January declutter challenge must haves

Decluttering is more than just a trend it has surprising health benefits such alleviates anxiety and depression• Helps you sleep better
• Reduces allergies
• Creates a happier environment
• Gets you moving around the house

I have been sharing product choices to help keep spaces more organised across my socials but in case you have missed them I have popped a few of my firm favourites for the kitchen and bedroom here.

Kitchen Ideas

Lazy Susan

The amazing Lazy susan turntable will help you organise and locate your most used kitchen items like condiments, spices, and napkins. The spinning motion of this useful organizer allows you to access those hard-to-reach items in your pantry.

Expandable Spice Shelf

The three-layer design of this spice rack makes it easy for you to see the spice jars or condiment labels on the spice racks of different heights, which is convenient for you to use the spices when cooking.

Cupboard Shelf Organisers

These shelf organisers can create additional space in your cupboards, cabinets, wardrobes, and various countertops, keeping your things well organised and orderly stored around your home.

Recipe Organiser

If like me, you like to keep recipe pages from magazines then this folder will help you keep them nice and neat.

The Three-ring recipe binder comes with 50 plastic full-page sheet protectors, 16-tab dividers & 32 tab labels. If you find a recipe online Just print and slide it inside the plastic sheet protector to start creating your favourite recipes binder.

Bedroom Ideas

A few bedroom must haves to keep your bedroom organised and tidy, a clean tidy bedroom helps you sleep better and gives you a real sense of calm.

Hanger Bag

Everybody enjoys a nice and tidy wardrobe where you have all of your clothes organised with no empty hangers just sitting there waiting to be used, but sometimes when hangers aren’t being used there is nowhere else to put them other than on your clothing rack or at the bottom of the wardrobe. This hamper provides a new way to store your empty hangers. The foldable hanger basket allows you to neatly stack unused hangers, meaning less mess in your wardrobe and more room for your weekend outfits favourite outfits!

Jean’s Organiser

This Transparent Jeans Storage Box is convenient for you to locate clothes, wardrobe organiser is in a foldable design, saving time and space, which greatly improves the utilisation rate of wardrobe space.

Bedroom Drawer Organiser

If you are tired of rummaging through cluttered drawers and losing your items, then drawer dividers are the perfect solution.  

Honeycomb Sock Organisers

This is perfect for organising socks, ties, and belts. These organisers connect with buckles and will save you space for an even tidier home.

Hope you find these items useful and they help you in your organising and declutter process.


Sticky Halloumi

Sticky Halloumi served on a bed of green salad is another perfect summertime lunch and to cook the halloumi you can also use the BBQ which gives it extra flavour. Services two.


• 1 block of halloumi light 
• 3 tbsp of honey 
• 1 lemon 
• Olive oil 
• Thyme 


1. Slice the halloumi approx 1cm thick
2. Place in a tight container
3. Squeeze the lemon and cover the halloumi with the juice
4. Add in the honey
5. Pop the lid on and shake well so the cheese is all covered
6. Sprinkle the thyme
7. Then leave to marinate for a few hours, the longer you leave it the tastier it will be
8. Add the olive oil to a frying pan and then fry on each size for approx 2/3 minutes
9. Serve with salad 
10. (Optional) If you like a little kick you can add some chilli to this recipe



Garlic Prawns

This is a dish we had in Spain a long time ago and something we all love and use as a Saturday lunch in the summertime. 


• A bag of frozen king prawns 600 or 650 grams this is approx 18-20 large prawns 
• Olive oil 
• 4 Garlic cloves 
• Chopped flap leaves of parsley 


1. Half fill a small overproof serving dish with olive oil or use a ceramic oven-proof dish 
2. Heat the oil up in the oven for 5 minutes 
3. Add the prawns and the garlic sliced 
4. Cook for approx. 15 minutes or until the prawns are pink and the garlic looks very slightly crispy 
5. Sprinkle with the flat leave parsley 
6. Then serve with crusty bread, this is delicious dipped in the remaining oil 


Bruschetta Pasta

Vine tomatoes are delicious with pasta over the summer months. This recipe is a super easy pasta dish that tastes delicious. Serves four. 


