My Review of The Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB)

My Review of The Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer (NT M11 82XB)

A few weeks ago the lovely team over at HotPoint sent me over their new ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer to try to review. I was lucky enough to receive this item FREE of charge in return for the review. It was offered at the right time as my old one was literally on its last legs so I was so very grateful of the offer.

Being honest I am not a huge fan of tumble driers and only really use in the winter months for towels, bedding and underwear.  In the past I have found that tumble driers have a tendency to misshapen and shrink clothes and they are quite heavy on the electricity bill.

The ActiveCare is freestanding drier and holds up to 8kg which is great when you have big loads of washing like me.  My old tumble drier only had a few programmed settings but this one has 15 and even has a programme for drying cuddly toys.

1 – Mixed
2 – Eco cotton
3 – Synthetics
4 – Wool – endorsed by Woolmark, for complete peace of mind
5 – Silk
6 – Anti-allergy – approved by Allergy UK, effectively reduces and eliminates allergens
7 – Daily
8 – Cuddly toys
9 – Pre Iron – releases creases on already dried clothes
10 – Refresh – refreshing clothes by means of fresh air
11 – Duvet
12 – Bed and Bath
13 – Baby
14 – Jeans
15 – Shirts.

Personally I would never put jeans on wool’s in the tumble drier but after testing a few times I am now happy to do so.  There really is a programme for everything and best of all by using the correct programme you know your clothes are not going to lose fibres, lose shape or shrink.

It’s really easy to set the programme you simple turn the round dial and press start. The only negative I have with the programmes is some of them are quite long.

If you would rather not use a programme you can use timed drying which allows you to set the drying time of your choice. A few shirts will be dry within 30 minutes.

Its is really IMPORTANT that after EVERY use of the tumble dryer you must empty the water tank and clean the filter at the end of each drying cycle.

The ActiveCare programme better protects clothes, by reducing fabric wear out by up to 40 per cent. ActiveCare utilises a careful combination of Anti-Stress Movements, alongside Perfect Temperature Control, to reduce the production of lint and take better care of clothes.

Dramatic movements when drying clothes produce lint, which weakens and eventually wears out fabrics. When clothes are wet, their fibres are protected from chafing. However, when they begin to dry, their fibres are more exposed and are more likely to become damaged. ActiveCare’s Anti-Stress Movements ensure that as the load dries, they cling to the side of the drum minimising chafing and better protecting the clothes.

Fluctuating temperatures damage clothes, which is why careful control of temperature is important in a tumble dryer. Perfect Temperature Control closely monitors and precisely controls the ActiveCare tumble dryer’s temperature, to keep it constant and take better care of clothes.

Energy Efficient
Dispelling the myth that tumble dryers are inefficient and costly to run, the Hotpoint ActiveCare heat pump tumble dryer has an ‘A++’ energy rating. The innovative heat pump drying system uses warm air to remove moisture, which is then recycled through the machine, again and again, until the clothes are perfectly dry. The recycling of the air maximises energy efficiency and ensures a saving in energy usage of over 45 per cent.
Heat pump technology delivers the most efficient energy usage compared with condenser or vented tumble dryers. With an ‘A+’ heat pump tumble dryer you will save over 45% compared to a ‘B’ rated tumble dryer.

With more and more of us now thinking about the environment  with our household cleaning and laundry requirements this does makes this product stand out within its market.

Overall this is a great drier and has changed my views on tumble driers I shall now be using this to dry more of more of our clothing, including jeans and woollen jumpers, as I feel confident enough it won’t cause any damage.  It is also really quiet and looks really modern and stylish to compliment any laundry space.

Can be purchased from AO and VERY Priced at £429.99.

Hope you found this useful

Thank you for reading

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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