Household items that you can forget to clean.

Out of sight out of mind is the saying.  If you can’t see it then others won’t see it and does it need to be factored into your cleaning routine

There are some items in the home that we can just forget to clean.

The Bathroom Extractor Fan

When we the last time you eve though to you yourself I must give my extractor fans a good clean. Extractor fans are one of the most annoying things to clean in your home, they are up high in bathrooms so often out of sight.  But they collect dust and lots of it! The dust soon clogs up and they no longer become effective!  Take a duster or hoover nozzle to them weekly stretch up high and give them a dust. If the dust has really built up get up there with an old mascara brush or ear bud to release the dirt.

Devices/TV remotes

We spend so much time on our devices these day but how often do you clean them? Simply wipe then daily with a antibacterial cleaner and a microfiber cloth to keep those germs at bay. Just think your phone can often be put on some very dirty coffee tables when out and about. Did you know that your phone carries more germs than a toilet seat?

Lights/Lamp shades

Light fittings are highly neglected when it comes to cleaning. Make a point monthly of simply giving them a wipe using a microfiber cloth or duster. Make sure the light is turned off as you don’t want a nasty accident. For lampshades grab a lint roller and go over them do gently pick up any settled dust.

Door frames

Dust really settles on internal door frames so make a point of a dry dusting session weekly to and go around all your door frames. You will be surprised at what you see on your cloth!.When people visit your home they can be sneaky and do the door frame test so be prepared!

PVC around doors and windows

As much as we clean our windows and doors sometimes the frames can be neglected, grubby finger marks and marks from opening and closing and coming in and out can easily occur.  I find a damp cloth and a tiny amount of cream cleaner work really at keeping PVC looking really clean and bright.

Brooms, hoovers and dusters

Things that clean for you need to be cleaned!There’s no point cleaning with a dirty tools! Soak your broom and duster heads in water mixed with washing up liquid and dry naturally outside or on the windows sill and then with your hoover make sure you empty the dust or change the bag weekly and give it a rinse through.

Washing Machine

Mould and residue can build up inside your washing machine, so run some white wine vinegar through it on a regular basis or some specialist washing machine cleaner. If your machine needs a deeper clean CLICK HERE

Shower curtain

I get so many questions about shower curtains have an orange effect on the bottom. This is often caused by limescale.  Take your shower curtain down every so often and pop alone in the washing machine with white wine vinegar rather than detergent.  After use always make sure you pull it and allow it to dry keeping your bathroom window open so it can really air dry.

House plants

You may think its a bit bizarre to hoover your house plants but dust really does settle on those leave.  Give them a light nozzle hoover or wipe over with a micro fibre cloth.

Behind the loo

You may keep the pan and the seat nice and clean but how often do you get on your hands and knees and get right to the back of your toilet?  Get down and dirty weekly to keep your toilet in tip-top conditioner and dust free. Have you read my guide on how to give your toilet a proper clean

I would be really interested to know what you forget to clean?

Thanks for reading
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxox

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