Polti Giveaway now over

Polti Giveaway now over

I have teamed up with Polti to bring you a fabulous summer giveaway. The item on offer is the La Vaporella XM80R Iron  which is worth £299.00

This iron will make your ironing quick and easy and irons any type of fabric perfectly from silk to linen.

Extra warranty, maximum reliability

Only with La Vaporella is the boiler guaranteed for 10 years against any damage caused by limescale.

*This additional warranty is valid only if the product is registered within 30 days of its purchase, and the receipt is retained.

Perfect ironing, minimum effort

The innovative multidirectional curved soleplate with antiscratch coating allows perfect results in one pass. The high precision tip reaches difficult places and the concentration of steam in this area also smooths out difficult creases. The rounded edges for 360° ironing allow perfect smoothness without effort, easily navigating obstacles such as buttons, collars, pockets … The uniform distribution steam channels allow faster ironing for professional results in a very short time.

Some of the features of the La Vaporella are:

  • Powerful boiler up to 7 BAR and pump to 15 BAR (max
  • Unlimited working autonomy with 1.5 L removable tank
  • STEAM PULSE function: 450g
  • 4 preset ironing programs
  • UNIVERSAL program for ironing all types of fabric
  • TURBO program for the most stubborn creases
  • Rapid heating: ready in 2 minutes
  • Auto shut-off function
  • Iron lock for safe transport
  • LED indicators on the handle of the iron
  • Handle with non-slip rubber insert
  • Made in Italy.

To enter this amazing summer giveaway all you need to do is  FOLLOW the POLTI INSTAGRAM PAGE  @polti_uk  or if  you are on FACEBOOK the FACEBOOK PAGE Facebook link . and comment below with your instagram handle or facebook name  (this is so we can check you are following Polti) and how you could benefit from winning this prize.

Myself and Polti shall be choosing the winner.

The giveaway is open to UK residents and aged over 18 years. The giveaway shall close on Thursday 16th August and the winner announced on Friday 17th.

If you aren’t lucky enough to win I have a unique discount code for this product. LAVAP60QOC giving you £40.00 off.  This code is valid until the end of August 2018.

Good luck everyone. 


  1. Instagram – @cleanwithmeg_
    Facebook – Megan Ashpole
    This would be a god send to me, I run my ironing business from home. This would make my life so much easier and ironing would get done a lot quicker! ?? xx

  2. Having this Polti iron would change my life as it will make ironing so much easier especially when ironing all the bed sheets and shirts. It will be a breeze with this Polti iron. Thank you (paulhunt007 – Instagram)

  3. @paulajones90

    I have recently lost weight and am starting to fit into old clothes which have been shoved at the back of my wardrobe. I struggle to iron with my current iron, its cheap and it takes so long to iron just one item.og clothing! I have a painful shoulder and I struggle to do this and you’re recent videos of the Polti iron make ironing look like such an easy task! I would really benefit from this by making ironing an absolute doddle and not a task I keep putting off

  4. @gemmahsmith1983 this iron would be a dream come true for me! With a family of boys, there’s always washing to be done and therefore lots of ironing! So glad to be able to to enter to win such a fabulous iron!

  5. Instagram emma lou_at_132
    OMG I was just thinking on my way into work this morning how I can turn my spare room into a lovely ironing room. I would absolutely love this Polti iron as I’m obsessed with ironing! Thanks Emma x

  6. Ivfmummyto2boys and Facebook Kirsty humphrey

    Polti iron would make a massive difference to me and my family 2 young boys under 2 years old and to make my life so quick with an easy iron and even on the Spanish clothing too plus husband’s work shirt as a normal one don’t cut the good properly with both clothing plus I’ve always wanted one of these too as they are so super evident ironing is my happy place and throphutic

    Good luck everyone!!!

    Linsey just want to say your so inspiring love your post so helpful to me plus my mum even said how my cleaning gone far as I used to struggle now on top with it all love the 5 mins clean too xxx

    • Ok, and it would change my life because at the moment the only things that get ironed really are the kids school uniforms. My iron is so useless that I just can’t face doing anything more than the bare minimum!

  7. @tpain23 – I’ve had the same iron since my son was born, 10 years ago, it just about functions, albeit some limescale, would absolutely love the opportunity to win the Polti, it would mean my 4 children’s uniforms would look amazing, I find my iron just doesn’t get the stubborn creases out, unfortunately an iron has been at the bottom of our ‘to buy’ list, as children can be very expensive. Even though we both work full time, it’s just something that gets forgotten. Good luck all xx

  8. Instagram handle – @amh0610

    This iron would be an absolute god send to me. Having just moved in with my parter we have 3 children between us (1 of my own and 2 of his) and the shear amount of washing and ironing I now have to do has been somewhat of a shock lol. My iron is about 15 years old and although it’s been looked after very well I think it’s time for it to be put out Pasteur lol.

    Good luck everyone ??

    Thanks Lyndsey for the opportunity to win this amazing prize.

  9. Insta @amylouisa – Facebook Amy Louiisa Swainson
    I would love to win this iron, I only have your bog standard iron which never seems to get out all the creases, which makes me always put off doing my ironing till last minute. This would help so much so I can get through my ironing pile quicker, without leaving those annoying hard to get out creases.

  10. Hello just want to say I’m also a crazy cleaner and love your top tips! Think my partner thinks I’m bonkers!!!
    With a family of 4 boys as you can imagine I’m always ironing ALOT!!! This iron would be going to good use in our busy house hold it’s not something we could normally afford so I’m taking a chance!!!
    Fingers crossed!!!! ? jody_hampshire

  11. The Polti really would make a huge difference to me. With 3 boys, a hard working husband and mother with severe arthritis, I have ALOT of ironing to do! I’ve got back and shoulder problems from the 3 pregnancies and all of the fabulous functions like the turbo option and non sticky handle on the Polti sound like a dream ? Please pick me…. I’ll tell all my mummy friends too!!

  12. I would love to win the polti iron my current iron is very old but due to being unable to work since January it’s bottom of my list to replace as spare money goes on my daughter ! It would make life so much easier for me as it will cut down the time spent standing and ironing as it is amazing and will help me in my recovery from my back operation !
    Instagram kellyswindell73

  13. @mrssarahhunter

    My last pressurised steam iron has gone kaput and I’m having to use a normal steam iron, safe to say I’m hating it you forget how good the beast irons are!!

