Clever ways you can use baby oil around your home

Clever ways you can use baby oil around your home

Discover the best uses for using baby oil round the home.

Do not throw away your baby oil, many of us buy baby oil ready for parent hood but it doesn’t always get used and ends up lurking in the back of your bathroom cupboard. Baby oil isn’t just for babies this cheap product has many uses that can be used around the home.

WD40 is not the only product that will stop squeaky doors, baby oil will also silence those squeaky hinges.

Stuck chewing gum can be a real pain to remove saturate it in baby oil, walk away and leave 15 minutes come back and voila the gum will lift with ease. Plus if you happen to get gum in your hair baby oil will help it slip away.

If your leather bags and shoes are looking a little dull, add a few drops of baby oil onto a dry microfibre cloth and gently buff, the oil will moisturise the leather and give it so much shine.

A glittery bath bomb can cause so much mess in your bath and with just normal rinses can take days if not weeks to disappear, pop some baby oil on a cloth run over the glitter and watch it disappear. But remember to be extra careful next time you get into the bath it can be extremely slippery.

Buff up your stainless fridge freezer, but remember to follow the grain for the perfect finish and watch those finger marks disappear.

Stuck zip on your favourite pair of jeans then apply a small amount to a dry cloth rub it on both sides and get it moving.

Clean up those chrome fittings from grubby finger prints apply a little oil to a damp cloth and clean away.

Apply a small layer to your shower screen to help prevent soap scum build up

So many wonderful uses and don’t forget it is amazing for your skin too



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