Wonderful uses for Fabric Conditioner in your home

Fabric conditioner is not just for your washing

Did you know that fabric conditioner can also be used as a home cleaning product? Or did you know that you can also use it as stain remover, you can also clean windows and floors and give them that perfect shine and streak free finish. Plus it also leaves your home smelling absolutely amazing.

Removing wallpaper

Mix up a solution of warm water and fabric conditioner grab a sponge and then apply directly to the wallpaper. Leave for around 20 minutes and then it was easily peel away for you.


Clean glass tables, shower doors, and other hard surfaces.  Mix the above potion into a spray bottle and apply directly to the surfaces with a dry cloth.  Fabric conditioner is great for stopping dust settling straight away. Very similar to how the tumble drier sheets work

Burnt of food

Hot water and fabric conditioner will soon get those dishes clean. Simple fill with water and add a squirt of conditioner and leave to sit for an hour or so and then the burnt on food and grease will lift away.

Paint Brushes

After a decorating session simple pop your brushes in a container with warm water and a some fabric conditioner to clean them up and keep them soft and subtle.

Stain remover

Apply neat to the stain and leave for a few hours and then wash as normal. Such a quick and simple method.

Hard water stains

If you have stubborn hard water stains apply fabric conditioner neat and let it soak for around 15 minutes and then rinse with a damp cloth. 

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AirCraft PowerGlide hard floor cleaner Review

As lots of you know I am a huge fan of cleaning my floors daily.  So when I was approached by AirCraft Home to try their new PowerGlide hard floor cleaner I was a little sceptical. But I love to try every cleaning gadget going and put the very best ones forward to my audience.

The PowerGlide is definitely something I want you all to know about. It’s such a light weight, stylish floor cleaner that makes floor cleaning an absolute breeze.

There’s a choice of two colours, black or white. I chose the white as it matches my kitchen better!  The PowerGlide came very well packaged in a neat box and was so easy to put together. It took me just minutes and I didn’t even need to refer to the instruction manual.

It’s cordless so you need to charge the battery before you can use it and this didn’t take long at all.  A fully charged battery gives you 45 minutes of cleaning time and realistically that is enough to clean all your home’s hard floors in one go, faster than ever before! You can even safely clean Karndean or Parquet flooring with the PowerGlide.

I added a mixture of floor cleaner and water to the tank, popped on the microfibre pads and away I went. I loved the way it glided over the floors it didn’t require any effort from me at all it literally just glided around my home.  The twin rotating microfibre pads really do clean, polish and buff your floors to perfection, and you have complete control over the volume of floor cleaner dispensed – just push the button on PowerGlide’s handle to spray. As the pads are super absorbent, floors are dry and streak-free as soon as you’re done.

Lifts the dirt so well

PowerGlide Benefits

  • Cleans every type of hard floor quickly and effortlessly
  • Cord-free. Detachable Lithium battery for convenient charging.
  • Use any liquid floor cleaner, or water. (even zoflora)
  • Wet cleans, polishes and buffs, leaving floors streak-free.
  • Pads rotate at 250 rpm to clean approx 20 square meters per minute.
  • Microfibre pads are machine washable (2 sets included).
  • Button on handle sprays floor cleaner as required.
  • Available in white or jet black.

Overall I’ve really enjoyed this product and would highly recommend it, especially to all of my followers that are anti-steam, or have floors that can’t be used with a steam mop (real wood, laminate, Karndean, parquet, etc).  I have a voucher code too which gets you £50.00 off – enter POWER50 at the checkout at

Thanks so much for reading and Happy Cleaning
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

This is a sponsored post with AirCraft Home but opinions are my own.