    Love following your Instagram too it has made my cleaning so much easier when the kids are around on school holidays as I can do it around them instead dog stressing stuff won’t get done

  14. Just love your work and what you do! A true inspiration to everyone! My instagram name is xx_shelbyjade

    Good luck everyone?

  15. I would love to win this Polti iron because it would make the task of ironing less daunting, as with 3 children in the house, we go through a lot of washing and ironing!

    Life is busy and stressful enough, ironing is here to stay so let’s make it as easy and stress free as possible. Plus, it would be a lovely mummy treat for me ??‍♀️

    Candlepants1 – Instagram handle.

    Thank you Xx

  16. @v33ndy Facebook: hayley vendyback

    Recently revamped my house so now I’m revamping my wardrobe and what better way to keep it looking fab with a new swish iron. Yes please! ??

  17. This would help so much with day to day life! Myself, partner and wee boy have just bought our first home which we are renovating, so finding time to do the ironing is a bit of a task! This took me two hours last night, so with the help of the Pilot it would cut this in half easily. Having a good quality iron would be great, as it is something we just couldn’t afford.

    Good luck everyone!

    Instagram: amyfarquharsonx

  18. Not sure if I’ve done this right can’t see comment. I’m not a keen ironer so I think having the polti would encourage me more and be a dream to use by the look of it.

  19. As a young family with 4 boys as you can imagine I have a lot of ironing!!!! ALOT!! ? this would be a massive help to me! Also it’s not something we could ever afford so for me it would be like Christmas!!! ? jody_hampshire
    I’m not on Facebook only insta (photo addict)

  20. @gemmaoz2016 my husband and I hate ironing, so I’m left to do it all 🙁 with a never ending pyle. If I won this iron the husband would finally help out which would be wonderful – at least after iv had time to play with it first though ?xx

  21. Would definitely love this iron! So much quicker and easier to get through the ironing pile! Would absolutely love it ????

  22. beccamundy95
    I just got married and have never experienced this amount of washing before, my husband goes through about 3 outfits a day! A good iron would be amazing to replace my £4 Wilko’s one. Thank you for the opportunity Lynsey!

  23. @gemmalynch_ I have been dreaming if an iron like this for years but as a full time mature student is out if my price range. This would help me so much with the ironing for myself and three children. It would be amazing to whizz through ironing instead of only getting done a few pieces at a time because there are just not enough hours in the day x

  24. Having a Polti iron would make my life sooo much easier. With working full time, being a mum of 2 and studying to become a paramedic, ironing can sometimes be a chore. Winning this iron would save me lots of time ? thank you
    (@mrs.r.c – Instagram)

  25. charleyy_ox is my IG username.

    I have a family of 4 and this September my youngest starts school too (yay double the uniform ?). Unfortunately if there is one thing this Mum is not good at… it’s the ironing!! So fingers crossed that I win ?? so my children can have a less creased uniform this year ? Also with the addition of an amazing iron, maybe even hubby could have a go too!!

    Thanks & good luck to everyone that enters too ☺️

  26. @tinasophia86 I would love to win this iron!! I’ve never been that good at ironing and this would help me out. I’d never be able to afford to buy one either so to win this would be amazing. ?

  27. I would love to win this! It certainly would make my busy work life easier.
    I get paid to iron people’s clothes which can be a nightmare after a long day.
    It would be amazing the whizz through the pile like this.
    Also I’m yet to find one that is good enough to iron curtains haha

  28. @baywindowsinbrum
    If I won I might actually do some ironing… at the moment I don’t iron anything because it just takes so long and I end up ironing in new creases!

  29. @thepartykitchenessex
    I would love a proper posh iron, I have to iron tablecloths for my afternoon tea business (I am a small one woman business) and it’s a nightmare with my rubbish iron, I dread using it and takes me hours

  30. @sincerely_julesx …oh my goodness, this would be an absolute godsend. I have two (very active!) little ones who keep me on my toes, so by the time they’ve gone to bed, the ironing pile just gets ignored as I’m so tired and my current iron is pants! I’d really love this Polti iron as it would speed up the process and make ironing less of a chore! Good luck everyone and thank you! ?

  31. I would live to win this having twins and a 1 year old all 3 and under I struggle with time as it is so the free time I have is tuck up for house hold jobs , having this iron would cut my ironing time back and giving me the much needed rest for a bubble baths ! Working part time and having 3 3 and under is hardwork! X love @threegirlssandme xx

  32. Would be amazing to win the Polti. My partner has recently started a more office based job -after years of wearing polo shirts not needing ironing- he now wears shirts. This has meant my ironing pile has increased by double. Winning this would make my task of ironing so much quicker and easier!! It also looks simply enough to use for my partner that even he can not ruin any clothing items!! I have my fingers crossed! Leanne (ourfirstlittlehome.xo -instragram)

  33. My Instagram handle is @hannahsqu
    I’d love to win this iron as I’m a trainee teacher and it would be perfect for ironing all of my teacher clothes! And this is definitely something that doesn’t normally fit in with my student budget!

  34. anniemacx- with a new house (which doesn’t have an iron yet) and a young baby this would help me out loads! With a pile of baby clothes and lots of curtains and new bedding to iron this would be amazing:) xx

  35. I would love this as I hate ironing but can’t put clothes away in wardrobes until they are ironed so this would be a great motivation! @lea_jacko

  36. My current iron is broken. I am always complaining clothes looks wrinkled even after ironing! This would really save my fiance listing to my moans!!

    Instagram- @Rachelcl29

  37. @fatz_k93
    would love to win this for my mum who has trapped nerves on both her arms and she may have to have an operation soon and she has to iron for 7 other family members. this would make her life easier x

  38. Ive had my eye on one of these for a while but simply cannot afford! Single parent doing my best I love to iron! When I put my little girl to bed at night the iron comes straight out! I do other people’s ironing for some spare cash so this would be AMAZING to have. Absolutely love Lindseys page, look forward every day to seeing your posts! Xxxx instagram: @clobellaa

  39. I hate ironing! I avoid it whenever possible but I think this new iron would make ironing a breeze and help me get through my huge pile
    Thank you (peoniesandladybugs)

  40. @gogogail – instagram…. This iron looks amazing! Always admired the polti brand ? having this would make ironing the endless family ironing piles so much more enjoyable! Lynsey your tips are fab! Love them!! Thanks for having such an amazing competition xx

  41. @megstrads we would love to win this as we are currently looking to move into our first home together and this would help us out so much 🙂 ps love your insta stories!

