Bikini washing

How to look after your swimwear this summer.

Swimwear can be expensive and leaning how to take care of your items is important and it will keep your items looking great all summer. Whether you use your swimsuit daily or just once in a while when on holiday, the fabric can take a beating from pool chemicals,hot tubs, sand, temperatures and sun creams.

As you come out of the sea or pool make sure you rinse your swimwear so that all of the salt and chemicals are rinsed out. When your at the beach don’t be tempted to lay it out on a rock to dry as the salt will stop it from drying out fully and the sun will make the colour fade. You can rinse your costume out while you are wearing if there’s a beach side shower facility, or you can take it off and find a public bathroom with a sink to give it a wash. If all else fails, take an empty bucket, put some bottled water into it, and rinse.

Always wrap your swimwear in a towel and squeeze out as much of the water out as you can. Try to roll your swimming costume into the towel rather than wringing it out as, if you wring it out, you’re likely to bend any wires and put any padding out of shape. Even if your swimwear is quite a simple one with no adornments it’s not good for the material to be overstretched could find that you end up with a saggy bottom and I am sure you don’t want that!
When at home and able to wash your swimwear you can put straight into the washing machine, but if you have a laundry bag then zip the swimwear inside to prevent anything else rubbing against the delicate fabric. It’s also best if you can use a delicate detergent  or if you have swimwear that is covered in lots of appliques or beads it might be worth your while to wash it by hand. Either way you need to make sure that all of the detergent is out afterwards or else it can damage the hi-tech fabric. Put it through an extra rinse if you’re not sure. Then finally, if possible, dry flat and out of the sun to avoid it losing it’s shape and colour.

Follow these rules and your swimwear should look just as good at the end of the summer as it did at the beginning.

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