How to look after your Jeans

Washing denim is one of those questions I get asked a lot.  Especially when they are new.  There are so many shades of denim these days and the chances are you choose a specific pair of jeans as you really like the colour and texture when out shopping. When washing jeans it’s so important to look after them if you want to keep them looking like new and to keep them long-lasting.

There very first wash

On their very first wash make sure you wash your jeans separately and use a laundry detergent designed to keep their colour safe and intact. The dye from jeans can transfer during the washing cycle and discolour other garments very easily. Choose a non bleached based detergent.

I use this product for my jeans it works really well and keeps them looking great.  Dylon Machine Dye Pods

Inside Out

Always wash jeans inside out and never wash them on a hot wash try to stick at a maximum of 30 degrees. Make sure you close the zips and fasten any buttons too.


Never tumble dry jeans the heat will damage the fibres and cause the colour to fad. Give them a good stretch and then air dry them on the washing line or on an inside clothes airer. In the winter months also avoid drying them on a radiator.


If whilst wearing your jeans you cause a stain don’t try to get the stain out bu rubbing. Take them off and wash them. This way you won’t create a colour faded area.


Iron jeans inside out and for the best results iron when they are slightly damp or use a spray bottle.

Freeze cleaning jeans

My Nan told me about this method and persoanlly its not something I would choose to do but I know some people don’t like to wash their jeans to much so this is just an alterantive method for you if your jeans need refreshing. Fold your jeans and put them in a sealed plastic bag, then put them in the freezer for 24 hours. Freeze cleaning doesn’t remove dirt or stains, but it does kill the germs that cause jeans to smell.

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