  42. I work full time Monday to Friday & spend at least 5 hours a week ironing with 3 of those being on a Sunday whilst I’m cooking Sunday dinner!!
    If I could half the time I do it in, it would give me a much needed rest.

  43. I need this iron in my life! I have a family of boys and the washing and ironing is endless! I’m a working mum and this would definitely help minimise the amount of time I spend ironing every day!!

    Instagram – @linseydunnxx

  44. Omg I need this in my life… I hate ironing and always put it off untill myself and family have nothing in wardrobes to wear ???
    emmlou78 (instagram)

  45. Wow an amazing prize! I have 3 children and one on the way my feeling are this iron could change hours of ironing into a dream and more time with the little ones. Would love to win.

  46. Instagram : aliceeliza19
    My daughter starts school in September and I feel like this iron would make those Sunday night’s ironing school uniform so much easier! What a fabulous giveaway. My Instagram is private will this effect you being able to see who I follow? I’ll send you a dm on Insta ☺

  47. @cross_layla

    What a stunning giveaway! Winning the Polti iron would change my life in a massive way. Since June last year I have had 3 brain surgeries and have been housebound and unable to keep on top of the housework especially the ironing for our family of 5. It would be lovely to win this and make sure my children are crease free when they go back to school lol xxxxx

  48. Instagram @rachelanne1972
    Facebook Rachel Sinderby

    I’ve never had a really good iron and always got by using cheap supermarket ones. Now my kids are grown up they do their own ironing so a nice new professional iron would be useful for the whole family.

  49. Instagram: soph_turner

    I would love to win this product as I’m due to move into my first home in a couple of months and I’m awful at ironing! So now that I haven’t got my Mum on hand to do all the tricky bits for me, any help would be eternally grateful!! This product would make the task of ironing a lot easier for me especially as my other half has to wear shirts to work which I’m already getting anxious about ironing!

  50. I need this iron?. Having moved in with my boyfriend a year ago, discovering he wears Egyptian cotton shirts to work nearly everyday! My little iron takes a shocking 25 mins to iron all the creases on each one and even then they don’t look crisp! This would save us both from countless arguments about who is doing the ironing that week with our terrible iron! ?#saveus

  51. @katie_deighton
    My current iron is absolutely useless, brought it a couple of years ago. It does the job eventually but ironing for 4 of us takes up the whole evening. This iron would be so beneficial to me & give me more time to relax or find more tidying to do?. Would love to win! ??Xxx

  52. Instagram- @emmak956
    I am a nurse in the nhs and this would make my life so much easier. The last thing I want to do is a big pile of ironing before and after work so if this will cut down my time I would feel a lot more organised having my ironing done

  53. Would love to win this brilliant iron because ironing is not my favourite household job but it will make it 1000 times more enjoyable and easier using this amazing iron? @newbuildlife_

  54. Bethanyalisonx
    Would love to win this! I’ve had the same iron for 15 years ? I hate ironing but this sounds like it would make it a breeze!

  55. Instagram @kj2534

    Hi Lynsey,

    I would love this iron. I have 3 small children (including a newborn) and it would just save me so much time!! Thank you for your brilliant hints and tips. I’ve started incorporating them into my daily routine!

  56. Having one of these irons would be a life saver in my house!!!
    Instagram – @ourhomenumber12
    Facebook – Atlanta Barratt

  57. We are just about to move house so having this amazing new iron would be so helpful for us. We are recent graduates moving in to our new home and would absolutely love to potentially win this giveaway ☺️

    My Instagram handle is @eleanornashsoprano xx

  58. This would be a game changer for me as a singke mum with 3 kids and one autistic i can do 3 loads of washing a day and time is hard to fined so to get the ironing done quicker and better would be a massive help hiving me more time with the kids my iron now is not fun and hard work to use

  59. @leighbuick
    This iron would mean the world to me, I am a single mum of 3 boys so this would get my iron done in much quicker time to free up much needed time for me to spend doing other stuff it would be a dream come true to win this great product.

  60. Hi my instagram is @missquilt I am a single foster Carer with a very messy 16yr old girl! Washing is a nightmare and I am trying to get her to be more involved with her own chores, i hope I win this as it would definitely help me with the battle!
    Thank you x

  61. @claireosully92

    Claire O’Sullivan

    Working as an NHS nurse within the community and a pre-hospital Nurse, time is very valuable to me, having something like this would free up more time for me and make my uniform lovely and crisp whilst enjoying the hours I have off from work! Thank you for giving us this opportunity to win such a great product!

  62. Hiya really need this polti iron well make my teen to do more ironing and enjoy it. Plus as one of my children getting married this iron well make my life easy ironing the heavy embroidery clothes. So won’t be stress and then I can whizz through all the clothes. ?

  63. Instagram – joygascoigne
    Facebook. – Joy Gascoigne (Joy Clough)
    Fantastic giveaway from Polti & Lynsey!!
    Good Luck everyone.

  64. @becbop14
    This iron would really save me sooo much time doing the ironing. I hate the ironing and working full time and keeping the house clean is a tough balance. Good luck everyone.
    P.s you are such an inspiration thank you. Xx

  65. @kellie_engf_meehan would love this to keep on top of my ironing. It would be so useful and quicker so I can spend more time with my 4 beautiful girls and hubby to be ?

  66. Insta: @house.i.call.home
    This would be amazing as my iron is on its last legs I’ve had it 10 years but i don’t have the spare cash to just go out and buy a good amazing iron like this one your kindly giving away!
    Thanks for the chance to win xx

  67. This is an amazing competition! I have a rubbish old cheap iron I use and it completely puts me off doing it! I admired your new iron on your Instagram stories and would love to have one of my own! Thank you for this opportunity ❤️ X

    My instagram handle is @dollypennie

  68. Instagram – jadeandrocco

    I would benefit from this iron as I don’t currently own one and never iron a thing , if it needs ironing I use straightners ? or have to go to my mums to iron something. I’m due a new baby in November and need to iron all his stuff & at the moment have put if off for so long as need to trapce it all to my mums to do.

  69. Instagram – @samantha_smith17x

    What an amazing competition! My iron broke two weeks ago & I haven’t been able to afford a new one as of yet! The washing pile is getting insane & I can’t stand it anymore. Would never be able to afford one like this. Would be a dream come true. !! ??
    Thank you. Good luck to everyone xx

  70. Instagram-@kiraacharlton
    I would benefit from using this iron because at the moment I am just using a basic iron which is taking me forever! and have recently moved house and from seeing your post on Instagram I was actually looking to buy this iron! With a toddler this would be very loved as it would save a lot of time! Good luck everyone x

  71. Instagram is lj_rowe. I would love to win this as 1. My iron just broke. 2. I’m a single Mum to 3 so anything to reduce time spent doing something is a godsend!! 3. It’s my birthday on Monday -would be an amazing belated birthday surprise ?