Starting your own cleaning business

I have been self-employed since I had Jake 10 years ago. I have always been very business minded and wanted to do a job that also enabled me to be their for my children. I didn’t want to miss school performances and parents evening doing a job that didn’t give me flexibility. I was lucky when the twins were little I worked part-time as a medical secretary and my mum looked after them for me but this job was low paid and not challenging enough for me and I hated answering to a bunch of older ladies who had worked there for years. Being Honest I didn’t fit in I was full of fantastic ideas that didn’t go down to well. When I feel pregnant with Jake I left and worked for a marketing company that I had known on and off for years until he was due.

Marketing is my passion and is what I am good at , I worked in Marketing when I was younger and loved every second and my skills were being wasted working for someone else.

When Jake was 4 months I set myself up on my own. My company runs itself these days and allowed me to run my magazine for 5 years which I have recently given up to focus on my brand and my social media management business.

Being self employed can be incredibly rewarding and it is such a great feeling knowing that you have your own little business and that you are in control of when you choose to work and go on holiday etc.But it’s also hard work as you are ultimately responsible for everything in the early days and take the good with the bad. These days life is incredibly busy and many families just don’t have time for cleaning and ironing. Families want to enjoy their weekends and not be bogged down with cleaning and ironing. So with my passion for cleaning this was an obvious step for me.

How to get started

There are a lot of cleaning companies and self employed cleaners out there so competition is tough but don’t be put off as competition is healthy. Also remember you aren’t going to have an empire overnight its going to take you a while to build up a good customer base and be in the position to employ a few staff members.

Here are my top tips

Have some investment, you don’t need much but the saying you need to spend money to make money is true.

  1. Choose a good catchy name and slogan.
  2. Design a simple but effective logo. If you don’t have a budget use platforms like Canva.
  3. Set up social media pages, Facebook being the most important with a local business but its good to have Twitter to so you can connect with other local business and network with woman’s hour etc and Instagram just to keep the business seen. Some people will search social media before they pick up the phone and its very good to be seen across all 3. Post some good engaging comment and take advantage of the Facebook boost.  I love this feature as you can choose who you want to target and where these people live. I spend approx £20.00 a month on this feature and its worth every penny.
  4. Join local community Facebook groups so you can post any offers. You will probably need to make sure the admin is ok with this first.
  5. Get some leaflets printed up and then go posting these into areas you would like to work, another good idea is to leave leaflets on local notice boards and in coffee shops. Keep your leaflet simple do not over crowd with information you want them to call you so you can sell your service.
  6. Join local networking groups, this will mostly be business to business but get your name out there and once people like you and when they need a cleaner they will know where to come.
  7. Start your business with an offer do a discounted rate for the first month or so or offer a loyalty scheme so you capture repeat business.
  8. When you first start out, you won’t actually need very much in the way of equipment, so don’t go out and spend a fortune on unnecessary products and eat away at any potential profits.
  9. You’ll also want to consider whether you want to focus on residential cleaning or commercial cleaning. There is the potential to do both, but you’ll likely need different types of equipment for commercial cleaning than you would for cleaning houses  – so give this some thought.
  10. Do you research. What services are other local companies offering and what are they charging. Phone them make out your interested and asses their level of customer service and check out their social media and websites.
  11. I brought ironing into mine and the response was huge so consider adding in additional services such as ironing and decluttering.

What you will need

You need to invest in a little money here but it will all be worth it.

  1. A vehicle so you can get around easily and carry around any equipment. For this you may also want to look at vehicle stickers for advertising when your out and about and to give a more professional look. Remember to keep your branding the same
  2. vacuum cleaner – choose something lightweight but with good performance and this is also easy to clean. – My recommendation
  3. Steam mop –  A steam mop will be help with quickness and you know if will lift the dirt easily. – My recommendation
  4. Mop and Bucket – Not everyone likes steam so make sure you have two solutions to offer. – My recommendation
  5. Products – Setting up a trade account once you have a few customers in a good option as in the long run buying in bulk will save you money. You don’t need every product but these are my essentials. Try and choose eco-friendly too
  • Bleach
  • Limescale Remover
  • Multi purpose cleaner that can be used on floors and surfaces.
  • Furniture polish
  • Glass cleaner
  • Toilet cleaners
  • Bar Keepers Friend  – For tackling those problems areas.
  • Empty spray bottles – Perfect when buying product in bulk.
  • Microfibre cloths in different colours to aviod spreading bacteria.
  • Cleaning clothes
  • Sponges
  • steel wool.
  • cleaning caddy

You may also find like I did in the early days that people want you to use their products and their equipment. This is a huge bonus.

