Households Are Preparing For The Cold, Are You?

Households Are Preparing For The Cold, Are You?

What a beautiful year it’s been. Lots of sunshine and heat, making many people choose not to leave to go on holiday, but to enjoy the British heatwave. There was much joy and fun where kids got to play in the pool late into the night, and a good cold one went down easier than ever. That time shall be remembered for the great family times we had, but it’s time to admit that it’s over. Summer has faded away and is becoming a distant memory. Autumn is here now and with it, rain and wind has arrived too. Before you can adjust to the new weather, winter shall be upon us. For the next 6 months, you can expect nothing but cold temperatures and blustery winds. A family household is most vulnerable at this moment of the year, as heating bills soar and just getting the car to start for work in the morning becomes something you regret taking for granted. Households can prepare for the cold now so they’re not caught out come the new year.

Replace the worn

Any worn out clothes and items you have around the home should be replaced. Socks especially should be given the old heave ho, and brand new pairs should be bought for the cold. Replace the synthetic socks with a cotton blend or go all out and buy thick thermal socks instead. T-shirts that have been ripped, torn or thinned out by the washing machine need to go also. They merely act as something to cover you up, not provide comfort or warmth. Any trousers that have been worn down, suffered rips and scuffs that have weakened the material should also be considered for replacement. Children especially are rough with their clothes, so you’re more than likely to find some clothing items they wear that need replacing in time for the colder months.

Unstoppable heat

During the winter, it’s common for electrical lines to go down, due to flooding or ice damage on the pylons. Gas lines are also prone to failures as winter damage on the nuts and joints of pipelines is also common. What can keep your family warm throughout the harshness of winter are bunded tanks. These store oil safely and can be used by oil boilers, that burn a small flame and heat up the water in your central heating system. These tanks can be stored outside, during the winter and still work fine despite snow and ice build-up. Steel bunded oil tanks are perhaps one of the best kinds on the market as they have a lot of insulation and protection for the contents. Unlike normal bunded tanks that come with homes, these tanks range in the tens of thousands capacity and not around 400-500 litres. Bear in mind, a 500-litre tank may last you 6-8 weeks, but a tank that is 10,000 litres will last you a considerable amount of time longer.

It’s a comforting thought to know that even if the gas and electricity fail in your home, you still have bunded oil tanks to keep your home warm throughout the entirety of winter. But make the effort, and replace clothes that aren’t fit for the 6 months of cold rushing in.

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