Prevent Coronavirus coming into your home

Prevent Coronavirus coming into your home

Let’s face it hygiene is a very hot topic at the moment and coronavirus has caused many of us to go into deep cleaning mode at home, more and more of us are cleaning much more than often plus anxiety and stress levels are at an alltime high

As many of you know if you have followed me for a longtime I used cleaning as a way to help with my depression and anxiety in the past, cleaning was a real coping mechanism for me. I won’t lie Coronavirus has flared up my anxiety but i am controlling these feeling with good positive safe cleaning in my home and plenty of early morning walks in the fresh air and sunshine.

The big question is how do we keep our homes safe and virus free ?

When you come into your home, now is the time to have a good designated area for you to remove your coats, bags and shoes.

1 – Do not be tempted to keep your shoes on, shoes don’t just pick up dirt when you are out and about, but they also have the potential to introduce germs to your home.

2 – Hang you coat straight away do not be tempted to chuck your coat over the sofa. Virus can live on your outerwear so it’s very important you stick to this rule.

3 – Wipe over your bag and better still try not to even take a bag out with you at this time.

4 – If you have long hair keep it tied up when out and about

5 – Wash your coats them more often than normal alternatively another great option is to use a garment steam on your clothes as this will kill germs, bacteria and viruses.

If you don’t have a garment steamer I highly recommend this one and my discount code is QUEENOFCLEAN –

6 – If you do not have a hand washing facility close to where you come in then add alcohol gel as close to the door as you can. Make a point of using this before you touch door handles and any hard surfaces, then aim to get to the sink as soon as you can for a good 20 seconds hand wash.

Wash for at least 20seconds or sing Happy Birthday twice

The biggest germs Hot spots

The biggest germs hot spots in your house that are going to need more attention than usual are

1 – Light switches/cords

2 -Door handles, including kitchen cabinets and wardrobes

3 – Bannisters

4 – Electrical switches

5 – kettle handle

6 – Door bell

7 – Toilet flush

8 – Plug holes

9 – TV controls

10 – Fridge handles and water dispenser

I love to clean as eco as possible and love my juicy lemons that do tackle a whole host of cleaning jobs in my home but at this current time as much as I hate to say it chemical is best. Make up a diluted bleach or disinfectant spray bottle then spray the solution direct to a microfibre cloth and then wipe over the germ hot spot. Be extra careful when cleaning the electrical light switches.


Let’s face it every home has devices these days and i am sure they get passed around for other family members to look at found content or to help you take the perfect insta photo. With this in mind your devices need to be cleaned.

Apple have recently released a statement to say that alcohol wipes and alcohol spray are safe to use on their devices which is great news as we know that alcohol does kill germs.

Warm soapy water is another great solution, take your case off and leave to soak for a few minutes and then using a clean soft microfibre cloth gently wipe over your screen being very careful not to get water into the port holes, use an ear bud to get around the lenses and button.

Use a clean dry microfibre cloth to dry your phone and then pop these cloths in a bucket ready to be washed

What every you do DO NOT soak your phone in water and DO NOT pop in a warm oven!!

2 STEP Cleaning method

Some of you may already use a 2 step cleaning system, especially if you work in a food environment. The 2 step methods gives you reassurance that you are having an extra deep clean.

Clean first using a good cleaning detergent or disinfectant and then use a diluted bleach or disinfectant solution

Cleaning does not necessarily kill germs, but by removing them, it lowers their numbers and the risk of spreading infection and viruses

Disinfecting does not necessarily clean dirty surfaces or remove germs, but by killing germs on a surface after cleaning, it can further lower the risk of spreading infection.

Use this method on tabletops, kitchen surfaces and bathrooms surfaces, and remember to allow the product to work, once sprayed leave the product a few minutes to allow it to work.

Use micro fibre cloths for cleaning, adapt a colour coded system to avoid cross contamination and change them frequently.

Presoak microfibre cloths altogether in boiling water and disinfectant and then wash them at 60 degrees. Avoid fabric conditioner as this will wear down the fibres making them less absorbent.

Steam Cleaning

Featured Swan Garment steamer.

The power of steam is fantastic at killing 99.9% of germs, bacteria and viruses. Steam not only kills germs but also lifts away dirt without the need for nasty chemicals.

Items you can steam



Fabric sofa’s



Sealed Hard surfaces


Stainless steel

Sealed Floors

Cleaning with confidence at this time is important and will make us feel so much better.

Stay save and thank you for taking the time to read


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