• 4 portions of Tortiglioni pasta 
• 500g of sweet vine or cherry tomatoes (whatever you prefer) 
• Slice of bread 
• 2 tsp of parmesan cheese 
• 4 tbsp of olive oil 
• 4 garlic cloves 
• Basil for seasoning 


1. Boil the pasta
2. Quarter the tomatoes and add them to a large bowl
3. Add the crushed garlic, a big drizzle of olive oil, and season with salt and pepper, and mix well
4. Turn your bread into breadcrumbs, with either a grate or pop in a blender, then add in the parmesan cheese
5. Drizzle with olive oil and then gently fry until golden brown.
6. Drain off the pasta, and add in the tomatoes and basil; mix well
7. Top with crispy breadcrumbs.


Slow Cooker Gammon


1. There is no prep required for this simple Sunday dish and whilst it’s cooking you can get on with your Sunday cleaning session. 
2. Place a gammon joint into the slow cooker. 
3. Pour in 75g of brown sugar ad rub over the gammon a further 75g. 
4. Pour in 500ml of cider. 
5. Add in 2 bay leaves and 10 peppercorns and leave to cook on high for 4 hours. 
6. Serve with mini roast potatoes and vegetables. or for a warmer day with new potatoes and salad. 


Beef Fajitas


1. Thinly slice 2 large beef steaks place slow cooker. 
2. Add one tin of tomatoes, 1 jalapeno, garlic, tsp coriander, 1 tsp cumin, tsp chili powder, and salt. Cover and cook on low for 7 hours. 
3. After 3 hours add 1 large onions and 2 sliced peppers. 
4. Continue to cook; add salse to the table, along with salad, grated cheese, and tortilla wraps. 
5. Serve. 


Easy Lamb Koftas


1. Finely grate lemon zest into a large bowl, then squeeze the juice into a separate medium bowl. To the juice bowl, add onion and a pinch of salt. 
2. Leave to pickle lightly until needed. 
3. To the zest bowl, add 500g of lamb, thyme, cumin, 15g pinenuts, chillies, and plenty of seasoning. Mix well (using your hands is easiest). Divide the mixture into four in the bowl. 
4. Shape the balls and then arrange them on a baking tray and grill for 15 minutes. 
5. Whilst cooking ass mint to 1 large chopped onion and add into a bowl ready for the table. 
6. Bring koftas to the table with tortilla wraps, onion mixture, natural yogurt, iceberg lettuce, and tomato, and let people assemble their supper. 


Italian Shephard’s Pie


1. Heat the oil in a pan and add 1 large onion chopped, 3 carrots chopped, and 70g of mushrooms halved 
2. Add 500g of mince beef season with salt and pepper 
3. Add in one glass of red wine 
4. Add in a tin of tomatoes and some basil leaves 
5. Leave to cook for 30 minutes 
6. Peel and boil 700g of sweet potatoes 
7. Drain add in butter milk and 100g of parmesan cheese 
8. Pour the meat into an oven-proof dish and top with the sweet potato mix 
9. Sprinkle over some parmesan and cook for 20 minutes 


Thai Green Curry


1. Into a food processor add in the following: 2 garlic cloves, 1 tbsp of brown sugar, a handful of fresh coriander, 2 red chillis, 3cm of ginger, and lime zest. Blend. 
2. Fry 750g of chicken breast of pawns until cooked. 
3. Add a teaspoon of curry paste and fry for another 2 minutes. 
4. Add in 400ml of coconut milk, 100 g of green beans, and 100g of baby sweet corn. 
5. Simmer for 15 minutes. 
6. Serve with rice and chopped coriander for decoration. 


Sausage and Ricotta Pasta Bake


1. Eat oil in a frying pan 
2. Add in two chopped onions, 1 chopped chilli, and 2 garlic cloves 
3. Add in 200g cooked sliced sausages 
4. Cook 350 grams of pasta according to the instruction 
5. Add the sausages and onion mix to the cooked pasta 
6. Mix in 200g of ricotta and 2 ripe tomatoes finely chopped 
7. Add mixture to an oven-proof dish 
8. Sprinkle over parmesan shavings 
9. Cook for 12 minutes 
10. Serve with garlic bread