Amazon Must Haves

If you are looking for household items that will speed up your housework and make it much easier for you then you need to check out my amazon must-haves.

Everything I have listed here I have been using for years and they are absolute firm favourites.

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Car Wash Brush Mop Cleaning Tool

This may be a specific car cleaning brush, but it is so versatile and can manage so much more cleaning.  I use this for cleaning the shed, garage door, doors and windows, garden furniture, and my decking, and inside it is great for cleaning my glass staircase, tall mirrors, and Velux windows.

White Vinegar with the Fresh Scent of Lemon

There is not a day goes by where I don’t use white vinegar, a cleaning product that is natural and will clean almost anything.  I buy in bulk as it is more cost effective and then refill into my spray bottles, mixed with washing up liquid it is a powerful cleaning that will cut through grease, grim and soap scum with ease.

Glass Sponge Cleaner

A double-sided squeegee that is amazing for cleaning the shower, wall tiles, mirrors, glass stove tops and draining boards. Compact and flexible.

Bargain Tea Towels

Absorbent good quality tea towels are an absolute must for me, this set of 12 is of amazing value and after washing they stay soft and absorbent.  Top Tip remember to ditch the fabric conditioner when washing tea towels and instead use white vinegar.

Washing Up Bowl

Even if you don’t like having a washing-up bowl in the sink everyone needs one, I love to simply use warm soapy water sometimes when cleaning, and the washing-up bowl comes in super hands.

Cashmere Comb Shaver

Portable and convenient: the cashmere shaver doesn’t use batteries, and only takes up a small space; Carrying it with you will quickly remove pilling and fuzz to keep it tidy and neat; A manual portable fuzz remover to help everyone get ready.

Angry Mamma Microwave Cleaner

One of my favourite kitchen gadgets, I love how the steam comes out of mama’s head and then loosens dirt and grim in the microwave.

Flexible Sink Unblocker Brush

I love how you wiggle this down the plug hole and pull out all the gunk, so satisfying to use and eliminates the need to use nasty chemicals.

Magic Hooks

I literally have these inside every cupboard a great way to add additional storage, I use them to hang my fold-flat laundry basket, necklaces, coats and jackets, and cleaning tools.

Oven Liners

If you hate cleaning the oven then you most definitely need to use oven liners, you can cut these to size and they are dishwasher safe.  Save you so much time.

Tub and Tile Scrubber

This is great for cleaning baths, tiles, mirrors, windows, floors, and narrow spaces.  It also extends with a quick twist.

Silicone Toilet Brush

I find silicone toilet brushes so much cleaning, plus they don’t scratch.  The handle is nonslip which makes it easier to clean and reduces cleaning time, can attach to your tiles or wall.

Sonic Scrubber

Power cleans difficult-to-reach and difficult-to-clean areas easily
Improves cleaning time by up to 57% and does all the work for you

Bona Mop and Hard Floor Cleaner

My daily floor cleaner which whizzes through the floors is great to use on all hard floor types and has an extra-large swivel head and microfibre pad that protects corners and skirting boards.

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