Limescale removal from your toilet

If you live in a hard water area, limescale can build up at the bottom of your toilet really easily making it look dirty all the time. 

No amount of bleach or scrubbing seems to get this awful looking brown build-up off the bottom of the loo. Bleach may look like it is working, but it is just bleaching and whitening the actual limescale, and you will notice it that it will return fairly quickly.

Limescale in the toilet looks disgusting and can be embarrassing if you have guests and limescale can often be mistaken for something else!

So what is limescale?

Limescale is a hard mineral deposit that will grab onto any imperfections found on the bottom of the toilet bowl. The more the limescale accumulates, the more scale it collects.

How to remove limescale from the pan?

Start by popping on a pair of rubber gloves.

As horrible as this sounds you need to empty the water from the bowl. To do this you can use your toilet brush and push the water down the u bend or use an old plastic cup that you know you won’t drink out of again and scoop the water out.

Once the water is out, you need to dry the bottom of the pan, use an old towel or some strong kitchen paper.

Next grab some strong limescale remover and pour into the toilet.

Leave this to sit for half an hour

Once the time is up, flush the toilet to bring the water back.

Now you may have find that some bits of the limescale can be particularly hard to remove. grab some steel wool or a piece of pumice stone to rub these awkward stubborn bits away. Both steel wool and pumice stone will not scratch the bottom of your toilet pan.

Then flush your toilet again and viola your toilet should be back to sparking white.

How to keep your toilet limescale free?

There are two great eco cleaning solutions to keep your toilet limescale free. Once a week before you go to bed or when you know your toilet is not going to be used for a while drop a denture tablet down and then flush in the morning or a good few hours after.

Or another option is to pour 20ml of white wine vinegar into the toilet pan and leave again.


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