  72. @bri85na what a brilliant win would love to win I find ironing a task i don’t really enjoy and now having an newborn that means even less time so having an iron what will be helpful to get through the ironing basket quickly would be amazing

  73. Instagram: Kelly.m.b_85

    I would benefit massively from this iron as a mum of 3, (twin girls @ almost 13 & a 6 year old boy). Also, With me being in my final year of a nursing degree I have a lot of university work to do, as well as keeping on top of the general day to day household tasks i need to do too. It seems I always have a ton of ironing to do, particularly at back to school time with all our uniforms as well as our day wear each week, which usually takes me forever to get through. So this iron would definitely save me a LOT of time, and enable me to spend more of it on the more important, & seemingly never ending degree work 🙂

    Good Luck to everyone too x

  74. @ jbaylay What a brilliant iron , I’ve got a really badly damaged elbow and it hurts to iron so much with my normal iron, so something like this would be a godsend.
    Also I’ve got a child with a disability and constantly changing, this would help lots.
    Thank you for the opportunity

  75. Lynsey its refreshing to see an influencer like yourself give back so kindly.

    What a truly fantastic prize.

    Good luck to all!

    Instagram _lucybell

  76. @mrssgreen3

    What an amazing competition!
    I would love this prize so much. My mum and I iron together on occasions and I have ‘iron envy’ so id love this amazing iron instead of my current one. It would definitely wizz through my ironing pile including our massive super king bedding each week.

    Good luck to everyone entering ??

  77. @cattaley_a what a wonderful competition.! Winning the iron would be a massive help for me as I never seem to finish ironing . My “old” Philips perfect care seems to be giving up on me and with 2 children and business to run winning an amazing iron would definitely help to save me some time ironing . Good luck to everybody .

  78. Instagram : lindseymayy
    Family of five and three under three you can imagine how many clothes and bedding I get through every day! Would make my life that bit easier ?

  79. With a family of 5 this would help speed up the ironing particularly the dreaded Sunday night school uniform ironing sessions.
    My Facebook is Emily Edmonds and and my instagram is Emz86x and I am following on both accounts.

  80. As a first time home buyer this would take one less stress away in more ways then one! My other half is absolutely obsessed that our clothes are pressed to perfection! This would be a lovely addition to our home! Thank you for this opportunity! @amyyywatkins

  81. Having this polti iron would make ironing so much easier in the respect that I don’t actually iron yep that’s right I’m an ironing virgin ? I don’t think I will have proper full fledged adult status without it #cantadultwithoutthispoltiiron #makemearealadult ??Fingers crossed for an adultier adult in this home soon goodness knows the kids need one lol ? @mabobthingy

  82. @curlywulry765
    I would love to be in with a chance of winning as this fab iron as I am busy working mum of 2 young children and anything that can save me time and energy can only be a good thing!

  83. Me_him_and_the_littles
    This would be amazing, 6 people in the house and a tonne of ironing daily, this would speed it up on an epic level. Would be interesting to see how it manages the kids school blazers as they are a nightmare with my current iron. Good luck everyone. Such an amazing prize xx

  84. @mrs_widdows_

    Keeping my fingers crossed for a win here. I’m moving house and currently NOT a fan of ironing but I’m hoping to get into my lovely new home and start some of your cleaning and clutter routines.

  85. Instagram @leannejarvis8 … would love to win this. Ironing is my pet hate and is one of those jobs I always put off for as long as possible xx

  86. Insta- @danni_1306

    My mams going through a hard time atm and this iron would be a lovely treat for her and put a huge smile on her face!

  87. Instagram @jusbein_c this would make my life so much easier. I have a partner and 8 year old and a 6 month old. I actually really enjoy ironing as everyone leaves me alone in peace lol so to win this would a little treat for some me time… sad hey ? xx

  88. Instagram- @cleaning_with_c
    I would love this iron! I don’t have a very good track record with irons and I currently need to buy a new one so winning this would be a God’s send ❤

  89. Instragram account MrsBs_homesweethome_x
    Would absolutely love to win this I spend far to much time ironing work shirts and school uniforms.
    Fab giveaway ?

  90. I would love to win this Polti iron because 1: I hate ironing and this might help me enjoy it more. 2: I hate ironing because I can’t stand too long before my joints ache with my arthritis. Wishing everyone who enters the very best of luck ?

  91. Instagram @amandaloydall

    I would love to win the polti iron as it would make ironing for my family so much more enjoyable. I have had the same iron for a while now and do need a new one. I was feel I get a boost of motivation whenever I get a new product to do housework with x

  92. @instaionela
    For sure with this amazing iron everythig it will be much easier and i will have more time to spend with my kid! Good luck everyone! Many kisses

  93. I would love to win this for my mum, she seems to spend so much time ironing and she has a bad back which means when she is finished she is usually in a lot of pain. This would speed up her ironing time massively and she could spend more time resting. My instagram is @littlelauraa92

  94. Would love to win, just moving house and a new iron would help with all the back log of ironing I’ve been unable to do @pippaclarke. Love your blog and insta gram xxx

  95. @baileys_sw
    So since i’ve been following you i’ve become a woman i never knew existed inside of me lol
    I find i check your insta account on the daily!! I also never knew i would be so enthralled by an iron but i am!! The way hubby looks at me when i enlighten him with another one of your tips… priceless. Mum of 2 who now actually enjoys housework and hopefully soon ironing! x

  96. @withgiggles_sw
    Our current iron is on it’s last legs and I am desperate for a replacement! I’d love to win this so I can enjoy ironing efficiently again and spend the time saved with my husband and stepsons instead 🙂

  97. Insta name @miss_jamielee812
    I would totally love to win this iron. With 4 young children a man child, working two jobs & planning a wedding this could cut my ironing time down millions. Atleast with this it wouldn’t be so bad when the children decide to pull half off there wardrobe out and just leave it crumpled on the floor.
    Good luck to whoever wins xx

  98. Instagram @redstone73

    Winning the iron will make the chore of ironing easier and more pleasurable. Crease free clothes with a steam facial as a bonus with the powerful steam boost. Winner all-round! ?

