Activities you can do at home when in isolation

Activities you can do at home when in isolation

We are all currently living in a different world, a world that has told us to self isolate until covid-19 settles down. Many of us are fearful of being stuck at home but with good daily planning, routine and structure we can all get through this together.

Why not use this time to learn a new skill, embrace your baking skills or get creative in your home.

Lets Declutter

Sort out your wardrobes and drawers, go through all of your clothes and if you haven’t worn it in the past year it does need to go. Be ruthless but please do NOT go and dump your unwanted items outside of the charity shop, as at the moment as they are all shut. Instead store bags in the boot of your car until you can get back out or make a space in your garage or shed.

Switch seasonal clothes

The weather is heating up slowly and we don’t need the big coats and jumpers as much as we did, wash any outerwear coats you are no longer wearing and then store them away, if you have limited storage space i find vacuum storage bags a great idea

Self Care

At a time like this self care is important, it is good for us to relax and switch off. My hair dresser advised me not to do my hair much over this time and leave the heat from straighteners and curlers off, giving my hair a chance to repair and be free. Excellent advise and i am applying the same to my skin, less make up with more face masks and moisturiser

Let’s keep hydrated too and drink plenty of water, i add in a few squeezed lemons and slices of cucumber into a large water bottle that i keep in my fridge to keep my vitamin c up. Plus i also make up a detox water with cucumber and mint leaves. i find when I am out and about and busy i forget about water but now there is no excuse!

Why don’t you also:

Read more books

Take more baths

Use your phone less

Finding a sunny spot in your garden, sit and enjoy

Play games

Get the family together a few times a week and play a few board games, relive the classics such as monopoly and cluedo.

Bake a cake

I hardly ever find the time to bake, I actually do quite enjoy baking but i am not the best baker and i often create a real disaster.

But one cake I can actually bake in the the classic lemon drizzle.

Image result for lemon drizzle cake

My recipe is so so simple, try this….

Weigh 2 large eggs
Measure out the same weight in Self Raising flour, butter and caster sugar then mix together 
Finley grate a lemon (2 if you want a stronger flavour) 
Add the grated skin to the cake mixture
Put the mixture into a greased tin and cook until the middle sets. 
180 degrees – 20 minutes 
Whilst it is cooking squeeze the lemon juice from the lemon into a cup and add to 2 heaped spoon of caster sugar and stir
When the cake comes out of the oven use a cocktail stick to make holes in the top and pour over the juice/sugar mixture over  

Then quite simply enjoy with a nice cup of tea

Eat healthier

When we are rushing around we don’t always eat as well as we could, use this time to look through cook books and online recipes for different healthier options. Eating healthier will make you feel so much better, boost your energy levels and your confidence.

Plant some flowers

Some garden shops are still delivering still so order yourself some flowers and add a pop of colour to your garden.

The best flowers to plant early spring are :





Learn something new

Start a new hobby, try knitting, blogging, painting, learn an instrument, practice meditation, teach yourself computer skills such as photoshop or excel and try to learn some photography skills


Devise a home work out plan that works for you, squats and lunges with a bit of yoga are easy to do at home and if you have no weights use bottles of water to give your arms a work out.

Motivate yourself with a friend, we are so lucky to have the ability to facetime and video call these days or don’t forget there are plenty of exercise classes on YouTube that you can try.


Ramp up the cleaning, join in with my spring cleaning challenge and set yourself a few cleaning goals. When was the last time you emptied out and cleaned the inside of your kitchen cupboard or defrosted your freezer ?

Get your home in order, dust those blinds and pul out those sofa’s. Cleaning will relieve your anxiety, exercise your body and make you feel so much better.

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