardrobes that are no longer worn and create a pile for reselling or charity. You will be surprised at what you find you no longer need or will wear. Don’t just stop there file away that build up of paperwork along with any old magazines and newspapers that will be out of date upon your return.

Food Delivery

If your like me and have a regular food delivery organise this before you go so you don’t have to go to the supermarket and do a full weekly shop. Ask someone to drop some fresh milk and bread into your home just before you return so you can at least have a cup of tea if you haven’t got much else in.

Plan a meal

Cook up a health meal and pop in the freezer before you go so you can defrost and enjoy when you get home.  Holidays normally mean over eating and not eating so well so you will be probably be craving a home cooked healthy dinner. Knock up a quick Bolognese or a stew packed with vegetables.

Let your neighbours know your going away

If you get on well with your neighbours or have a friend that lives close by ask them to put the bin out for you and to water the garden flowers. This can really help as you don’t want to come home to a full bin smelling awful or dead flowers that you have been keeping  so well all summer.

Don’t jump straight into socialising

Give yourself a few days before you start to out again with friends and try not to organise any gatherings at your house. Ease yourself back in gently.

Back to work

If you can and have the flexibility book an extra day into your diary so you can give yourself time to adjust after your holiday. There is nothing worse that coming home in  the early hours of the morning and then having to be at work for 9am.

Keep your out of office on

Use this tool to your advantage and don’t switch it off until you have caught up.

Check your family calendar

Look at your calendar a few days before you are due home so you are not surprised by meetings or events that are going to sneak up on you for the up and coming week. Being prepared always help,

I really hope this little tips help you. Don’t forget you can get my holiday organisational printable CLICK HERE

Happy Holiday
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

school boys

Back to School Essentials Check List

The summer holidays may of just started but many of us will already be thinking about Back to School.  Most of the shops will have the Back to School posters up with uniform strategically placed at  stores entrances.

We always go away the last few weeks of August and I like to have everything done before we go so as soon as the holidays start I start to pick bits up for my 3 and I use this checklist and mark off what I have brought.  I find this way I don’t forget anything.

The worst thing you can do is head into town a week before they go back as most stuff will be gone, limited sizes will be left for school uniform so get out there early and be prepared. If stores don’t have your sizes they will have plenty of time to order for you or for you to go home and order online.

I have designed a back to school check list that you can download here Back To School Check List

I have also put together a few ideas for those back to school essentials

Back Packs For Girls


For younger girls
JoJo Siwa Bow Backpack Ruck Sack Sholder Bag Large Pocket Print Back Pack Rainbow, Clouds and Glitter.


KS2 Girls
FRINGOO Girls Boys School Backpack Waterproof Travel Bag Fits Laptop 17” (Unicorn WiFi)


Secondary Girls
Adidas back pack

Back Packs For Boys


Younger Boys
Paw Patrol Back Pack


KS2 Boys
Marvel Back Pack


Secondary Boys 
Vans Back Pack



YIMOJI Large Capacity Pencil Case, 72 Slots Multi-layer School Stationery Pencil Eraser Ruler Bag for Student Boys and Girls


Smiggle Pencil Case

My son would absolutely love this and if he behaves this summer I may treat him, his addicted to smiggle stuff.


Maths set


Casio Calculator

Love the classic casio calculator. Perfect for in the home office to. 

For school uniform I always find that Next and John Lewis offer the best range of sizes and styles. Plus if your have older girl New Look have a great teenage range with more tailored clothing plus a good selection of practical bags and shoes.

To help stay organised this summer with your home maybe look at joingin in with my 5 Minute Challenge or use one of my cleaning calendars

Personally I love Back to School shopping so have fun and enjoy.

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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Holiday packing and preparation

It’s that time of the year when we all start going off on our holidays.  Wether its camping or sunny ourselves on the beach there is always a lot of preparation that needs to be done. We simple can’t just get up and go.

I have a few more weeks before I am off but my preparation has already started and I wanted to share with you all my top holidays preparation tips.  I do have a few holidays printables that will also really help keep you super organised. Take a look here

Organise your Pets

Make sure you organise Pet Care with someone you trust.  Guinea pigs and rabbits will need feeding and their water changing. I am very lucky as my mother in law has Hetty whenever we go away but it is not that simple for everyone so when it comes it comes to cats and dogs research kennels well. When we go to our Norfolk home we take Hetty with us and she loves it but we always need to pack for her Antibacterial poo bagsportable dog feeding mat, plenty of food and treats and bedding.

If you have decided to take your pet away for the first time take along their usual bed and favourite toys.

Organise your Home

We always ask our neighbours to put out our dustbins and water our flowers for us and in return we do the same for them. We are not over freindly with our neighbours but its great to know that we can support each other when we go away.

