The Ultimate Guide To Exterior House Cleaning

The Ultimate Guide To Exterior House Cleaning

While your humble abode may be sparkling clean, hygienic and clutter free, you need to ensure that the exterior of your home is equally as impressive. The curb appeal of our property is often neglected in favour of the interior. You spend most of your time sitting in front of the TV with family, cooking up a storm in the kitchen, enjoying the sanctuary of your bathroom and relaxing in your bedroom. Why would you focus your efforts on your driveway, your window dressings or the dodgy bit of paving at the front of your home? It’s important to have the same standard of cleanliness across every part of your pad. Take a look at these simple ways to maintain the exterior of your home.

Look Up

Allow your driveway and garden to take a back seat for a moment and focus on the upper reaches of your property. If the roof of your home is looking shabby, there are holes, or you are simply in need of some decent gutter cleaning, then you need to locate the services of a professional. While you might be able to give the tiles a jet wash, sometimes more sophisticated maintenance is needed for the integrity and safety of your home. Damp patches could form after a particularly heavy downpour, so it’s vital that the shell of your pad is watertight.


Even if you don’t have a green-fingered bone in your body and your horticultural knowledge is zero, it’s important that you create an easy to maintain patch of greenery at the front of your home. Consider picking up some alpine foliage that can be pretty much left to its own devices. Place this in a rockery style feature and all you’ll need to do is mow the lawn and water the plants. If you have some plant beds, make sure that these are weeded regularly. Surrounding your property you might want some pot plants, an ornamental tree or two and some colourful hanging baskets on display. Greenery and fauna can lift the frontage of any property, making it look more appealing from the roadside.


Whether your driveway is tarmac, brick paving or shale, there will inevitably be times when tiny weeds break through the underlining. The best way to approach this problem is to jet wash the entire driveway, removing the weeds from the root. Then, put down a spray that kills the remaining offshoots of any weed. In the summer you may spy ant nests or spiders lurking around your humble abode. Forget the ugly white ant powder and use some sweet smelling traps to lure them away from your paving. If spiders are an issue, place conkers around the entrance to your home. These act as a deterrent to any arachnid.

Your home is your castle, both internally and externally. It doesn’t take long to maintain your driveway, your garden, and your roof. Take pride in your home and use these nifty tricks to help the facade of your dwelling to match your interior cleanliness.

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