Step-by-Step Guide to Carpet Cleaning

1 – Before you start you will need to move out as much of the furniture as you can, this will then allow you to clean as much of the carpet as possible.

2 – Give the carpet a really good vacuum and use the nozzle on your vacuum to go against the skirting boards, and the vacuum doesn’t always go in tight against the wall and a dark line of dust can be left.

2 – Check for stains and furniture indents.

3 – If you have dents from furniture, pop ice cubes in these spaces and then leave them to naturally melt in. Once melted in rub your hand over the area and the carpet will bounce back to life and the dents will be gone.

4 – If you spot stains you need to pre-treat these first, when it comes to cleaning old stains on the carpet it is important you use a specialised carpet cleaning shampoo/solution. If you are using a carpet cleaning machine the solution for the machine will also act as a great spot cleaner if you don’t have a carpet cleaner to use buy a carpet cleaning solution and use this for the stains, always use cold water on carpets as hot water can shrink them and apply directly into the stain leave a while and then blot dry using a white cloth. The reason for the white cloth is so you can see if the stain is being lifted.

5 – If you are using a carpet cleaning machine ensure you read and fully understand the instructions before you start.

6 – Then begin the carpet clean, start in one corner of the room and then move across in straight lines. For stains, go back and over again for a more thorough clean.

7 – If you don’t have a carpet cleaning machine, then you can steam clean your carpets. Most steam cleaners you can buy come with a carpet glide that sits over the base. Gently steam over. The steam will break odours, lift out stains and refresh the carpet pile. When using your steam cleaning DO NOT put any solution in the machine all you need is the power of steam.

8 – Once complete, open the window and allow your carpets to air dry, and close the room off for a few hours to save anyone from going in.

If you don’t have much carpet in your home but have rugs and door mats, I highly recommend owning a handheld carpet cleaner then can clean up those mats, refresh and remove those accidental spillages, take a look at this one: 

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