  99. Instagram- janefromthecupboard
    Ironing is my least favourite chore but winning this would make it a dream to do and I wouldn’t have to hide my ironing pile out of sight!

  100. Instagram #twinmum_leonnie. I have twins boys just turned one so don’t have any time whatsoever to iron. Something like this would be excellent to help save time and help us all look presentable and give an appearance I have things under control maybe a little bit!

  101. Would love this fantastic iron! I’ve fallen out of love with ironing and I think this could bring me back to it with it’s amazing functionality! Perfect for my growing family. Insta- kjpinnington

  102. Instagram- Jaydemarie88
    I’ve not had the best year struggling with a baby loss and learning to cope with my emotions aswell as looking after my 2 children and taking a big leap in going back to work. The first person I check in the morning is queenofclean as it really does set my mood to positive through the day. Cleaning is my way of coping and I would of been lost hadn’t I of found your account last year for all your tips and just your general lovely self. Would love to win just to have a little bit of luck come my way for once ?

  103. @lynseyqueenofclean Have entered the @poltiuk giveaway. If I win this I might just get my ironing mojo back ?? Lol Xx

  104. This is The iron dreams are made off!! ??
    It will be lovely to send my hard working husband to work in crisp shirts and my children’s school wear look like it came straight from the shop, This would not only change my life but theirs too! ?
    Find me on instagram @torygirl79

  105. Oh my goodness this would be amazing! I absolutely hate ironing but I just know this would make my ironing not only enjoyable but it would also make life so much easier!! Crossing my fingers and my toes!!
    Insta and Facebook: @Paulas_projects

  106. Insta…kezabella78
    Fb…kerry jackson
    Would love to win this iron it would make my life with 3 boys and 2 jobs easier plus my irons just about had it lol ?xx

  107. What an amazing giveaway!
    My instagram is: kelly_w__
    I’d love to win as I would like to help my grandparents overhaul their house. My nana currently has an ironing pile that I’m pretty sure is taller than me and I’d use this to quickly tackle the ironing, then get to the decluttering, organising and cleaning jobs.

  108. @vickylouisebrown
    I would love to have this iron in my life, I have a fussy husband who moans about creases in his shirts…… my standard iron just isn’t up to his standard. ??

  109. Instagram- erinbrown90
    Facebook-erin Brown

    Would love to win this! Coming from a military family we have endless uniform to iron (to a certain highest standard possible) and especially with our little girl and another one on the way too! This would fly through my chore and make my day better! Please pick me! My dream is to have my ironing chore easier!

  110. Alice Clift
    Our little girl starts school in a few weeks and I am already dreading the amount of extra ironing a uniform will bring! On top of me and my partner both working our pile is never ending so anything to speed it up and make us more efficient would be amazing!!!

  111. My instagram name is @bearbarnes.
    Would love this iron as my iron is no longer producing steam. I have been reading endless reviews about which iron to go for next and have been looking at the steam generator ones but have no idea which to go for. Meanwhile my ironing baskets have been breeding and I have so much to get through ?.

  112. Instagram handle: ablottie

    Winning this iron would help massively by speeding up this household chore from my basic £5 one! We all have 24 hours in a day which we would like to spend with loved ones / not doing ironing(!!) and this professional, easy to use steam iron would help get another job completed faster!! Good luck to everyone taking part! X

  113. Insta – @jayne.robinson_7
    I would love to win this iron. My ironing ALWAYS gets on top of me. I currently have 4 baskets full. I just iron as and when. But I would LOVE to get it all done and away. This iron would let me breeze through it all and keep on top in future.

  114. @beckysmith104 I would love to win as I am so rubbish at ironing so need a fantastic iron to help with my ironing skills!!

  115. Instagram: colourful_clouds08

    This is something I would never buy myself and always just buy cheap irons as there’s always something else to pay out for! Would make Sunday evening’s so much easier!

  116. I would love to win this prize, I have two sons one 11 and one 6 years old, my eldest will be starting comprehensive in September and we are just starting to give him a little bit more responsibility , and he asked the other day if he could help me do some ironing but was a little unsure as my iron isn’t very good but with this prize I’m sure he would be able to start having a go under my watch. Plus the help of this iron will be perfect for his school shirts I will have to iron daily. ☺️ Thanks.

  117. The thought of whizzing through the ironing with such ease sounds fantastic!! We’re a family of 5 and the ironing pile is one I avoid until it threatens to take over the world! I’d love to establish a regular ironing routine in order to keep on top of this task – this iron sounds just the ticket to help me achieve that! Best wishes!

  118. Facebook – Charlotte Crossan Instagram – @charlottesweeney92 – would love to win this iron! Good luck everyone ☺️! X

  119. I would absolutely love to win this @polti iron!!! It would make ironing a delight……
    Perfectly, organised, life, terrific, ironing ❤️
    I’ve got everything crossed @rosepinkglitter

  120. @katiemann26

    You’re by far my fav instagrammer. So genuine, down to earth, normal and fab tips!!

    As someone with a disability I find ironing very difficult. I can’t stand up for longer than 5 mins so have to sit down to iron – this is incredibly difficult to do! This iron looks amazing and I’m sure it would make one aspect of my life easier.

    Thanks so much and good luck all!!! Xxxx

  121. Instagram hatfield2022. Would be amazing to win. Busy life and lots of shirts to iron would make life so much easier. Also all you tips are helping me so much get grip on managing the housework

  122. Instagram is natasha_durham
    This iron would be a god send to me I have 5 children which takes my ironing up to 7 people ? So really think I deserve it ? X

  123. I have an 18 month old and my iron is on the way out! With a house renovation going on, this would make my year! @donna.and.bobby

  124. This would definately push me to actually iron all off my clothes rather than just the ones that need it!?
    Insta… @jennymacdonaldx

  125. This would change my whole life. I love to clean, wash and do all the mummy things we need to do to keep a tidy clean house for my family, however, ironing is my worst chore. Maybe having this snazzy all signing all dancing machine would change my opinion! Fingers crossed Bd well done in advance to the very lucky winner

    • I have the oldest iron & it has recently started leaking ? ironing is one of my worst jobs so this iron cutting down ironing time would make it a lot more bearable.

  126. @xkleighx

    I am a mum of 2 boys and have A LOT of rugby/football gear to wash and iron regularly. This iron would definitely make my life easier!

