Ways to stop condensation on your windows

When the colder weather hits many of us are faced with our window panes being covered in condensation in the mornings. Wiping them dry every morning is just another task to add to your already busy day so if we can it is best to try and and prevent window condensation.

Condensation is very common but in time condensation will cause damp, mould and mildew to your window frames causing damage and in some cases unsightly. Wall paper can peel, a musty smell appear and a dampness to your walls.

The reason we get condensation is due to the inside air temperature, when the inside air is warmer than the surface temperature of the window it starts to build up and this is even more so at night.

How to prevent

A good starting point, is to take measures to create less moisture. For example use lids on pans when cooking, add cold water before hot water when running a bath.

Dry clothes outdoors or in a room with good ventilation, open a window slightly, turn off the radiator and place your drying rack in front of a bright window to help dry faster. Close the door off to this room whilst the window is open.

Alternatively look at heated clothes dryers. This have become more common due to the cost in using tumble dryers.

Use a dehumidifier, you can get disposable dehumidifiers or invest in one long term . In case you were wondering, dehumidifiers use very little energy to run, so you won’t see a big hike in your energy bills and many have an auto shut off feature which helps if you are using over night.

Avoid drying damp clothes on warm radiators, this is one of the worse causes.

Regulate your heating so that is constantly on at a lower heat. By preventing rapid changes in the temperature, you will help reduce condensation. 

Even on cooler days open windows to allow cross ventilation.

Wipe the windows

If it is too late you are going to need to remove that layer of water from your windows.

Use a window vacuum – These will remove and suck on the water quickly and efficiently. Window vacuums can be pricey but if you are looking for a budget friendly one I can highly recommend this one by Beldray which is light weight and compact and does the job well.

Super absorbent cloth – These sph2onge cloths are designed to hold up to x10 its weight in water so perfect for running around the house with. They are also drip free and durable. The unique material also creates a streak free finish. Sph2onge cloths have been a favourite of mine for years.

Use washing up liquid – pop a tiny amount onto a dry microfibre cloth and rub all over the glass pane, you won’t get smears as you are using the tiniest amount. This creates a barrier and prevents condensation. This is such a brilliant old school tip that works so well.