How to clean a mirror

There is nothing worse than trying to get ready in the morning and trying to apply your makeup with a dirty mirror covered with streaks, water marks, fingerprints, hairspray, and toothpaste!

However, you don’t always need to use shop bought glass and mirror cleaners to get that perfect streak free finish.

Just make one up quickly at home using this simple recipe.


Use equal parts of the following:

Pour each into a labelled spray bottle.

  • Use a dry cloth first off all to wipe over the mirror and pick up any dust from the surface. 
  • Lightly spray the homemade cleaner all over the mirror.
  • Fold your cloth in quarters, wipe the mirror from top to bottom using an S shape motion.
  • Fold your cloth over to use a clean/dry quarter, and wipe again to buff.
  • Stand back and just check from a few different angels any parts you have missed.

NOTE: If you have stubborn streaks use neat white vinegar to remove the build up on the glass, then follow the steps above. Remember to spray and wipe quickly to avoid dirtying the mirror further with water stains.

Lynsey’s top tip

If your mirror is constantly fogging up after a shower, there is a simple solution! Use a cheap white foaming shaving cream to cover your mirror, leave it for 30 seconds and buff it into the mirror with a dry cleaning cloth until it is clean. Repeat weekly.

You can use this same solution for your internal windows too, but remember never clean your windows on a sunny day as the sun dries the product far too quickly and causes streaks instantly.

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