  127. Insta @x_g3mma_x

    My iron broke last week and this would make a fab replacement over the cheap and cheerful ones I’m used to buying. I actually love ironing – find it very relaxing and I’ve always wanted one of these but always been out of budget for me. With a little girl, a husband and me at home there’s lots of ironing to be done but how great would it be to be able to do the ironing in half the time it normally takes me, leaving more quality family time 🙂 x

  128. instagram: alfie311015

    I’d love this iron as my partner works 6 days a week and my little boy is about to start school, that means more shirts and trousers in my ironing basket. On top of all the dresses from my daughter. Would be a massive benefit to our house! x

  129. Anything that get the ironing done quicker is a winner!! Fingers crossed to getting rid of my Everest ironing pile ?? (Instagram Monizworldx and Monique Booker Facebook) x

  130. @liv.grce
    I struggle to get through so much ironing and with the weight of a normal iron, a steam generator like this would be amazing for me and save me so mych time and I would get through it with ease

  131. @colletteatnumber11
    I hate ironing and would do more or less anything to make it easier, this would be a godsend for a family of 5 x

  132. Instagram: jadejessicah
    Would LOVE this iron!
    I always have stacks of clothes to iron and put away but because i can never get on with any of the irons I buy I never bother doing it as it just annoys me !
    Always wanted one of these types of irons as I’ve seen good reviews and my friend always tells me to get one as she loves hers and it would be a god sent with a little one and a partner who changes outfits 3 times a day for work gym and normal wear and even sometimes 4 if he goes out too ?

  133. @claire.gascoigne
    This would save me so much time every week doing the ironing and have more time for family and a little pamper time for me! Amazing prize

  134. @samanthajane08
    After four years of working hard (and coping with student shared houses) at uni, my partner and I are moving into a lovely new flat and both starting our graduate jobs in September. This polti iron looks amazing and it would be great to prepare us for work and help me fit in ironing once I start my busy job as a primary school teacher!

  135. Instagram – @bohoapparelCo Facebook- Alicia andrew
    I would absolutely love this! With 4 kids and a husband who wears shirts for work I’ve given up doing massive ironing piles as it took too long, so just iron it on the day! This would make it so much easier to get done! Xx

  136. @Clarwins_nest
    Facebook – Natasha Alwin

    This iron looks absolutely fab! Definitely something we could do with after just moving into our new little nest. Weirdly I absolutely love ironing I find it very therapeutic xxx ???

  137. Facebook- Alicia andrew
    I would absolutely love this prize! With 4 kids and a husband who wears shirts everyday to work I have up with the ironing pile and just iron it on the day it’s needed! So this would be fab and time saving!
    Good luck to all that entered.

  138. @nicolahawes1987 this iron would be a god send lol. I’m one of those mums that tends to not iron because the thought of it overwhelms me, but my little girl starts school this September. so I am going to have to step up my game and make a start on the ironing.

  139. @mrshpaget
    I am a shift worker, dog mum, step mum and wife of another shift worker, we seem to have piles and piles of ironing and just to be able to iron the bed sheets, work shirts, school uniform and even the curtains in a quick and effective manner would save so much more time for me to sit and have a cup of tea in peace! xx

  140. This would be amazing for my Ironing Business, I iron 7 days a week 350 days out of the year. I have been self employed for 3 years now and I absolutely L.O.V.E ironing.

    • Instagram @Mrs_Freyja_Walker
      This would be amazing for my Ironing Business, I iron 7 days a week 350 days out of the year. I have been self employed for 3 years now and I absolutely L.O.V.E ironing.
      I have gone through 6 irons in the past 3 years!!!!!!

  141. @emmamoulsdale
    I would love to win this iron to help me set up a small ironing/cleaning business. This is something I am really passionate about and I love helping people with tasks they find so overwhelming. This prize would be perfect for me to get started and gain some independence back after raising children and battling anxiety for seven years!
    Thankyou. Brilliant competition xx

  142. Instragram- haylei1987

    I’m in need of new iron, my 5 year old twins with lung disease need to have a clean house and clothes all the time as the germs causes they body to struggle to fit against them and often struggle to breathe so we are constantly washing clothes and bedding so that super dooper iron would help make short work of it x

  143. Instagram – joygascoigne
    Facebook. – Joy Gascoigne (Joy Clough)

    I love ironing, nothing nicer than bedding all ironed and an empty ironing basket!!
    Fantastic giveaway from Polti & Lynsey!!
    Good Luck everyone.

  144. Instagram-norahkhan786

    Hi Mrs Queenofclean,first of all i want to just say how much I love your page.I just found your page recently and I missed out on so much.
    I would love to win this amazing iron as i am a mum of 2 kids under 4 so you can imagine how much washing and ironing there is for them aswel as being a carer for my mum and doing her ironing and other jobs in house.Its a hard life but I wouldn’t have it any other way.Amazing competition goodluck to all xxx

  145. @laurengilmour94 i would love to win this iron as ive been considering investing in a really good one. I would love to start my own ironing business and feel that this would give me a nudge in the right direction ?

  146. @hellobtnoitsme This would be amazing! My boyfriend spends hours every Sunday ironing his shirts for work – anything to help him iron quicker!!

  147. With the new school year starting in September how awesome would this iron be for my boys new school uniform, might even be able to get the other half ironing as well with this iron haha. It would be lovely gift to win and so handy too. Great giveaway and good luck to everyone! @sophtongue

  148. @hatfield_plot22
    We have just moved into our first home. As a working mum of two I would love one of these irons to make my life easier! Thank you x

  149. After all of these years my husband has just learnt how to iron. I’m so proud of him I would love him to see what a proper iron like this can do and what a difference it makes to the job. He gets through at least seven shirts a week so this iron would save us so much time, and make ironing much more bearable for the both of us ?
    Thanks Gabriella xx
    Instagram – cabbage_salad

  150. @natsutherland89

    My mum and dad have let me, my partner and 2 daughters move into their house rent free to help us save a bigger deposit to buy our own. Not only that my mum does all my childcare, any washing I do in morning before work she dries and irons for me getting home. There is 7 of us and a dog in house and she does it all. She deserves a treat and this one would defo make her ironing pile go down a lot quicker and easier!

