Queen of Clean does Christmas week 1

Queen of Clean does Christmas week 1

Do you want to beat the rush this Christmas and be super organised?

If you do then you must stay tuned and follow the Queen of Clean does Christmas.

Welcome to week 1 we are now on our 10 week Christmas countdown. I really can’t believe it’s nearly that time of year again.   Some of you may have already started planning and preparing your Christmas which is amazing.

I love Christmas it’s a very magical time of the year and as much as I love to be organised I don’t like to start too soon, I always like to live in the moment and not wish my life away too much. I very sadly had a friend that passed away a few years ago in the October one thing she used to comment on was why they started Christmas so quickly in the shops when for some people it was very hard to see.  She knew she wouldn’t see that Christmas and I know it hurt her so very much.

So let the countdown begin and may your Christmas be super organised.

Week one

Set a budget

Family budgets can change yearly so it’s always important to plan your budget for food, presents, decorations, outfits and social events. To keep organised with you present buying download my Present buying printable this way you can set your budget and list what you have brought.

Start buying those gifts

As of now I will start to pick up a few bits each week and I will list what I have brought using my Present buying printable that I will carefully have hidden in my diary.  There have been years where I have brought items and had no idea who the gift was for. Always with the children I like to make sure I am spending an equal amount of money. Plan a shopping day with friends or family.

Find a hiding place

Choose your hiding places wisely and clear a space. I tend to clear out one of my clothes drawers in the bedroom and this always gets me started.  There are plenty of hiding places in your home if you think about it. My tops places listed here

Book tickets

If you planning a family outing to the local pantomime, or a visit to see father Christmas then get this tickets booked now.

Social planning

Start talking to family members and friends and set aside dates aside time to see people.  You don’t want to double book do you?

Week one done thank you so much for reading and I hope this inspires you to be organised this year.

Lots of Love
Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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