Queen of Clean does Christmas Week 5

Queen of Clean does Christmas Week 5

Welcome to week 5 of The Queen Does Christmas and this week are………

Christmas Decorations. 

Get the decorations out and have a good sort through, what you don’t need donate to charity or sell on one of the selling sites. As your home interior changes your decorations will probably change too and don;t hold on if you really don’t think you will use again.

Give them a freshen up and check bulbs on the lights. Do you remember when I bleached my baubles on OC?……Never lived this down!

Decide where decorations are going to go and work out if you need anything extra to fill in gaps.

As this week is all about decorations do a check on your Christmas table decor, wash and iron linen and napkins so they are all ready nice and early.

If you use disposable now s a good time to by these bits as you will find that shops sell out quick and if you want everything to match get in quick.

Sort out table decorations look at what you have and wash and iron or donate to charity if you are planning a different theme.


If you have young children who will be receiving large toys take a check on what they have in their rooms and if they have outgrown or no longer play then its time to donate or sell.  Clear space for the new items that you know are coming so after Christmas you aren’t left with a pile of gifts and no home for them.

Invest in plastic toy tubs for new items to go in. The under the Under the Bed,ones are really good and save space too.

If you have older children use this week to have a good wardrobe de-clutter, they may be expecting new clothes and trainers so look at what they have so no repeat buys occur and donate clothing that no longer fits. Invest in some good storage solutions too.  Teenager underwear drawers can get messy believe me I know so consider fold-able fabric storage boxes. I find these really handy.

Storage Baskets, are also a great way to keep bedrooms tidy.

Use these weeks before it all goes really made to try to get really organised in the home.  Go through cupboards and be ruthless. Make space for guests and for gifts.

You will be really grateful that you tackled these jobs early nearer the time.

Be prepared if you need more support with declutter I have done a few more blogs to help encourage and motivate. Please CLICK HERE

Hope this has helped.

Thank you for reading and taking part

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo



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