Mastering the full house deep clean

Mastering the full house deep clean

You don’t have to wait until Spring before you embark on a full blown deep clean of your home. If your humble abode is becoming a little cluttered, your surfaces are a little too deep in dust, and your drawers are becoming receptacles for all sorts of junk, you may need to commit to a deeper clean than the usual weekly feather duster and hoover. There’s a definite art to cleaning. You can’t just whip on the Marigolds and launch into a full blown assault on your carpets, drapery, wooden flooring and furniture without having a clear strategy. Take a look at how you can master the full house deep clean.


Although you want to carry out a full clean of your property, there is still no point in cleaning what is already a hundred per cent sanitised and hygienic. Rooms like your kitchen and bathroom should already have a rigorous daily cleaning regimen for health and safety’s sake. The chances are you clean your toilet regularly, use bleach to kill bacteria and wipe down door handles and surfaces. In your kitchen, you should be cleaning prior to handling raw foods, cooking meals and when washing up crockery. These rooms may need a floor clean or a quick blitz with a hoover but probably very little else if your cleaning routine is sound.

Take a look at the other rooms in your house and go through them one by one making a list of every cleaning job that needs completing. You might uncover some stains that need specific treatment or discover an odour somewhere that needs neutralising. Once your list of jobs is complete, you can set about making a cleaning schedule.

Ship Out

Some rooms like your lounge and bedrooms have large amounts of furniture and clutter. To declutter, you need to be ruthless. If an item hasn’t been used in the past twelve months, the chances are you don’t need it anymore. You could choose to donate these items to a charity shop, try to sell them on a site like or chuck in the trash if they are beyond repair. If you find yourself becoming a little weak and you feel the hoarding tendencies returning, ask a friend to pop over and help you rationalise your decisions. By all means, keep those sentimental bits and pieces but store them away or put them in the loft.

To make your cleaning easier to carry out, it might be worthwhile checking out a site like to hire a unit for the short term to store your larger pieces of furniture. By shipping this bulkier stuff out, you can really get into the nooks and crannies of every room of your house ensuring the most thorough deep clean possible. Ensure you buy decent cleaning products and don’t always go for the cheapest option. At the same time, a homemade solution of vinegar, baking powder and water is one of the best cleaning mixtures known to humankind.

While a little stressful to organise, carrying out a full deep clean of your home will leave you feeling relieved, more content and happier that your humble abode is now ready for what family life has to throw at it.

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