We use Numatic for Commercial cleaning.


You might also want to think about getting uniforms for you and any staff you take on in the future This could just be a simple polo shirt with your company logo on. Not only does it make your business look professional, it will also save your normal clothes from being damaged whilst you’re working. Branding clothing is also a great way to get your business name out there. The more people who see your logo the better!

Ask friends and family to help

It can be hard to build up trust when you’re just starting out. Particularly when you’ll be entering homes and businesses. If you can, it’s a great idea to get some friends to try out your service for free and share their reviews. On your Facebook page, you can ask people to leave a review there. It only takes a small number of positive reviews to reassure people that they can trust you.


Your clients will want some reassurance that they’re in safe hands. How will you reimburse them if you accidentally damage anything?

Go for it

Setting up a business isn’t easy but with a positive attitude and mindset you can do this. I do offer one to one sessions where I can advise you and help you so if you are interested then please get in touch and we can arrange an appointment.

Don’t forget you can make money blogging too and this is how I do it. CLICK HERE

Good luck, work hard and watch the benefits roll in.

Happy Cleaning
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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My Review of the Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower 91540GB Bagged Upright Vacuum Cleaner – C Rated

Recently the lovely team at AO sent me the new Sebo Automatic X7 Pet ePower to review. If I am being completely honest with you, I had never heard of the brand Sebo before so I was very intrigued indeed and couldn’t wait to try it out..  I did a little research and found out that the brand is very big across Europe and has a fantastic reputation.

AO’s service is second to none I agreed the item late in the afternoon and the item was delivered to me nice and early the very next morning by such friendly delivery staff. I am so impressed and I will definitely be using AO again due to such a swift service.

The X7 Pet E-Power is a vacuum cleaner of professional quality, it’s quite big and bulky and when it arrived it had to be put together fully.  Which did phase me at first but the instructions where clear enough for me to work out and I had it all up and working in no time at all.

Performance wise

The suction on the Sebo is fantastic, I did a few of my usual tests and it picked everything up with no problems at all.  I also felt the Sebo went deep into my carpet where as some vacuum more of less just glide over the top. The Sebo comes with vacuum bags that hold 5.3 litres and the dust and dirt is compressed neatly so no dust escapes once its been collected.  If you have an allergy sufferer in your home or pets then this machine would be a great choice. This model has been designed to perform brilliantly on both carpets and hard floors as well, so you know your home will be dust free throughout. It also has a fantastic S-Class filtration system, which removes tiny bits of dust and allergens from the air, keeping your home hygienically clean.

The long  Cleaning Hose gives you a reach of up to 6 meters and the very long 10 meter cable which is great for reaching up to thew ceilings and for doing the stairs and the Sebo comes with a great selection of accessories including a stair and upholstery turbo brush, removable brush roller and searchlight, as well as crevice and upholstery nozzles..

The actual cord on the Sebo is also a great length allowing you not to have to continually bend down and look for another plug socket the lead is a very generous 10 metres. .

If you accidentally vacuum up something that you shouldn’t (ie) in my house a piece of Lego the Sebo will automatically shut down allowing you to remove the piece before continuing with the vacuuming.

But I did find the Sebo heavy and not easy to turn and get underneath furniture.

The Sebo is amazing quality and I can see the Sebo working very well in a school or office block or great for cleaning companies to invest in. But in terms of the product being used for in the domestic home I would personally not recommend. For further information please see the AO Website

For more product review please take a look here. 

I hope this review has been of some use to you and if you have any questions then please get in touch.

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

The Sebo was gifted to me by AO in return for my review. The review is my own honest opinion.


Host an organised and clean BBQ this summer.

Hooray BBQ season is here, its time to start cooking and enjoying our outside spaces and  host lovely get to together with family and friends. Hosting a BBQ can be busy and to host a good BBQ you need to be prepared. We had a really big BBQ last year it poured with rain and the gas run out!!!!! so it really was a bitof a disaster but this taught me to be much more organised and prepared for the British Weather.

Lets get started in hosting the perfect BBQ

Cooking Equipment & Utensils

Have you got all the equipment to enable you to cook safely. Different utensils for raw meat, cooked meats and the vegetation option.
If you are using a gas BBQ do you have enough gas
You may also want to have a cooking thermostat  to hand so you can check your meats have been cooked well. Nothing worse than all of your guest getting food poisoning from undercooked foods.
Tubberware and kitchen foil are essential.
A small table for the chef is also a great idea so they have a little more room
Cool bags to keep uncooked meat to save you going in and out.

Cleaning Materials

Big tip for BBQ’s is always use disposable plates and cutlery this way it can be chucked away straight away
Have a few heavy-duty bin bags in the garden so people can easily dispose of their rubbish.
Scatter hand sanitziers around so people can freshen up their hands
Have a bowl of soapy water just for the cooks hands so they can wash their hands after handling different types of meats.
Keep cleaning cloths and sponges with an antibacterial spray or washing up liquid to hand so spillages can be dealt with quickly
Keep kitchen roll or napkins in easy reach areas for everyone to use
Anti bacterial wipes and good to have near the BBQ.
Plus  tea towels for drying hands


Check the weather and makes sure you can bring the BBQ inside if needed. Do you have enough room, can you still cook outside. This is so important to plan and if you do cancel give your guests plenty of notice.  Gazebos with sides can be a good investment with the great British weather.


Make sure your garden is in top condition. You don’t want your guests to be wading through over grown grass. Cut the lawn and tidy up any edges along with hanging baskets and flower beds.


Make sure you have plenty of chairs and table space. If you don’t ask people to bring their own or ask neighbours.
Picnic blankets make a good option for children so scatter a few off these around and maybe add a few cushions if you have them. When they have finished eating you pick these up and put them straight into the washing machine.


Snacks like crisps and carrot sticks with dips should be on offer to starve off hunger, while you guests are waiting for the meat to cook, and to prevent them from getting too drunk too quickly.


Make sure you have brought plenty of drinks and non alcoholic drinks for the drivers and younger guest.  If it’s a warm day store them in a cool place. I brought this amazing cooler ice table last year and it went down so well.  I just simply filled it with ice and drinks.  This also saved people from going in and out of the house and into my fridge.


Delegate this task to your guests, people will always ask if they can bring anything and take them up pn this offer. Don’t try to be a superhero and manage every single thing. Let other people contribute slightly after all you are hosting.

Sun cream

If it’s a warm day have sun cream to hand that guests are welcome to use. It may also be a good idea to have plasters to hand too for any little accidents that may happen.

Set the mood with your music

Certain songs just scream, “SUMMER!” and will keep your party guests in a great mood all afternoon and evening long. Prepare a BBQ playlist with plenty of songs so your guests don’t keep hearing the same song over and over agin. That would really annoy me!

Keep garden decorations simple especially if you have young guests

There’s really no need to overdo it with decorations  string up some garden lights around our patio and bring out some mason jars with tea lights for after sunset. I absolutely love these flower bulb ones


Assign one toilet for your guests so that your other bathrooms and toilets stay clean.  Make sure you have plenty of loo roll and a hand towel.  Also have a spray to hand incase anyone does an embarrassing smell.

Have fun

Now the boring bit is over its time to go and enjoy yourself with family and friends

My summer stains post will help will help with any ketchup and grass stains Take a look here

Thank you for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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Moving into a new home

Moving into a new home is a very exciting time but it’s so important to give your new home a good clean before you move in to make it feel like yours. Other people’s grime will be polluting the surfaces and door handles!  You will notice the previous occupant’s marks of habitation which can make you feel uneasy in your new property but never fear a few antibacterial products and a drop of bleach here and there will help your home to feel brand new and all yours.

My advice would be to start at the top and work your way down!

Firstly dust those ceilings concentrating well on the cobwebs and the corners. Have a step-ladder to hand and go over with a large feather duster or you maybe lucky enough to have a hoover attachment that reaches.  It will be satisfying watching the dust drop to the floor.  Ceilings harbour dust so it’s important that you get these clean.

Door handles, light switches and other buttons all need a really good clean with antibacterial spray.

Get all the windows and doors open and give the house a really good air.

Pull up any unwanted carpet and rugs and pull down old curtains, blinds and lampshades and get them straight to the tip. This items will smell and if they don’t go the smell won’t go!

Wash the walls using a solution of white wine vinegar and water to get out any smells.

Add a good amount of neat bleach to all the sinks and baths and leave to soak to really help kill those germs.  After a good soaking scrub clean with an antibacterial spray until it comes up like new.  If you have a shower replace the shower head  these harbour a lot of bacteria and germs.

If you are keeping the toilets make sure you replace the seats with new ones and really scrub the pan clean. If they have a build up of limescale take out the water using an old cup and then leave neat limescale remover to sit overnight. You can also pour a cheap bottle of coke down to ensure the pipes are clean and there are no unwanted blockages that can create nasty smells.

If appliances have been left and you are keeping ensure you scrub them clean, invest in a good oven cleaner or read my oven cleaning tips and use baby oil to really shine that hob.

Don’t forget the inside of the kitchen cupboards and leave the doors open to give them a really good airing.

A bit of neat bleach on a toothbrush or a Sonic Scrubber will help you get the grout in-between any tiles clean and bring them back to life. or you can try my tip using Bicarbonate of Soda and White Wine Vinegar and mix into a paste.

This rigorously but well needed clean will now make your home feel like yours and is now ready to move into.

Happy Scrubbing
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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How to Descale the Kettle with the Queen of Clean

I am always being asked how to descale the kettle.

There are many products on the market that work really well but a few years ago I had a terrible experience and ended up in hospital so now I always descale the kettle the natural way.

It’s such a simple process just follow these very simple steps

  1. Fill the kettle with half White Wine Vinegar and half cold water.
  2. Leave to sit for an hour
  3. Leave the solution in the kettle and boil
  4. Empty your kettle and if you have limescale the lumps will come away when pouring
  5. Fill the kettle again with cold water
  6. Boil again so you are rinse out the White Wine Vinegar and then use as normal.

If you don’t have White Wine Vinegar or can’t stand the smell as it is rather strong then use neat Lemon juice. I tend to buy the lemon juice from the cooking aisle in the supermarket that can be used for baking.

This is a less toxic way of de-scaling your kettle and you know that even if you did end up drinking the solution you are not going to come to any serious harm like a did a few years back.

Sit back and enjoy a lovely a lovely cup of tea or better still a de-toxing mug of my wonderful immunity tea

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo


How do you clean Microfibre cloths

Always wash your Microfibre cloths between uses as they are really good at trapping dirt into the fibres and the dirt will not be released until you have washed them. Microfibre cloths can be washed 100’s of times and they will last you a long time provided you look after them well.

Being a pink freak I do tend to always try to buy pink ones but I do also like to have a few whites ones as these really do show up the dust and dirt telling you that you have actually removed the dirt from your surfaces.

Try using a colour code system with your Microfibre cloths as this can be a huge benefit and will stop cross contamination of dirt and bacteria around the home.

  • Blue – for the loo
  • Yellow – for mellow (dusting)
  • Green – for glass
  • Pink – for sink
  • White – for stain removal on carpets

I have seen people use the same cloth for a number of household tasks and this can be so bad, just imagine the cloth you have used to clean the toilet with has then cleaned the bottom of your bath! YUCK!!!!

You can either wash Microfibre cloths cloths by hand or use your washing machine. If you opt to use the washing machine try to wash them separately without any other laundry.  I have a bucket in my utility room for used cloths and when full they all go in together but dry them out before you leave them in a bucket or bin as wet ones will create mildew and bacteria growth. The great thing about microfibre is they are quick drying.

Machine washing

Just pop them in the washing machine at 60 Degrees with Liquid detergent and No fabric conditioner and they with come out good as new. I opt for detergent as powders can sometimes damage the cloths and cause a scratch to surfaces.

Hand washing

Wash with warm soapy water add in some washing detergent or even washing up liquid. Leave to soak for about an hour and occasional stir with a wooden spoon and then rinse with cold running water.

Drying microfibre cloths

One of the great things about microfibre cloths and towels  is that they dry really quickly so all you really need to do is hang them up to air dry and they will be dry in no time. If you want to dry them in a tumble drier use a low heat as heat can damage and shrink microfibre cloths.

You may want to wash your Microfibre cloths cloths and towels before using them the first time to remove any stray fibres and you really don’t know where your cloths have been before they have entered your home

I do have my own range of microfibre cloth, pop on over to my shop –

Hope this post has been of use to you.

Lynsey xoxo

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Save cleaning time with the SP600 from Vorwerk

By now, you all know how much I love and use my Vorwerk Kobold VK200, it really has made my life easier and my house cleaner.

The SP600 was launched earlier this month by Vorwerk and it really is a game changer when it comes to cleaning.

The SP600 is a detachable head that fits with your Kobold VK200 that simultaneously mops and vacuums hard floors at the same time, halving the time you spend cleaning hard floors such as parquet, laminate, tiles and stone.

And YES, you can use this on all types of hard flooring.

The Kobold VK200 is a very stylish home cleaning system and its cutting-edge technology makes light work of my household chores now. To vacuum and mop at the same time is a genius idea and will save you so much time – I can vouch for it! I am constantly asked through my social media pages about how to manage cleaning when working full-time and living in a busy home… Well, this really is the answer!

Please do not be put off by the price of the system, see it as a long-term investment. A Kobold can last for an average of 17-25 years and if you sit and work out how many vacuums, mops and steamers you are likely to buy during the same time period, it makes perfect sense to buy a product that is built to last. It not only saves you time, but space too because there’s no more need for a mop and bucket or steamer.

Being tall, I suffer with a bad back so it’s really important for me to try not to bend too much. So, when I choose household cleaners, I always have to bear this in mind.

The controls at the top of the VK200 handle makes my life a whole lot easier. From these controls, you can also choose the level of water you require. The water is released at the easy press of a button and there is no need to be constantly pressing for more water.

LED lights will appear when you press for water too and if you have used too much and soaked the cloth, the lights will indicate this to warn you

The simple element of this cleaning system is that very little water and cleaning solution is required. I loved that I could clean my entire floor with just one tank of water. The SP600 holds 260ml of water (less than half a pint) and a tiny amount of Koboclean cleaning solution which is available direct from Vorwerk. Please click here KOBOCLEAN

The SP600 is also great as it tends to glide for you so there is no need to add any pressure and push it around the room, it just naturally flows as it vacuums and cleans your floor, and air dries within a few minutes.

The drying time is another great feature as there is nothing worse than saying to everyone in the house “Keep off the floors, they are wet!” I used to make my family stay upstairs whilst I found a safe, dry place to stand as the floors were drying. It wasn’t so bad in the summer when I had all the windows open, but in winter this was a massive pain for me and such a waste of time.

The SP600 comes with a moistening microfibre cloth which fits to the bottom and is released with the press of a button. The cloth then goes straight into the wash without fabric conditioner to keep the fibre strong. There are also different types of cloths depending on what type of flooring you have.

Another great feature is there is no need to turn the VK200 over or bend – like you have to with some machines – just to attach the cloth. You, very simply, place the cloth on the floor, put the SP600 on top and when you have finished cleaning, press with your foot to simply release the cloth ready for the wash and its next use.

If you are an avid cleaner like me you can also purchase additional cloths and you will always have one to hand.

If you want to save time with your cleaning and spend more time with your family then you need to Book a demo and see this for yourself.

Read my review of the VK200 CLICK HERE

As always Thank You for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxoxo

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Fridge Cleaning

When it comes to keeping the kitchen clean and organised at the top of most people’s list is the surfaces and cupboards But don’t forget one of the most used areas in your kitchen and that is fridge, so many people forget to clean and organise the fridge and just load foods in weekly without having a good sort through and clean.  Fridges can really smell if they are not looked after and a dirty fridge can lead to cross contamination and make us ill. . 

42% of UK people clean their fridge once a month, and a shocking 18% clean it only once a year.  Have you read my post on Home Clean Home

Keep on top of your Fridge with these very simple tips

Deep clean your fridge weekly

You are probably thinking to yourself why on earth is she suggesting this does she not realise I run a busy household and work full-time!  But this really doesn’t take that long at all.  By the day your food shopping arrives your fridge should be nearly empty so this task is automatically easier. Take everything that is left in out and clean shelf by shelf as you go.  Decide if the food you have left is still edible and then throw away the rest.

Wipe Shelves

Take the shelves out and simply wash them with warm soapy water. Dry and put back straight away.  If you have any sticky patches use a cold Scrub Daddy. 

Check food dates

When cleaning use this time to check through any food that are left and check sell by dates. If you can’t remember how old something is then to be of the safe side I would chuck it out.  If sell by dates aren’t easily visible stick a sticky label on the jar/packet with the month and date clearly written.


Keep leftovers in small plastic containers  labelled. I find the containers you get after having a chinese or Indian are really handy and a great size too.  Also label the portion size and the date you put it in the fridge.

Wipe down the shelves with warm soapy water and dry. No matter how careful you are, invariably food can drizzle out or spill down the side of a container onto a refrigerator shelf. Clean it all up so you’re ready to zones. It might seem silly to have zones in your refrigerator, but this is helps me not only remember where things belong, but it’s helpful to other family members and guests who are helping out in the kitchen. You can even use actual labels for the shelves so everyone should know where things go! There are some cute repositionable ones that can make it look nicer toon too. Take note of the height of your items that will go back in so that you can group like items adjust shelf heights if necessary. Another idea is to use bins or plastic baskets to organize items by group. For example, you can keep your entire sandwich making condiments in a bin and when it’s time to make sandwiches, you can pull it out and have everything handy for all preferences without having to open the refrigerator several times.

Food Zones

It’s very important to keep your food in the correct area to avoid food contamination and e-coli.

Dairy products and juices should be placed in the side where cold air blows, this area is cool but not too cold.

Meats and fish should be on the mid-tier shelf

Cheeses and cold meats should be placed in a fridge drawer.

Salad and vegetables can be in one of the drawers, still cool but not too cold so they do not freeze. One of these drawers usually has a humidity control.

Eggs and butter should be placed in a compartment protected by a cover so that they do not get too cold (eggs) or too hard (butter).

If you fridge doesn’t have many compartments use these handy fridge storage baskets and fridge fresh will eliminate bad odours.


The exterior of your fridge can get pretty dirty from constant use. Any good general purpose cleaning product should work, and a spray bottle is essential. If you have a stainless steel refrigerator, make sure you read the cautions before you buy a cleaner, so that you can be certain it won’t damage the finish. For a simple cleaning solution, use a mixture of white vinegar and water in a spray bottle od use some washing up liquid.  Buff dry using a Stainless Steel e-cloth

Schedule your fridge clean in your cleaning schedule. I like to clean out my refrigerator weekly, before rubbish collection day and before the shopping is delivered.

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