My review of the Vileda Park and Go Ironing board

My review of the Vileda Park and Go Ironing board

Whether you enjoy ironing or hate it, it is one of those domestic tasks that does need to be done at least once a week to stay on top and ensure all your family members have enough fresh, clean, ironed clothes.

I love ironing, there is nothing better than putting on a great film and getting stuck in on a cold winters day. It keeps me nice and warm and allows me to zone out for an hour or so.

Recently Vileda sent me FREE of charge their Park & Go Ironing board. Now when ironing it is so important to be comfortable, if you have a board that moves and wiggles it is going to make your ironing take so much longer and this will frustrate you. Also you need to make sure you have one that adjusts well in height. I am tall and I have bought boards in the past that haven’t gone up very high and have caused me back issues when ironing.

When choosing your ironing board please ensure that it can be set at your hip level as this will really help and not cause you any back issues. Also think of the weight when choosing a board. Years ago, ironing boards were made of wood and were very heavy but sturdy and not really the ideal material for ironing clothes on. These days most ironing boards are made with a metal, mesh top that will allow steam to pass through and evaporate.

I have been testing the Vileda Park & Go for the past week and I am so pleased to say it goes up nice and high which is great for me. It’s also really wide so perfect for ironing bedding and larger items. The wideness from the T Shape feet make it super sturdy too.

I am pleased to report that whilst ironing the Park & Go didn’t rock once. Plus due to the sturdiness I allowed the kids to join in, I have been reluctant in the past due to wobbly boards.


Main Features of the Park and Go

1 – Metalized practical parking some. The parking zone helps to reduce burn marks and keeps your cover looking good for longer/

2 – Kid safe. Has a click and stop height adjustment feature so even if your little ones decided to pull them self up using the legs you know that this sturdy board won’t suddenly collapse.

3 – Iron rest. This is a great size and will easily hold most steam generator irons safely

4 – Wide T Shape feet for extra stability. Does not slide on wooden and laminate flooring.

5 – TUV-GS tested & 3 years guarantee.

6 – Wide, so great for ironing those larger items

7 – Easy set up. Just one press and pops up early.

8 – Height.  Height adjustment from 77-95 cm

Queen of Clean rating
Steady, solid, large surface. Exactly the right item for the ironing. 
5 out 5.

Hope you liked my review and if you want to make your ironing easier you can pick up the Vileda Park & Go and go from…..





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