  151. I would love to win this prize, I have two sons one 11 and one 6 years old, my eldest will be starting comprehensive in September and we are just starting to give him a little bit more responsibility , and he asked the other day if he could help me do some ironing but was a little unsure as my iron isn’t very good but with this prize I’m sure he would be able to start having a go under my watch. Plus the help of this iron will be perfect for his school shirts I will have to iron daily. ☺️ Thanks.
    Instagram: mrs_kaylee_jones_

  152. @carolinepercival – What an amazing prize. I would no longer have the Sunday night ironing blues if I won this giveaway, I have tried a friends Polti iron and they are far superior to others that I have tried. I know the time spent ironing would be halved with this iron. Fingers crossed #nomoreironingblues

  153. Instagram – @heatherizon

    I’d love to win this, this iron would make my life so much easier, my current iron likes to spit water everywhere, takes forever to heat up and doesn’t get the creases out well 🙁 I’d love to be able to half my ironing time by not having to go over everything twice!

  154. This would be a dream and would halve my ironing time which is hard work as it is ! Instagram Name : Hallv01 No Facebook account x

  155. I’d love to win this! My iron has just packed up after months of being on the to buy list! With two kiddos I’m in need of s super quick easy to use iron! @becca_mjames xx

  156. @Mrscausey_sw1 Oh my goodness, our family would love to win this and be so grateful. My son is a member of the Air Cadets and he has to iron his own uniform. They are very strict about the standard of his uniform and quite often, it’s not good enough. My old iron isn’t the best! I often look at your ironing post and think how an iron like this may actually help him. I’m all for starting children off at an early age when it comes to housework! I used to have ironing as one of my chores when I was younger ! ????????

  157. IG Handle- kirstyemily81
    I would really benefit from this because it would cut my ironing time down dramatically. I suffer with SI joint pain and plantar fasciitis so the less time I have to be standing over an ironing board the better. At the moment I try to avoid doing ironing because of the amount of pain it causes me.

  158. @mollygriffin__
    Id love to win this amazing polti iron with a family of 5 it would be such a help to whizz through my endless ironing pile.

  159. IG handle: borg_katie

    I would really appreciate winning the polti iron as I am due to start my social work degree in a couple of weeks time. I will be working full time whilst im studying and I’m a single mum so would like to spend less time on the iorning and more time with my Son.

  160. Instagram handle: @louizazerouali

    The Polti really would make a huge difference to me. With 3 boys, a hard working husband and mother with severe arthritis, I have ALOT of ironing to do! I’ve got back and shoulder problems from the 3 pregnancies and all of the fabulous functions like the turbo option, large tank and non sticky handle on the Polti sound like a dream ? Please pick me…. I’ll tell all my mummy friends too!!


  161. IG @themamawarrior
    CHEESE TOASTIES!!! I’d love this iron to easily make cheese toasties!!!
    Jokes, obviously just as everyone else my time is limited, I would love for the ironing pile to be done quicker so I have a few more moments of quality time with my children! #mumlife #singleparenting #lovemychildren

  162. I would really love to win this iron because it will make the ironing of the School blouses, jumpers, blazers etc so much quicker and easier from September when my eldest starts at High School. I really think I would enjoy ironing a lot more with this iron & it’s pink my favourite colour!! I haven’t used an iron like this one before and it looks like it would be super fast! On instagram – @rosepinkglitter

  163. IG @lulu_and_rupert

    I currently hate ironing and as a result only iron the bare minimum, and only then it’s on an ‘as we need’ basis. At 32 years old this is the one thing that still lands me in trouble with my mum!!! ? If I won, not only would it mean I could do my ironing in bulk, but I could also keep my mum quiet! Bonus! ?

  164. Instagram – homeb__x
    This iron looks amazing and I would really love to win this. Moved into our first house and was given a second hand iron from a family member and every time I have to iron I dread it just coz of the iron is so rubbish! Takes me absolutely ages and Leaves white bits and I have tried to descale I just think it may be passed it’s time haha. If I had this iron it would make ironing much more enjoyable rather than a chore as such! X

  165. Hi, my IG handle is @theamyjohnsonsd and I’m heading there to like polti now.

    Ironing is one of those chores I find super difficult, I don’t enjoy it at the best of times but having had 2 hand surgeries in the last 10 months and another coming shortly (I cut tendons nerve and artery whilst washing up in October!) I struggle with it so much more now. I’m building up my strength but cannot use my cheap iron for the prolonged periods of time it needs to iron. So in honesty, I’ve stopped ironing. This means I don’t feel as tidy or put together and it’s knocking my confidence. It’s also knocked my 13 year old son’s because he never felt good in his school uniform I try but it’s just been too much.

    If I had the fortune of winning this, I believe it would help me physically be able to manage which would in turn boost my confidence and that in turn would help my healing process.

    No pressure ?

    Thanks! Amy!

  166. My cheap iron is on its last legs!! I would love a really good iron but money is needed for other things so I’ve always just made do with a cheap one. ??

  167. Instagram – caz_brown
    I have wanted one of these for so long.. It’s my birthday on the day its drawn so would be a great present for me because I am that Sad!! Also i reckon it would save me a good few hours and need all the extra time I can get at my age ?

  168. Facebook Emily Ross
    Instagram @emilyrossxoxo
    This would benefit me hugely especially as my daughter is about to start school for her uniforms
    Also my husband is military so would be a god send for his uniform!
    Iron I have at the moment is a cheap one that seems to add more wrinkles than it removes!

  169. @mrsaimeewright
    I never do any ironing currently as my old iron has broken so I rely on the tumble dryer. I’d love this to find my love of ironing again ☺️

  170. Instagram name @rosy_b84

    I have to confess that I don’t do the ironing in my house, my husband has to do it as I can’t iron to save my life which is quite shocking at the age of 34!

    I have had that many ironing disasters that my husband won’t let me near his or our children’s clothes anymore but I think having an iron like this would be ideal for me as it looks a breeze and I think my husband would also love to use it!

  171. Instagram @foxlouise

    I would love to win this as it would mean less time spent ironing and more time spent with my boys. Thanks for the chance ?

  172. Instagram- the_stripy_family

    This iron looks fabulous! I quite like ironing but an iron never seems to last me more than a couple of years…which is really annoying! I think it’s because I live in a hard water area. So the limescale guarantee on this one really appeals to me! I have two small boys (and one husband?) so there always lots of ironing to be done in my house!

  173. Amyasson on both handles
    As a busy mum I would find this iron helpful as my husband has to have his shirts ironed all week for work!

  174. Instagram – heaton_georgia

    I would absolutely love the chance to win this iron. Good irons are hard to come by it seems!

    Me and my husband are hopefully completing on our first house after 4 years of saving.. I enjoy putting a film on, lighting my candles and getting all my ironing done.

