My review of Spontex Cleaning Cloths

My review of Spontex Cleaning Cloths

When cleaning it’s not just about having the right type of cleaning products but having the best types of cloths too. Choosing the right tools for any job is half the battle and a good-work man will never blame his tools. When it comes to cleaning if you are using the wrong cleaning cloth you may find you start to struggle and those annoying streaks appear and no matter how hard you rub sometimes they just won’t go away.

There is a huge choice on the market and I do like to test them all it’s what makes cleaning even more fun for me.

When spontex got in touch and asked me to test some of their cloths I was delighted I have used Spontex in the past and always enjoyed.  But I didn’t realise how big their range of cleaning cloths was.  I was so surprised.

The magic effect cloths quite literally jumped at me. Just through the packaging the texture looked amazing and I had to try this straight away. A texture I had never felt with a cleaning cloth before a little like a car shammy cloth but a lot softer in touch.  The magic cloth also comes with a little hole on one of the corners which is absolutely perfect for hanging the cloth after use and keeping the storage so easy.

I have tested these cloths on my bath, kitchen surfaces, table, bed frames and I can honestly say I absolutely LOVE THEM and I shall definitely be buying them again and again. I found they dried the kitchen surfaces really quickly and were great at absorbing spillages too. A fabulous size with 3 different colours in the pack. Which makes it easier for having a different cloth for a different cleaning job.

I have also tested:

All of which were great and can be used with just water alone. Giving you chemical FREE cleaning and removing 99% of bacteria from your home. The cloths in the Spontex range are machine washable up to 60 degrees but do not use any fabric conditioner and don’t put them in the tumble drier either.

If you like my review and choose to purchase but decide you don’t like them Spontex will give you your money back. The Try Me Love Me stickers can be found on the front of the packaging. You can purchase Spontex products online Enter Spontex Store or in most supermarkets.

As always thank you very much for reading my review. This is my honest opinion and I will genuinely continue to use.

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Lynsey Queen of Clean xoxo

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