Top tips for getting your home market ready

Top tips for getting your home market ready

Moving house is one of the most stressful things you can do. When you make the decision to put your home on the market it can feel really overwhelming. You will naturally want to achieve the best price possible for your property so you will need to be prepared and be open to making some minor changes to make your property sell-able and attractive to any potential buyers.

Spruce up and declutter

You are not going to want to show any potential buyers around your home if it is full of clutter, clutter will look untidy and will not show of your home to its full potential. Clutter also takes up space and when buyers are looking at their options plenty of space is going to offer great kerb appeal.

Always remember the rule when selling your home that less is more.

Before you start to let potential buyers see your home, dedicate a few days a side for a good de-clutter and involve the rest of the household.

If you have a junk room or a junk cupboard start here and get everything out. It may be a good idea to hire a skip so you can work quickly and get rid of anything that you know is not coming with you.

For items that you are planning on keeping but that are taking up lots of valuable space store in plastic containers, label these and pop the lid on and leave neatly in a garage or shed.

Also remember that potential buyers may look in all cupboards (even any built in wardrobes) when they are looking around so make sure your hallway and laundry cupboards are neat and tidy. Make the cupboards look spacious, add in some extra shelving or hooks to show of the full potential.

Entrance area, first impressions really do count so ensure you have no clutter zones around your entrances. If you have a pile of shoes ensure these are put away neatly. Invest in some good shoe storage that looks neat and tidy and make sure coats are neatly on hooks and not draped on hallway furniture or over the stair rail.

Utility Room/laundry room, A utility room is a real added bonus to a home so keep it neat and tidy. Remove any piles of laundry, even if it’s clean and bottles of laundry liquid taking up surface space. If you do need to have laundry in this room when your buyers are looking around make sure its is neatly folded into a laundry basket and ensure any laundry products are out of sight. If you have nowhere to put them, pop them in a plastic tub and hide in the boot of your car or in the garage. Add in a scented candle or a small bunch of flowers to make this fantastic space stand out even more.

Kitchen/family area, This is usually one of the busiest rooms in your home where clutter quickly builds up really quickly from school letters to just general bits and bobs just being left on the sides. Make this room more appealing by removing unnecessary clutter from work surfaces, remove any takeaway menus or kids artwork that you may have attached to the fridge to make the room feel bigger. Clear the window seal of any clutter and replace with a nice vase and a bunch of colourful flowers. If you have been cooking leave the window slightly open to remove any cooking smells.

Flat surfaces, Flat surfaces naturally pick up clutter so go around your home and clear these so it is very minimalist. Hide bits and prices in drawers so it is out of the way when the buyers come.

Depersonalise your home

As much as you love your personal touches around your home your buyer wont. You want the buyer to be able to visualise themselves living in your home along with their personal touches. If you have lots of family photos in frames on top of side boards and cabinets pop these away and replace with with mirrors as these will add in extra light and a few candles. Remember this is only a temporary measure but can really help to sell a property.

It may also be worth investing some time your home decor, buyers aren’t necessary going to love your tastes. Change up any bold colours and wall papers and replace with a more neutral colour. This way a buyer can really visualise their furniture in the space.

Ensure shatter cushions and throws match and remember an odd number of cushions always looks better.

In your kitchen area I always find a nice big bowl of fruits adds a great pop of colour. Fill a clear glass bowel with granny smith apples and lemons to give this room a real lift even on a dull rainy day.

Ask friends for some friendly advice

When you are about to go onto the market ask a few friends to come over and give an honest opinion on your home. A few pairs of extra eyes can really help give you perspective.

They may offer advice on the way your furniture is arranged to create more room etc

Ask them what clutter stands out the most

What ever you do do not feel disheartened by their advice they are there to help you.

Make sure your home is clean and tidy

This last step is very important.

Call a family meeting and explain to everyone the importance of keeping the house clean. E

Focus on the outside first, On a dry day get outside and do some wedding and brush cobwebs away from your front door and garage doors. Change the outside mat if it is looking old and worn and refresh any hanging baskets or plant pots.

Make sure you lawn has been mowed and your door knocker is shinny.

Your windows will also need a good clean and don’t forget those outside window ledges that can often be full of debris and dust.

Once you are inside if you have door mats in your entrances make sure these are clean and mud free. Or invest in a few new ones.

Make sure everyone keeps their rooms neat and tidy, bed made and curtains open

Just before any potential buyers are due to arrive have a good blitz of the house, ensure the bathrooms and kitchen are nice and clean and smelling fresh with fresh towels and bathroom mat.

A TOP TIP is to add a few drops of essential oil to your toilet roll tube to maintain a fresh clean smells.


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