Christmas Count Down Week 2

Welcome to week 2 on how to be organised for Christmas. I picked up a few little stocking fillers over the weekend and have popped them in one of my special hiding places.  Feel so much better knowing the Christmas process has actually started.

If like me you have actually started then don’t forget to keep a log of what you are buying.  It’s easy to forget. Download my present buying printable

This week its time to start thinking about you so my advise is:

Book those Appointments

Whether its hair cuts for the whole family dental appointment’s or beauty treatments now is the time to get these booked in. Make the calls this week and get these written down with reminders added to your phones. Most places will have their Xmas diaries open now and will start to be taking appointments so beat the rush and get in quick.  Nearer the time you may not actual no longer need the appointment but at least you have the option.

Pet Plans

You may be going away this Christmas or be spending times at various other people’s houses. Pets aren’t always welcome so start to think about where they can go. Book into a kennels or see if friends and family are around to support you. Don’t ask people a week before as the chances are they will be booked up to.

Baby Sitters

If you have younger children and you have few Christmas functions to attend now is the time to start to get book your baby sitter. They will appreciate the notice and you can go ahead and plan your nights’s out with one less thing to worry about.

Children social calendar

Last week Jake came home from school with a list of dates for the whole school year. I absolutely love it when schools are super organised as it keep me organised too. Anything related to Christmas get on the calendar now and set your reminders. It may just be something as simple as Christmas Jumper Day but as least you won’t forget!

Always back up your calendar bookings. I use a family calendar so that everyone can see and set reminders in mine and my husbands phones. This way the chances of you forgetting are actually quite slim.

Thank you for reading and taking part in my Christmas Count Down

Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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