Essential ironing tips that you need to know.

If you run a busy household like me the last thing you want to do is spend hours ironing. Ironing is a bit like Marmite you either love it or hate it, personally I love it, I actually find ironing quite a good de-stresser and I love nothing more than to pop on a good film and get really stuck in.

As much as some of us hate it, ironing is one of those jobs you should do most weeks to save it piling up.

You can make ironing easier by investing in a good iron, I am a big fan of the Morphy Richards, TURBOSTEAM Pro with Intellitemp, it is so quick and easy to use and heats up in under 40 seconds, glides through creases and there is no need to change any settings thanks to the Intellitemp technology which also guarantees no burns. 

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And then by following these simple steps.

Get ahead of creases

As you empty your tumble dryer or take the washing off the line, assess each item as you may find with a quick shake and hang, you can stop creases forming saving valuable ironing time. 5 minutes checking this can save you a mountain of creased ironing building up. 

Split the ironing into piles

Check labels, and see what temperatures garments actually need, then create separate piles for each temperature type. Start with the lowest temperature and work your way up, turning the heat dial as you go. But the really good news is, if you are using the Morphy Richards TURBOSTEAM Pro with Intellitemp you won’t need to worry about this tip as it sets the perfect temperature, allowing you to iron jeans and silk without switching settings, saving you time AND protecting your clothes. Brilliant!

Lights on

Always iron in a well-lit room so you can see exactly what you’re doing and don’t miss any creases. 

Get your hangers ready

Before you start, make sure you have plenty of clothes hangers to hand and a little rail/some over the door hooks so you can hang as you go. This has the benefit of ensuring no creases form and makes your ironing easier to put away. Not everything will need a hanger so fold these flat and place on a cool even surface. 

Ironing board

Use a good sturdy ironing board that does not rock and wobble and ensure it is the right height for you, so you don’t end up with a bad back. 

If the height of the board/table is approx. belly button level, then it should be ideal for ironing without straining.

Iron inside out

Dark clothes in particular should be ironed inside out to stop the sheen that you sometimes get as hot iron melts the yarn fibres. Be sure to iron silk, satin, linen and denim inside out too. 

Only one side

Want to halve your ironing time? Do not over iron! You don’t actually need to iron both sides of the garment especially if you are using a good iron, the Morphy Richards, TURBOSTEAM Pro with Intellitemp is so powerful that one side is certainly more than enough, over ironing can ruin your clothes. 

Iron damp

Pure cotton items and linen can be a real pain to iron as you spend eternity going over and over the same crease! Iron these items slightly damp or have a water spray to hand and spritz as you go and you’ll breeze through these items in no time.

Keep your eyes peeled for stains

If you spot a stain, the worst thing you can do is run the iron over it as the heat will set it into the garment fibres.  Instead, give the item a cold soak with white vinegar, pop in the wash, leave to dry and only then get to work with your iron.

Iron care

As I always say ‘Care for the things that care for you’:  Make sure your iron has fully cooled down before putting it away, empty out the water tank to ensure that limescale doesn’t build up and give the plate a wipe with a damp cloth. 

I hope these tips will make much lighter work of your ironing and don’t forget to check out the new Morphy Richards TURBOSTEAM Pro with Intellitemp – I’ve had an absolute blast using mine ……. Click here for more info 

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Simple Ironing Tips

Ironing may not be your favourite way to pass the time, but it’s the key to looking good. With these top ironing tricks and tips, you can speed up your ironing, make it effortless and easy.

Remember not every single item of clothing you wash needs to be ironed.  Some clothing can be taken straight off the washing line or pulled out of the dryer, hung on a hanger and put straight away after a good shake.

What fabrics don’t need to be ironed?

Never iron sequins, velvet, or screen-printed clothing. Also, some fabrics are labeled “non iron” or “wrinkle resistant,” usually polyester and nylon.

Fabric condition can help decrease creases when washing your clothes but remember fabric conditioner is not required for all items.

Check care labels

Check the care labels in the garments and then split into temperature piles. start with the coolest temperature and work your way up.

  • Low-temperature: Acetate, acrylic, nylon
  • Medium-temperature: Polyester, silk, satin, wool
  • High-temperature: Linen, cotton, denim

Planning your ironing will save you time and prevent accidental melting or scorching.

Be prepared

Check the plate of your iron is clean, any stickiness can cause damage.

How to clean your iron

Use a sturdy steady ironing board with a good width that has a good rest area for your steam generator iron and a linen rack. When ironing position your board to be the height of your belly button. It is vital to keep a good posture when ironing.

Use a well padded ironing board cover and change once it starts to get burnt marks as these can cause damage to the plate of your iron. Most covers can be washed too, so add this task into your seasonal cleaning planner.

If you don’t have an ironing board, you can still iron by using a sturdy flat surface like a table or work top and prepare it correctly using an ironing blanket or thick cotton towel as a liner.

Invest in a good steam generator iron as this really will speed the process up and you will be surprised at the amount of time you save.

If you don’t have a steam generator iron before ironing, spritz your shirts with water. This ironing tip will help you get out stubborn wrinkles. Perhaps your iron even has a spritz option. If it does, use it! Once the item is dampened, iron as normal. The combination of water and heat will tackle wrinkles easily.

Grab some silver foil simply place a sheet of foil under the cover of your ironing board. The foil reflects heat, smoothening out the underside of your clothes as you run the iron press on the top side.

Top tips

Iron delicate fabrics inside out such as, silk, satin, linen and corduroy and also on items that sometimes are left with shine. This shine effect is most noticeable on dark colours.

You should iron fabric lengthwise to prevent stretching.

When ironing shirt collars, cuffs or pockets that are double the thickness of fabric, iron on the inside first and then on the outside to smooth any final wrinkles. 

Always remember to keep the iron moving. Stopping at any point could burn your clothing.

If you can hang the items straight onto hangers after ironing, folding them when hot can create creases which will set in.

When you are done

Keep your iron away from small children, irons can get very hot and cause injury.

Let your iron cool off and empty any water from the tank before you put it away.

Ironing is easy, why complicate it? Now that you’re privy to these convenient ironing tips and tricks, go ahead and try them. Don’t forget, the key is using the right iron so it is definitely worth investing in a good one and make it fun, listen to music or set the ironing board up so you can watch television.