Bed Bugs

How to prevent bed bugs coming into your home after travelling.

When staying away

When you arrive have a check around for any bugs in the carpet and in the bed before unpacking, look for reddish brown bugs, white eggs and dark spots with is normally their faeces. If you feel there are bugs consult the staff asap.

Keep your luggage of the ground, use the luggage rack which is normally provided to keep your bags off the floor, bed bugs do live in carpets and keep your bags and cases off the bed or chairs.

When you return home

When you return from a stay away from home, do not take your suitcase upstairs and unpack it on your bed, this is literally the worst thing you can do, if a few bed bugs have found their way into your case they will jump straight into your bed and start to multiply.

Instead unpack your bag on a hard floor in a well lite area, this way you can see any bugs that may have come along on the ride with you.

Pop your clothes straight into the washing machine, add a laundry cleanser or white vinegar and use the hottest cycle you can, if you do notice bugs when unpacking keep the clothes you aren’t washing in the case or a sealed bag and pop in the garage or shed until you are ready to wash them.

Once your clothes have been taken care of, use a torch to thoroughly check your luggage, check the pockets and seams for bugs and eggs.

Vacuum inside your luggage and spray the inside with a disinfectant spray.  Be sure to empty the cannister into an outdoor bin to prevent captured bed bugs from re-infesting your home.

 If you have a hard-shell case, you can wash this over with hot soapy water and if you have a soft case break out the steam cleaner and give it a blast with hot steam.

How to prevent them in your bed

Keep your bedroom clutter free, these bugs love dark cluttered spaces and can easily hide in clutter.

If you keep your laundry hamper in your bedroom ensure you give it a regular clean, they love the smell of dirty clothes and have been known to lay eggs in laundry hampers.  Fabric hampers normally come apart and can be washed and plastic ones can be washed over with hot soapy water.

Regularly wash your bed sheets and use a high temperature 60 degrees plus.

When you change your sheets, vacuum the mattress and surrounding frame.

Keep your mattress clean deal with any stains as and when they occur, hydrogen peroxide is the best mattress stain remover as it is a natural bleach. Then a few times a year deep clean your mattress using an upholstery cleaning tool or a steam cleaner.

Try not to use the underneath or your bed unless you have an ottoman bed as a storage solution, this will create clutter for them to live in.

Avoid wearing shoes in your bedroom.

Vacuum your carpet and rugs regularly at least once a week.

If you suspect you have got bed bugs, it’s crucial to address the infestation promptly. You may need to consult with a pest control professional to properly eliminate the problem. Early detection and action are key to preventing a full-blown bed bug infestation.