Make sure you leave your home secure. Double and triple check doors and windows and make sure you have cancelled any food deliveries. It’s a good idea to also invest in some light timers

Organise your travel documents

Check passports weeks before you travel so you have time to renew if needs be.

Don’t leave any travel money to the last-minute, the cheapest rates are always found online. The past few years I have found Sainsburys to be the cheapest.

I also have a travel wallet in my hand luggage which has, driving licence, boarding passes, hotel and car hire information and all in the order in which I will need them. Along with the passports.It’s also a really good idea to write down emergency contact numbers in case you lose your phone as these days how many of us actually remember a phone number! Its also a good idea to write down your passport number and keep this safe maybe a copy in your suitcase and a copy in your hand luggage.

 Do not forget your EHIC card if you’re travelling in Europe.

Organise your Suitcases

Make sure you invest in good quality hard-wearing and lightweight suitcases. These Kono hardshell 3 piece sets are amazing value and come in a range of colours.  Off course I opted for the pink but these are such great value ,spacious and very practical.

Don’t leave the packing to the very last-minute

Never leave packing to the last-minute, it will only stress you out and get your holiday off on a very bad foot. Start t think about packing a good week in advance. Use a clothes rail and put this up in a spare room or one of your bedrooms and start to plan your outfits. This way you won’t wear them again before you leave. Try and pack minimalist and choose outfits that be can dressed up and dressed down and you know are easy to style.

Also start to pack your beauty products, sun creams, after sun, books and electronics.

The packing cubes do really help with keep you organised. They enable you to easily locate clothing without the need for rummaging through and mess up your suitcase.

My Top Tip Save bag space for all your holiday purchases

Create a master packing list.

Make sure you know what you luggage allowance is if you are flying. Over-packing and being stuck at the check-in desk with luggage that’s too heavy can really start your holiday off on the wrong foot. Weigh your cases using some Digital luggage scales and take them with you for the journey home as dirty washing does weigh more than clean.

I always use my packing checklist when I go away even if I am just away for a few nights with work as this way I know I will never forget anything. Once items have been packed its ticked off. I then also take this list with me and use for the return. It’s always important to make sure you have those core basics such as currency, adaptors and your first aid kit

Check the weather so you pack accordingly and always take a lightweight jacket as night-time temperatures can be cooler if your abroad.

I always take with me a plastic travel bottles and in this I always add my washing detergent so I can do some hand washing, washing up liquid and a multi purpose spray.  As you can imagine I do take a few more cleaning products but I tend to go straight to a supermarket upon arrival and go and grab my essentials plus I always love to see check out the cleaning products.  You can also use the travel bottles for beauty items too and it saves you having to take half the bathroom with you

Travel bottles

Roll clothes 

If you roll your clothes this gives you much more space and creates less creases. All though I would definitely recommend you take the Handheld Steamer with you. This is one of my favourite gadgets at the moment and I can’t wait ti take this away with me.

My Top Tip Pack a waterproof bag for your damp swimsuit, so you don’t soak everything else in your case on your way home.

Hand Luggage

Other than my essential travel documents and Ipad I also take a set of light wight clothes for each of us in hand luggage. If your luggage is lost you have something to change into or if you are heavily delayed and end up spending a night at an airport hotel. Limit liquids in hand luggage and pop your valuables in to. I off course have cleaning wipes so I can freshen up my table tray on the aircraft and keep my hands clean.

I really hope this post help you get organised. 

Happy Holidays
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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kids cleaning

Keeping the house tidy when you have kids.

If there is one thing that seems impossible to achieve when you are a parent, it is a clean house. Children have a knack for creating mess wherever they go. The last thing you want to do is spend your day scrubbing the floor and tidying up, only to find that you need to repeat the process come tomorrow. With that being said, read on to discover some secrets on keeping your house tidy while you have children.

Involve the children

Why not put your kids to good use and get them to join in with the cleaning too? Needless to say, it is not like your eight-month-old baby is going to pick up the hoover and give the house a good vacuum. However, most toddlers love helping out around the house because it makes them feel like they are adults. Kids love copying their parents, so why not get them their own children’s sized broom or mop and let them give you a hand? Head to Raising Children for some examples of household chores that are suitable for children or check out my top tips CLICK HERE

Get up before the kids do!

