Tips to keep your home dust free

Dust in the home can be a real pain and no matter how much you dust it does just tend to keep coming back.

Some homes are more prone to dust than others and the environment around your home can be a contributing factor but there are a few simple tips and tricks you can do to try and keep your home dust free

And don’t worry as you do not need to go out and spend money on lots of fancy cleaners as all these tips are super simple and won’t cost you nothing at all.

Close the windows

I love having my windows open, fresh air is a great natural deodoriser but when you have the windows open you are letting the dust in. If any of your windows face a busy road dust will be even more problematic, the dust becomes airborne, so it can easily find it way into your home.

Keep your blinds dust free

Blinds are one of the most common places for dust to settle due to their size and shape. If you have fabric blinds use a lint roller or a damp daddy, avoid using the vacuum nozzle as they can pull your blind out of shape.

For slated blinds pop an odd thick sock on your hand and run over each individual slate, work from the same end of the blinds and start from the top as dust falls. If you haven’t got an odd sock to hand get yourself a dusting glove, these are made from microfibre and will ultimately pick up more than a sock.

Grab a lint roller

gel lint roller just like the kind you use on your clothes, removes dust and dirt from any other fabric just as well. Regularly use on your curtains and lamp shades.

Vacuum correctly

Keep your vacuum well maintained and clean, if the filter is blocked or clogged with dust it will not pick up any dust from your floors, instead it will start to spit out what you have already picked up. Most vacuums have settings for different floor types so ensure you use the correct setting.

Vacuum in different directions, horizontally and then vertically and get underneath your furniture too as this is where dust will really settle.

Keep clutter at bay

The more items you have lying around, the harder it’ll be to dust them. 

Clutter is one of the most common causes of dust around the home and can affect how much dirt accumulates in different parts of the house. 

Keep plants on your window seals

Plants are an excellent way to keep dust at bay because they naturally absorb carbon dioxide through photosynthesis, which in turn releases oxygen back into the air we breathe. 

Plants placed near windows will not only help clean the air but also help remove some of the dust particles that settle on windowsills – saving you a cleaning job in the future, too.

Plant leaves can get dusty and the best way to remove the dust is to use a recycled make up brush as they are so gently when knocking the dust away.

Keep hold of that last bit of wallpaper

When we decorate we are always left with a little of the wallpaper roll. If your kitchen cabinets or wardrobes don’t go all the way to the ceiling then line the tops with the left over wallpaper to collect the dust and knock of once a week to save the build up of dust.

Keep your pets well groomed

Regularly brushing (and even just petting) your furry friend produces errant hair and dust. If you regularly groom them outside, or in an easy-to-clean space like the bathroom, you can seriously cut down on your cleaning.

No shoes

Commit to a no-shoes policy inside and get a good-quality doormats one to leave outside your main entrance and one inside.

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Bad Cleaning Habits you Need to Break

Let’s be honest most of us don’t enjoy cleaning and if we can speed it up and make it easier, we sure will. But cutting corners is not always the best, and can end up making your cleaning and tidying even harder and, in-turn, you will develop some bad habits that will be hard to shake off.

If you have developed a few bad habits now is the time to start breaking them so you can develop a faster easier cleaning routine. Start breaking these habits one at a time and you will soon have a clean clutter-free home.

Stop Letting Paperwork Build-up

Post, bills, school letters, magazines, and newspapers have a habit of building up and if you don’t sort them out as soon as they come in you will have a mountain of paperwork before you know it. Stick to online banking and billing where you can and stop that mountain from building up.

Don’t Overuse Cleaning Products

A Little Goes a Long Way

Using too much cleaning product or laundry detergent is not always wise as it can cause much more harm than good. If the product is not rinsed away properly the residue that is left over can become a dirt magnet trapping in dust and leaving streaks.

Remember a little always goes a long way and by using too much you are wasting time and money.

Wet Towels and Shower Curtain

Get into the habit of not leaving wet shower curtains bunched up and towels in a heap. By pulling the shower curtain across the bath after each use it will dry more quickly and stop mould and mildew build up. Hang your wet towels to fully dry before folding them this way you will get a few more uses and you will lighten your laundry load. During the summer months you can always hang up outside for an hour let the summer wind dry and the sunshine disinfect.

Don’t Forget to Clean the Things that Clean for You

You aren’t going to get good results if you and using a dirty vacuum full of dust or a mop head that is filthy. A dirty mop is just going to push dirt around your home. If your washing machine has a bad odour from bacteria build-up and your clothes are not going to come out nice and fresh. Schedule into your cleaning plan, once a month to focus on your washing machine, dishwasher, vacuum, and dryer plus clean your mop head after every use.

