The importance of looking after your washing machine

The importance of looking after your washing machine

You hear me say this a lot across my social platforms and I really can’t stress it enough:

Items that clean for you need to be cleaned too and one of the home’s most hardworking devices is often overlooked.

Can you remember the last time you cleaned your washing machine to benefit its overall performance?

To say we rely heavily on this machine to do the job and do it brilliantly is an understatement – having clean fresh clothes has become essential to our modern lives.  So there is nothing worse than having to wash your clothes more than once because they aren’t coming out looking and smelling at their best.  

On the flip side it can be really easy to take our washing machines for granted and forget to give them the TLC they need… and unfortunately this can result in the machine struggling to perform at its best and ultimately end up in poorly washed garments.

I get daily messages from concerned followers on this subject – the two biggest complaints are:

  1. Black marks on clothing
  2. Washing machine drawer not draining/overflowing

So what’s causing these washing machine issues and wrecking our clothes? 

Black marks on clothing after washing

The black marks are caused by greasy residue on the surface of the drum collected over the course of previous washes. They can be a nightmare to remove as grease is a real pest, even with the most high end stain remover and elbow grease.

Overflowing Washing Machine Drawer

The drawer overflowing is often caused by a blockage in the nozzles from limescale which prevents the water and the products from flowing freely.

How to overcome them

  1. Once a month it is important to give your washing machine a deep clean using a specialist product (more on that in a minute!)  to either halt these issues in their tracks, or better still stop them from occurring in the first place… prevention is far better than cure, particularly in the case of washing machines
  2. Supplement the monthly deep clean with a weekly hot cycle using either bleach or white wine vinegar in an empty drum.

Onto that once a month ‘deep clean’ – Recently Wpro asked me to test out their Limescale and Grease remover (£14.58 for a 12 pack) & Wpro Anti-limescale magnet (£20.99) and I’ve been very impressed. Used together throughout the year on any brand, you’re really safeguarding your machine against gunky build-ups of grease and limescale… ensuring pitch perfect performance in every load.

Here’s how the Wpro products work to protect your machine:

Wpro Limescale and Grease remover

This triple action solution reduces limescale, cleans grease and detergent build-up and removes bad odours. Wpro recommend that you use one sachet every month to get the best out of your washing machine. It is really simple to use and you simply just pour one whole sachet directly into the washing machine drum and run an empty cycle at a minimum of 60 degrees to ensure better results from your appliance.

For further information please visit:

Anti-limescale magnet

This is a powerful magnet that is easy to install and will help to reduce the build-up of limescale, protecting the heating elements. It can be used on both washing machines and dishwashers, comes with a guarantee of 10 yearsand does not contain chemicals, additives or harmful substances. The magnet also softens water and enhances appliance performance: improves softness of fabric in the washing machine and improves brilliance of dishes and glasses in the dishwasher. 

For further information please visit:  

Both Wpro products are also available in one package, the Wpro washing machine care kit. Wpro is suitable for all washing machines and will keep your appliance running smoothly and optimise the performance.

For further information please visit:

A few more of my top tips for washing machine care

  1. Prevent your washing machine from smelling and getting mould build up over the summer months by keeping the door ajar and the drawer slightly open when not in use to allow the machine to dry.
  2. If you have a pet, after washing the pet bedding, remove the pet hair straight away but wiping or vacuuming away so that it doesn’t transFUR (get it?!!) onto the next load

By taking good care of your washing machine, cleaning its exterior and interior on a regular basis and following the simple tips in this post, your machine will look after you and your clothes for many years to come.

Happy Cleaning

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

This is a sponsored post with WPRO.

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