8 Decor Ideas to Improve the Look of Office Receptions

8 Decor Ideas to Improve the Look of Office Receptions

The office reception is the first place the client visits. Office reception has a great importance in impacting clients, especially the new ones. The reception is a place where you can showcase your company culture easily.

The appearance of the office reception is essential in order to maintain the value of the company. Everybody gets to visit the office reception so impression it creates matters a lot.

Here are 8 décor ideas to improve the look of office reception:

Comfortable furniture

The sofa or furniture used in the office reception has to the comfortable. The look or the appearance of the furniture also matters but the comfort matters more. Elegant looking furniture but not comfortable will not satisfy the customers. So, check if the furniture is comfortable to sit before bringing them.

The cost of the furniture and sofa depends on the materials used. There few companies which are experts on these issues. You can consult them to bring the furniture which fit your budget and interior. This will make your reception more welcoming and warm for the customers.

Silk plants

Silk plants are the plants which are made of silk materials. Place silk plants in the reception area. They are much suitable in the corners are beside the furniture or help-desks. They make the office reception area look welcoming and warm.

The silk materials are of different types. So, the silk plants are also available in various types. They have a unique property of the shiny surface. They are very attractive and beautiful. They are made in various heights so you can bring in silk plants with different heights and place them at different places. Tall ones near help desks, short ones beside the sofa. This will make your office reception look inviting.

Wall art and stickers

The walls of the reception cannot be plain and dull. They have to be designer with something attractive. There are new wall decors which are called as wall art or wall stickers. They fill the wall with beautiful artwork and make the walls attractive.

The wall art is a theme which is created by the designers and implemented in the form of wall paints or wall stickers. There are also wall stickers which are just printed and you can build a theme sticking them to the walls. They the easiest ways of decorating the reception walls. They are affordable and do not spoil the wall or wall paint.

Silk floral arrangements

Silk floral arrangements are the most trending office decors. There are various designs available in floral arrangements. Make a unique or sensible silk floral arrangement at your office reception. It is possible to do it by your staff but if you do not like to involve them, you can take help o professionals.

Silk floral arrangements are best done by the professionals. They will measure the reception space and decide the best design for you. The quality and the quantity of the silk flowers you bring are made the best use of. So, implement a silk floral arrangement at your office reception area.

Metal finish

Metal finish has its own importance in decoration. The metallic finish gives a complete look and makes the place look classic and elegant. Add metallic finish to the reception disk, sofas, furniture, decors and wall corners. They add value to the place.

The more rich, elegant and classy your reception appears more impressed your clients will be. So, give a metal touch to all the elements in the reception area. The advantage of using these metal frames is that, how much ever you use it, it won’t look messy. Instead, it keeps enhancing the look of the place.

Topiary trees

The topiary trees are not any new decors in the industry. They have survived in the trend along with other new decors. It shows how beautiful and brilliant these topiary trees are. They are adaptable, manageable, and flexible. They are best to create different and unique forms like logos and structures like animals.

Topiary trees add more fun and uniqueness to the place. Adding animal form topiary trees would make your office reception look attractive and special. Company logo or the name could be formed using topiary trees. So, add them to make your office reception look special.

Designer floor mats

Designer floor mats are the mats which have trendy designs over them. They are made to suit commercial places. This helps you in utilizing the floor beautifully to improve the look of the office reception. They are made of varieties of materials. Sometimes materials are mixed to create unique designs. The floor mats create an impact on the visitors. The floor has to be clean and appealing to the customers.

The designer floor mats are custom made. They create them according to your requirements. You can check out the theme or the interior decors of your office reception area and then decide. You can contact an interior designer to help you with the design selection. This will definitely help you in improving the look of your office reception.

Air refreshers

The odour or the fragrance of the place involved in creating an impression on the clients. As the reception areas are important, their fragrance is also important. So, try to add some air refreshers to the office reception area. They are available in various scents of flowers and fruits.

Depending on the purpose of your company you can bring air refreshers. They eliminate bad odor and adds a sweet fragrance to the place. Spray them time to time to maintain the air of the office reception area. They are affordable and everywhere available.


Above are the 8 décor ideas to improve the look of office reception. It can be understood by anybody and can be implemented. These ideas suit any type of company’s office reception. They are easily adaptable and maintainable. They are affordable too. So, execute the ones which suit your taste and the company.



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