Don’t Leave Dirty Dishes in the Sink

Instead put mugs after a cup of tea straight into the dishwasher instead of leaving them in, or around, your sink area. Leaving dirty plates and cups in the sink is a breeding ground for bacteria and will make your kitchen look untidy. Encourage everyone in your household to get into this simple habit.

Stop Wearing Shoes in the House

Most of us do take our shoes off, but sometimes we do get into that situation where we have forgotten an item and just need to dash in and pick it up or we are too embarrassed to ask guests to remove their shoes.

The few seconds it takes to remove your shoes will save you vacuuming time, not to mention all the bacteria and germs that can be found on the bottom of your shoes. For ease use good quality door mats that soak up mud in the wintertime and keep a shoe rack close to your entrance.

Make Your Bed

If the rest of your bedroom is clean and tidy but the bed is not made your room will look messy. After airing your bed in the morning, get into the habit of making it and encourage everyone in your home to do the same, even younger children can make their beds. If you are short of time in the mornings lighten your load by having fewer fancy cushions on your bed, keep it simple.

Always Dust Last

Dust falls like snow, so when you are cleaning a room always start at the highest point of the room and work your way down, start with the cobwebs and lightly dust walls and surfaces before you bring out your vacuum cleaner.


How to deal with dust in your home

Do you find that when you dust your home the very next the dust is back and all your hard work has gone to waste? Dusting your entire house is a big a job. However, if you plan, you can get the job done in no time and it won’t be back the very next day. It is important to prepare your home for dusting and then work your way through your house from the top to the bottom.

Before you start emove all clutter from around the house. In order to make the dusting process easier and more effective. Remove things that have gathered on tables or worktops and even my home gets a pile of paperwork build up in the kitchen weekly!  Never dust around clutter like some many people do. If your going to do the dusting you may as well do properly.

Make sure you choose dusting tools that will grab the dust, not push it around. A feather duster may be fun to use or look fancy but for serious dusting, use a microfiber cloth.  Microfibre cloths literally grab dust, are super absorbent, streak free and don’t leave lint or dust behind. Use your favorite multipurpose spray or furniture polish, whichever you feel is appropriate for the surface.  If you do like to use a duster brush for quick clean up, invest in a good quality one that allows the dust to stick.

Dust in the right direction

When dusting a room, start with the highest items and work your around the room and down to the lowest, use a circular motion. Then grab the Vacuum.don’t vacuum before you dust as dust will fall.


Computers, TVs, DVD players, music player, and printers are notorious dust magnets. Always unplug the equipment before cleaning. A gentle swipe with a microfiber cloth usually does the job,but if your Vacuum has a brush attachments a little vacuum certainly won’t hurt. Be sure to vacuum dust from around cords and vents to keep devices from getting clogged and over heating. I tend to use a glass e-cloth for the actual TV screens.

Delicate Items

For all those stylish ornaments and other intricate items, where dust can get trapped, lightly mist a clean natural-bristle paint or makeup brush, then wipe with a microfiber cloth.

Walls, Door Frames, Ceilings and skirting boards

All of these areas can hold an amazing amount of dust, if you don’t dust them on a regular basis. Use a  swiffer mop as these are really good for getting the dust of walls and ceilings the dust will stick to the microfiber pad. For door frames and skirting boards I use a mixture of warm water and a tiny amount of fabric conditioner. This removes the dust really well and leaves your home smelling amazing.

Curtains and Blinds

If these are ignored, they can hold a lot of dust.  Be sure to Vacuum both sides of your curtains on a weekly basis, to keep the build up to a minimum. Taking them down and shaking them outside helps remove a lot of the buildup too.  Have them dry cleaned at least once a year or when buying curtains try to opt for machine washable ones. .  For blinds, close completely and dust horizontally starting at the top of each blind and working your way down have you watched my video on cleaning blinds?

Upholstered Furniture

Remove pillows and cushions and Vacuum regularly using the upholstery tool and the crevice tool for corners and edges. If cushion covers are removable then wash monthly to freshen them up.  I also use a multipurpose wipe and gently rub over my crushed velvet sofa and then spray with Fabric refresher


Use your Vacuum with brush attachment to suck up the dust in the air vents, if the space is really small another really good trick is to use a mascarabrush.

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