Waking up before your children can make a massive difference in terms of keeping your home tidy. You will typically find that you have a lot more time and, shockingly, more energy to do the dishes, laundry, and put their toys away than you would if you left this task until later in the day. I have a good hour downstairs before my 3 come down and I get so much done. The mornings are the best time of the day as you have much more energy too.  Why not give my 5 minutes challenge a go – JOIN HERE

Consider putting some items in storage

It’s crazy to think that one little child can end up having more belongings than you! One of the best ways to keep your house tidy and organised when you have young children is to put some of your belongings in storage – just until they get out of the phase whereby they want to cause destruction around the house. Plus, it will help to make sure some of your favourite items don’t end up damaged. Some great storage ideas from You will see that there are plenty of different options available depending on the type and quantity of items you need to store.

Have a routine 

It is also pivotal that you have some sort of routine to your day. This does not need to be a stringent routine whereby you need to follow it to the minute. However, if you have a bit of a pattern to your daily activities it will ensure that you build in the time to tackle chores. Right down what errands you have, any shopping you may need and any household tasks you need to do and tick off as you through.

The fabulous Mummy of Four swears by a virtual calendar to act as you PA and its such a fab idea.  Read how she does this and keeps extra organised with her very simple simple.

As you can see, there are many different ways that you can keep your house clean and tidy while you have children. Of course, no one is expecting your home to be immaculate, but you can keep a bit of your sanity by following the suggestions that have been mentioned above.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

declutter image

Don’t forget to Declutter your digital life

I love a declutter and always make sure I have very little clutter within my home but digital declutter these days can also be a huge issues for many.  Clutter can take up space on devices and slow them down so its important to do a monthly digital declutter. The way you set up your desktop on your home computer, browser can easily be distracting you and slowing down your productivity.
Below are some practical simple tasks that don’t just declutter, but keep you better organised and keep your files safe.

Organise your photos

On average I must take at least 50 photos a day to make sure I get an Instagram worthy photograph. The pressure of an Instagrammer can be immense. If it’s not for Instagram its of off the kids or an outfit I have seen in the shops which I am debating if I actually need it before I go back and buy it.  These photo’s certainly aren’t all needed.
– Organise your photos’s into folders. Kids, Holidays, Day out, Instagram. Work, etc.
– Delete any photos that are of bad quality or unimportant.
– Set up a drop box or one drive on your computer and store the good ones in here weekly.
– Use photo apps like Chatbooks and create simple photo books for less than £8.00.  I love producing these and we store than in month order so we can look back at memories.

Clear out those Apps

There are so many great free apps out there that is hard not to resist downloading a few every so often and just having a play.  But how often do you actually use that app? Try and keep the ones that you actively use all the time and the ones that help you out in your day-to-day life. Apps can take up so much space so make sure you go through these and delete the ones you haven’t used or have maybe only clicked on twice in a month.

Delete Email accounts

I must have about 6 emails accounts but I only actively use two of these. Delete accounts that aren’t necessary and that you don’t use often.  Or at least remove them of your phones and tablets and keep access via your computer just in case something important may come through.

Unsubscribe to email marketing

Since the new GDPR rule has come in you should have been given the option to opt out of unwanted email marketing material.  If you’re getting lots of these emails a day and they are services you don’t require or maybe once did years a go now is the time to hit the unsubscribe button. Every time and an email with no real relevance to you hits your inbox scroll down to the bottom and hit unsubscribe.
If you haven’t already subscribed to my emailing list then you really are missing out.

Social Media

This may seem harsh but defreind, unfollow and clear out those social media feeds. Do you really need to be in touch with people who when you pass in the supermarket turn their head.  Social media can be a real numbers game and on Facebook in particular its a bit of a popularity contest amongst friends but stop seeing it as this and have the people on their that really matter to you and enjoy the news feed rather than wasting time to see what you want by scrolling through Joe blogs account who you occasionally spoke to as school as she was far too cool to be your friend but these days she’s desperate to see what your up to and see how successful you have become.
Go through your friends list and likes pages and start defriending and unfollowing. This task will also make you feel so satisfied!
Unfollowing people on Twitter gives you just the important updates. You can also mute people on your Twitter feed which I only discovered recently.
With Instagram just have fun with it. The people you have chosen to follow make sure you like their pictures on their feeds don’t follow people to steal ideas or just to watch them if you don’t like their content then press unfollow (so simple). Do not compare yourself on this platform very simply have fun engage and be happy. If you do want to make money using social media read how I do it .


I can’t work if my desk isn’t clean and organised, a clean desk helps me focus  and become so much more productive and so will a clean desktop. Clean up your files and folders and get rid of any unnecessary old files.
Create folders to organise
Have a happy engaging wallpaper to keep focus.
Remember to allow yourself 30 minutes or so once a month to declutter your digital and don’t feel overwhelmed during the process.
This book is great read and will give you much more help and guidance into the digital decluttering.  Take charge of your data and organise your digital life.
Happy digital decluttering!
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox