White Modern Simple Christmas Virtual Invitation

Tips to simplify Christmas day

Things you can do to simplify Christmas and take the pressure off.

Start with a plan, find yourself 15 minutes and write down everything that needs doing and everything you are going to need. Do this ahead of time so you are organised, use your phone to set reminder alarms and don’t forget to delegate tasks to other family members.

Your plan my look something like this?

  • Meal plan
  • Food shop
  • Make up dishes and deserts that can be frozen ahead of time
  • Stock check table decorations and refresh table cloth and napkins
  • Deep clean the house
  • Set up guest rooms, ensure any guests staying over are comfortable.
  • Create space, move furniture if needed to create space at the table
  • Remove any valuables that could get broken

Follow my 7 day Christmas clean up

Simplify everything. 

 Once you have got the lists onto paper, distribute them to other household members.

If cleaning your house is on the schedule, spread it out so you’re not trying to clean the house and roast a turkey at the same time. Doing cleaning tasks little and often always really helps my book The 15 Minute Clean will really help you get into the habit of little and often

This makes hosting and opening your home so much easier because you are being proactive with your cleaning all the time instead of reactive.

The Menu, the decorations, the plan for the day. It’s okay to keep things as simple as possible. If you’re having guests, delegate specific items for them to bring – drinks, dinner specific sides, desserts etc.

Set yourself up for success. 

There are a handful of things you can do in advance that make hosting Christmas a little easier and the run smoothly.

My suggestions are:

  • Start with an empty dishwasher or sink. The empty dishwasher will keep the dishes of the worktops then you can load as you go.
  • Turn the thermostat down 2-3 degrees before anyone arrives. This will keep your home at a nice temperature when the house heats up from the oven and extra people.
  • Dim the lights, turn on lamps – make it cozy!
  • Light some festive candles.
  • Have a stain remover product and some cloths to hand in case of any spillages
  • Keep a large tub by the door for shoes, this way they aren’t loose.
  • Make room for people coats.
  • Ensure hand soap in the cloakroom, a clean hand towel and plenty of toilet roll
  • Close of rooms so people know not to go in them.
  • Write the WIFI code where people can see it.


Don’t forget to add these items to your Christmas shopping list

I can’t tell you the number of times that I’ve written my big Christmas shopping list and left off something essential that has meant an extra trip out back to the shops when they are absolutely crazy and heaving with last minute Christmas shoppers!

This is a handy reminder of those often forgotten things that are essential to your Christmas wellbeing.

1 – Stuffing,

2 – Cranberry sauce, home made is always nicer but if you don’t have time ensure you add to the list.

3 – Sellotape, because it always goes missing or runs out.

4 – Batteries, if you have younger children fit the batteries before wrapping will make your life so much easier on the day and get a range of sizes.

5 – Bin bags – There is always so much rubbish over the Christmas period, get the wrapping paper in, knot and get it out the house after all you are going to need as much space as possible.

6 – Ready made custard, someone always wants custard.

7 – Double cream, always good to have options, if it is. not custard they will want cream.

8 – Gravy granules – always lovely to make your own but granules are just so much easier when you go through a lot with Christmas dinner.

9 – Christmas crackers – if you leave them to the last minute the rubbish ones will be left.

10 – Mayonnaise – for all those leftover turkey sandwiches.

If you are an online shopper like me don’t forget to book your Christmas and New Year slots these get booked up super quickly, dates for most supermarkets Christmas week slots are released early November.