Top Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

Top Tips for Cleaning the Exterior of Your Home

We all pride ourselves on keeping the inside of our homes clean and clutter free but how much attention do we pay to the outside of our homes? For many of us, the first thought when we think about cleaning the exterior of our houses we think about windows; and we may have window cleaners for that. According to the Daily Mail 1 in 4 UK households employ a window cleaner. But is it enough? Windows are important, but what about the rest of the house? According to a spring-cleaning survey, exterior cleaning jobs are the least likely to be included in a spring clean, if at all. This includes jobs such as cleaning the gutters and repainting the exterior.


If you don’t have a window cleaner, there are a few ways you can wash your own windows. There is no point in keeping the interior windows sparkling if they are dirty on the outside. You may choose to wash your windows with a pressure washer; however, this is risky as if the pressure is too high the glass can shatter. If you do choose to pressure wash your windows, start on the lowest possible setting. Alternatively, you can use exterior window cleaners which are attached to a garden hose; these are easy to use and have the necessary cleaning ingredients. The most important thing to remember is to never let your windows air dry as this is what causes streaks; instead they should be dried with a squeegee.

For the window frame, try to remove as much debris as possible with a brush or by tapping it off and then wash in the same way as the windows. You can manually clean the windows with traditional cleaning agents but remember the same rules; don’t let them airdry.

Front Door

How you clean your front door will largely depend on the finish. Make sure you dust it first to remove surface debris before applying cleaner. Use a gentle dish soap and water to scrub the door and dry with a paper towel. If the door is painted make sure to use a diluted cleaning product that won’t strip the paint.

Patio or Bi-Fold Doors

For cleaning the glass, follow the same steps as cleaning windows, remembering not to let them airdry. For the frames it again depends on the material; start by dusting with a microfibre cloth. For aluminium doors, such as patio doors from Quickslide, you can remove stains with washing up liquid and water. If your doors are sliding, make sure to clean the rails as dirt can cause them to get stuck.


When cleaning your gutter, start by removing the bulk of the debris with a jug or scoop. Now it is time to rinse them with water; if you have a long extension on your garden hose you can do this from the ground but if not, you’ll need a ladder. Make sure to run water through the downspouts to check they’re not clogged and to look out for any leaks that would indicate the gutter needs repairing.

Garage Door

Again, how you clean your garage door largely depends on the material it is made from. For steel doors mix a mild detergent such as dish soap with water to clean the majority of the dirt with a non-abrasive sponge. You can use diluted bleach and water for stubborn oil stains but don’t mix it with detergent. You can remove the caked on dirt with a brush or your hands and then dry with a clean cloth. The process is similar for wooden doors but make sure to complete cleaning with a priming and finish coating.


The first step in cleaning your patio or driveway is to sweep away the debris. You can then either wash with your garden hose or for tougher stains you can use a pressure washer to really break through the dirt. After cleaning make sure to fix any cracks which may have appeared.

With summer approaching, it is a prefect time to clean the outside of your home. You will be able to pride yourself knowing that your house is sparkling clean both inside and out.


  1. I’m all motivated and ready to spring clean the outside of my house now! Great tips and motivation as always Lynsey xx

  2. Thanks for these useful tips. I love your content, it really motivates me to spend some time cleaning up my nest)
    However, I believe that sometimes you need help with it. Especially, if you are a hard working man like me. So it is not a bad option to find some reliable cleaning guys if you want to save some time!

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