  175. Instagram: sga24x
    Would love to win and try this iron it looks amazing!! don’t think I would pay that much for an iron unless I had the chance to test one and really see how much better it is than a standard one. I have had my iron for years and it’s not very good at getting creases out anymore so think it’s on the blink so would love to win a new one 🙂

  176. Instagram : zaanga2002
    Would love to win this iron. I have been so inspired by queen of cleans posts. I have 2 teenage girls, so always lots of ironing and also iron for my Dad who is poorly. Working and looking after my family , this would save me lots of time. X Thank you Claire

  177. I have 3 children… boys who are sporty so we CONSTANTLY have washing/ironing ? I was looking into these myself because i’m here for making my life a bit easier ? good luck everyone?? also Lynsey thank you for doing such kick ass give aways!

  178. Instagram handle: megansox

    With a young family the washing and ironing soon builds up and ironing is the thing I hate the most winning this iron would save me so much more time and hopefully find the motivation to iron more and keep on top of it rather than letting it build up giving me then more time to spend with my children 🙂

  179. Mrsapd ~ my poor husband was fascinated by this iron when I showed him your video and he has to iron all of those awkward dresses that I buy!

  180. @mummyandmemakesthree

    I would love this! I hate ironing as I am sure most do and my eldest daughter starts school September and this would make my life loads easier on a Sunday night ironing her uniform! It would be a life changer! ❣️

  181. This might teach me to iron … the only housewife duty I’m no good at which is tricky with toddlers and lots of changes of clothes. It would be like christmas has come early. X

  182. Pardeep Kaur – I literally hate ironing and try and get out of it when I can, think this may be down to me not having good irons. Would love to learn to like ironing so I don’t have to worry about about wearing non-iron clothes!

  183. Instagram handle: @carrielouisestolton
    This would be fantastic for my family. I have a mountain of ironing as constantly washing clothes that my toddler and disabled son make a mess of all day. What a god send, would really appreciate this xx

  184. Facebook hannah Chapman
    Insta hanchap88
    Would love to win this would make my life so much easier ! I childmind from 7 am until 6pm with 3 kids of my own (well 4 including my other half) and struggling time wise keeping up with the chores.

  185. Insta: eathorne80 I’d love the iron as I’m a Recovering Messy person and since finding your page it’s helped me on my way to been tidy and organised. Plus, I’m hopeless at ironing due to my iron being medieval, it’s so close to reeeaaallly old it’s nearly as bad as having to heat it on a fire for it to work. Today I’m off to work looking like I’ve ironed my clothes with a cold brick, I need serious help!!! Thanks, Kelly xx

  186. Following on insta @being_mrs_fletcher_bing

    I would love to win this as ironing is my nemesis and my spare room is constantly full of ironing (as I don’t like putting it away before it’s ironed but I don’t like ironing!). My need to have the ironing perfect is probably one of the reasons I dislike it as I can never seem to get it looking perfect, but from the queen of clean’s videos and reviews it’s clear the polti iron would make it a breeze and my spare room less of a Chinese laundry. 🙂

  187. I would love to win this iron. ?? in September I am moving in with my boyfriend and living together for the first time(I’ve been living at my parents). He doesn’t own an iron and we desperately need one.. I can’t have him going to work in crumpled up shirts.
    Instagram -abellec91

  188. Wow what a fab giveaway. My instagram is stephanie2782xx
    I would love To win this because I’ve just had a baby and any time that I can spend cuddling him instead of doing ironing is time well spent. Xx

  189. Instagram: @emilyhatton1 this iron would completely benefit me my current one is in its last legs and I start my PGCE year in September and have 2 small children so this would really help me keep on top of things with a very daunting year ahead. Really hope I win also may just encourage the husband to help with the ironing as he quite likes a gadget. Never give up hope ha!

  190. I would really love to win this polti iron as i always have lots and lots of ironing to do! and with my current iron it takes me ages! As it isnt very good and has started 2 leak!! ?

  191. Insta jusbein_c

    I would love to win this just as much as everyone else. I have two boys and partner and have recently started caring for my mum who is 54 and was diagnosed with alzheimas last October. This fab iron would give me those extra hours to spend time with mum and fit everything else in that us busy mums convened with every day xx

  192. I would absolutely love this iron! I am a new home owner with a clean house that isn’t just tidy it’s hygienec and clean thanks to all of your tips!
    Instagram name: rosexwx

    Thank you x

  193. Instagram @natashaogilvie
    As a family of 5 the washing pile is always a mountain and I can never get those stubborn creases out. So it would be an absolute dream to own this iron. X

  194. Facebook: Stephanie Richman
    Instagram: steffie26

    I would love to win this iron as I run a cleaning business and I do a LOT of ironing!! 15 hours of super king bedsheets, I do sometimes need a bit of help ? It looks absolutely amazing, fingers crossed ??

  195. Facebook= Samantha Haworth liked
    Instagram= samantha_x_haworth liked

    Such an amazing prize I have seen alot of instagrammers use this product and I cannot believe how great this is. Such a product atm I couldn’t afford.
    Thanks for such great competitions.

    Good luck everyone and whoever wins well done xxx

  196. Insta @lovehearts_and_dinosaurs

    My Husband is in the Navy so everything must be pressed to perfection and our current iron is not longer living up to the challenge!!!
    I am currently unable to work & our baby takes priority when things are needed so we are ‘making do’ with slightly creased clothes – a prize like this will feel like Christmas to us! 🙂

    Thanks for the opportunity!

  197. I would love to win this amazing Polti iron, as I run my own ironing business work would get down so much easier and quicker!

  198. Instagram : Naila Mehmood
    Would really love love love one of these.. have always wanted one but cant afford…would be a total godsend…would love to start enjoying doing my ironing just like lynsey Queen of clean ?

  199. @embees86 this would be a massive game changer for me as I’ve just had a baby. My husband and I are trying to keep on top of everything but the ironing gets left til last x

  200. @queenavonbees
    My husband has just started working in an office after years of working on site. I know have shirts to iron ? so really need this! ?

  201. @kayleighmg – instagram
    I would love to win this iron, mine has just packed up. I’m trying to start an ironing business from home and this isn’t helping! ? fingers crossed ? xx

  202. My instagram name is sallygossipgirladdict.I could benefit greatly from winning this prize as I have 5 children ages 14,10,5,3,and 1 and I’m currently expecting my 6th so I need a iron that will last as I use it everyday and it’s a essential in my household.good luck everyone x

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