1001 Carpet Challenge with the Queen of Clean

1001 Carpet Challenge with the Queen of Clean

Give me a cleaning based challenge and of course I want to be involved. Recently the brand 1001 approached me with the challenge of putting their carpet cleaning range to the test on really tough everyday stains around the home. 

I have seen this brand popping up on social media and in some shops, but being completely honest with you I hadn’t felt the urge to try…mainly because I like to mix up my own carpet cleaning products. Saying that I had a long standing stain on my rug that I hadn’t been able to successfully remove, so I thought it was definitely worth giving 1001 a try and taking them up on their challenge! 

1001 first appeared in the 1940’s but become a more carpet cleaning specialised product in the 1960’s and is now part of WD40. When a product has been around for this length of time it does give me confidence that the product works and customers love it.

1001 is also a cruelty free product and is completely safe for cats, dogs and other animals so when using on your carpets you do not need to panic and keep you pets away.

1001 sent me to try.

1001 Troubleshooter

1001 Carpet Mousse

1001 Pet Stain Remover

1001 Carpet Fresh ( in a range of fragrance)

1001 Carpet Shampoo

1001 3 in 1 Machine. (This is their product that can be used in all well known carpet cleaning machines)

You can see the full product range by clicking here.

Time to put these products to the test, my review of these products is completely honest.

Trouble Shooter

This product is for those emergency carpet problems and spillages and is designed to get stains out quickly and with ease. As this seemed to be the most powerful product in the range I had to test it with red wine on a light coloured carpet. After I spilt half a glass of red wine directly onto the carpet I blotted up the surplus and then left for an hour to allow the wine to dry into the carpet a little. It was completely vital that I tested the product in one of the worst situations. I was even cheeky and used my hair dryer to set the stain even quicker.

The dreaded red wine spillage!
After 1st attempt not bad but needed a second go to get it fully out.

Once the hour was up I went back to the stain with the trouble shooter in hand. This product is safe to use on all carpets including wool but when applying DO NOT over use the product and always follow the guidelines. I applied 3 squirts to the stain and left for about 5 mins to allow the product to start to work.  Then I went back with a damp white micro fibre cloth and rubbed. At first I must admit I did start to panic as the product turned red and I thought the stain was spreading! eek……. I rinsed the cloth and rubbed the area again.  The red wine mark began to lift a little more although was still visible. With this being a relatively deep stain I decided to repeat the entire process again: re applying the product and blotting very rigorously with the cloth. This time, with a little elbow grease the stain lifted off.  All in all the product does work and did remove the stain completely but I did have to REPEAT the cleaning process.

1001 Carpet Fresh

Carpet fresh comes in a range of different fragrances including spring blossom & mandarin, fresh linen & white flowers, Thai Orchid & Passionfruit, Thai Orchid Pet. This product does smell amazing!

This is a great product if you want a fresh clean smell throughout your home. It also eliminates pet odours and is quick drying and wool safe.

Remember a little goes a long way.

A great product to use on door mats between washing, the dreaded teenagers bedroom and if you have guests coming over it will give a fresh clean and inviting smell.

The 1001 carpet fresh smell lasted around 4 hours.

When using please follow the instruction and a little does go a long way. You do not need a whole can for one rug.

1001 Carpet Mousse

This product comes in a spray can and is great for both upholstery and carpets with an added fresh scent. To put this product to the test I used spilt coffee onto a lightly coloured carpet and left the coffee there untouched for an hour so the stain was dry and had worked its way into the carpet.

I actually really liked the mousse with just one squirt and a damp wet cloth the coffee was easily removed and the mousse itself started to turn brown so I could see the product really lifting the stain.

My top tip for carpet stains.

Always advise when cleaning up carpet stains always go for a white cloth as this way you can really the stain coming out of the carpet.

The 1001 carpet mousse smelt lovely and took hardly no scrubbing at all. Very impressed with the mousse and will be adding into my cleaning cupboard.

1001 Pet Stain Remover

This product comes in a trigger spray bottle and not only removes the stain but takes away those pesky pet odours that can sometimes linger. Works best on pet ‘wee’, hair balls or other pet related stains but for this experiment I had none of those to hand.

Hetty had fun helping me test this product, I let her run around in the mud so her paws were nice and dirty and then I let her come in all walk all over the carpet. Now as you know I wouldn’t normally do this but I really want to make sure I am putting the 1001 product range to the test.

The pet stain remover removed the muddy stains with absolute ease there was no need for any harsh scrubbing and the carpet was a good as new within seconds.

1001 Carpet Shampoo

So the shampoo is very foamy and a little goes a long way so do not over saturate your carpet when using. a damp cloth and little product is all you really need.

I used ground in BBQ sauce to put this one to the test. The BBQ sauce was squirted and left for over an hour in direct sun light so it was really dry and stuck into the carpet. The smell wasn’t pleasant at all.

1001 lifted the stain with ease with just on application and it removed both the stain and the horrid BBQ sauce smell.

Over all verdict

1001 passed my challenge and has performed well on all the tests I performed.

1001 can be found in Tesco, ASDA, Sainsbury’s, B&M, Home Bargains, Savers, The Range and Morrisons.

And for further information on the product range please hop over to the 1001 website click here

Thank you for taking the time to read how my 1001 carpet challenge went.

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

This is a sponsored post with 1001


  1. Thanks for this Lyndsey I have carpet on stairs and landing only, but I’d like to freshen it up so which product do you recommend the mouse or shampoo.?
    Many thanks

  2. Great recommendations! I enjoyed reading this. We have a lot family get-togethers and always have stains popping up from those. I am glad I came across this. We always recommend getting carpets cleaned regularly.

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